Is brushing your teeth actually good for you?

Before calling me a dirty faggot, let me explain.
I barely brush my teeth, like once every two weeks, it's not that I don't want to, it's more like I genuinely forget I even have teeth to begin with. Other than that I'm a clean person all around. Despite this, I've only ever had two cavities in my life which came both at the same time when I was 11, and nowadays at 24 I never had a problem again. I go to checkups twice a year and my teeth and gums are perfectly healthy, even my wisdom teeth grew perfectly straight and have accommodated nicely in my mouth. I don't have sensibilities or any annoyance, never had to have anything removed, nothing, my mouth is perfect.
But since I "know" not brushing is "bad" I tried to start doing it more regularly, namely one time before bed every night. After two weeks of doing this, guess what? My teeth fucking hurt! Every Saturday is very hectic for me so when coming back home I buy some ice cream as a treat, and I can gush it all no problem, but last weekend it fucking hurt! When the cream touched my lower teeth it hurt so much. Why? I'm using the best paste and brush combo, but now, when my teeth are supposed to be "clean and healthy", they started to hurt so bad.
Screw this, I'm going back to my old ways, I honestly am starting to think brushing is a scam or something.

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Originally bumpinguino

Brushing teeth prevents brain cancer.

Is that why lately I've been dropping stuff held by my left hand, then?

What is your diet like generally? Do you drink any sodas?

You probably drink fluoridated water which is a good thing but even with that most people dont have the genetics or diet to prevent tooth and gum disease without brushing. My dads teeth were completely falling out by age 57 and were mostly destroyed much earlier. Homeless people often have missing and rotting teeth. Poor people have terrible breath, gum disease. You are just also very stupid but good luck

Same fucking thing for me

Started flossing after never doing so before, go to dentist BAM 1 cavity due to "not flossing enough".

Stop drinking sweet drinks all the time after years of doing so BAM 3 cavities "due to sweet drinks"

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Maybe you brushed off your plaque which acted as a barrier.

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>Fluoride good

No one said anything about fluoride which further proves you're a kike shill

Yeah, exactly! I drink around two bottles of soda per week, only for dinner, and not a single cavity since I was 11, nothing!
I do drink lots of mineral water and black tea as well but I don't see how that can influence. I just don't understand, honestly.

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Last time I spoke of this I had another user confirming the same shit happened to him, yet I also almost immediately got attacked by shills claiming "its your bad habits coming back at you"

NIGGER I never had any problems with my teeth until I started to worry about them, my brother barely does the minimum necessary with his and never has any problems


Thanks for confirming you are a bot

I'm never flossing again

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Depends on what I have, if I have acidic shit like sour fruits or apples, my teeth go ballistic and constantly hurt. Brushing doesn't hurt but it does weaken enamel so you're supposed to brush after meals (plus brushing before makes stuff taste like shit anyway). If I don't brush, my gums get terrible. I don't floss but I do toothpick shit out of my teeth (mostly my baby tooth), especially when I eat meat since that 100% makes my breath turn to ass. You go to different dentists they tell you different shit. One told me that me drinking acids stopped bacteria from eroding my teeth, another told me my mouth had a based (ph-wise) enough that I developed tartar instead of cavities. They never stick to one story.

Even niggers thousands of years ago knew that brushing was good for them and if nothing else chewed on tree bark or other plant matter. I hope this puts your lack of intelligence into perspective.

your teeth are not used to brushing thats why it hurts retard it will stop after some time. in young age its not that important but at old age not brushing them will fuck up your mouth due to lower regeneracy abilities

>rarely brush teeth
>but don't eat sweets either so my teeth are as healthy as they can be with normal diet
>new adhd medication makes me anxious and I start grinding my teeth
>teeth start to melt and lose the enamel
>no biggie, and I brush my teeth occasinally anyway
>small pieces start to fall from my teeth
>evey morning wake up with crunching feel in my mouth, almost like there's sand in my mouth
>bigger pieces start to crumble
>teeth are still intact but they're all chipped or full of cracks
>start brushing teeth every day
>no more pieces have fallen off in about year
>going to dentist this week to fix the chipped teeth
>curse at my younger self for not brushing teeth more actively

In my depression I only brushed mine once or twice a month and now my teeth are fucked.
I'm gonna go with yes, it's good for you.