75% of women want this

How does this development effect Jow Forums?


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i'm ashamed to be female. these women clearly don't know what it's like saving yourself for a man and dedicating yourself to him and waking up every day hoping he'll love you again only to hear him brag about fucking other girls

even with this being an ironic post, this hurt me

God, that's so fucking hot. My fantasy is to have a cute virgin gf who only gets off watching me having sex with other women.

How did you know that was you?

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live in a small town. word gets around fast. even if not, he talked about it in front of me sometimes.

What types of other women does he like? Does he ever take them home?

>Degenerate freaks
Tell me something I don't know, user.

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Why the fuck would you ask her this lol

1/3 of men aren't apparently.

very small response but yea, cuckery is degenerate be it man or woman

I'd hardly call Jow Forums a valid data source, this is where degenerates group up when not on any of the porn boards.

So what do you think the actual numbers are?

On this board it's definitely leaning towards the yes option, as already shown. But I'm piss out of luck on any specific number for the average male, it would still probably be a large number, maybe even +50%.

>tfw one of the three that voted yes

It's just that a guy who can handle multiple women is hot, and if he's still dedicated to you it's even hotter

Have you been lucky enough for that yet?

With a bf yeah. While we were together he slept with our various roommates.

it stopped happening awhile ago, he probably did bring them home since he lived alone but i don't want to think about it. generally they were a lot younger and had better bodies but worse faces than me, although there are exceptions.

Well I'm glad it ended for you.

women should not be permitted on this board, fuck you op, fuck these shit posts, literally the same thread every day

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ffs, stop with that shit. 16chan is just as cancer as this