Ywn just walk into a Siberian snowstorm and disappear without a trace

>ywn just walk into a Siberian snowstorm and disappear without a trace


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>ywn be one of those three people that died at Tunguska

How about not avatarfagging ever again?

And what would be preventing you from doing this?

I'm too cute to die.

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>I'm too cute to die.
NO THAT'S WORNG!!! You are not worth keeping bro.

That's Yakutia, not Siberia

Yakutia is in Siberia.

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Nuh-uh, Siberia is just cold forests with oil and shit and Yakutia is just snow
Yakutia is far-east

Red and dark orange is Sibir.

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Fuck, wrong picture, I mean this one.

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Only dark red is actual Siberia because it's named 'Siberian federal district"
Also, haha, penis

You should appear in my room and sleep with me. I would ravage that pagan puss.

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Political administration and a geographical region aren't necessarily the same thing. Siberian Federal District was only established in 2000.

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post a pic of yourself

Hmmm... Okay then

she's a natural blonde stacy

She still sleep with her dad too. I want to park my dick in her tighs.

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I don't even live with my dad, retarded wagie. No day off for you. Go back to flipping burgers.

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ohhhhh i thought daddy snores too loud! its okay, you still sleep with your dad. Since your pagan you can have incestuous relations with papi.

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It's okay, you can go fishing some other time. Maybe you'll have grown up enough to take your daughter too? But for now, flip those burgers like there's no tomorrow!

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Alrighty! Don't let daddy spank your bum bum that hard. Save that for me when I come back with burgers to feed you and fill your womb with my asian genes.

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