Man is saved from a fentynal overdose

Man is saved from a fentynal overdose

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>chad is saved


>saved by two middle aged black dudes

is his brain gonna be permafucked?

It could be. It's also likely he'll go back to the drugs after this. I know my father did even after he OD'd the first time. Couldn't go back to em after the second.

>>saved by two middle aged black dudes
for obvious reasons

>Brother overdoses on fentanyl
>Nobody at all in the house
>Passed out for over 30 minutes
>Literally died over that time (as reported by the doctor)
>Just fucking wakes up in a pool of his blood and drives himself to the doctor
>No brain damage,no lasting permanent effects
>Still to this day talks with the same intellect he had before and while on drugs
>Doctor said he should be dead or a permanent paralyzed vegetable

Overdoses should unironically be left to die. This is the state of your civilization on christcuckery.

White people originally disgust me.

Something else is inside him now user.

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Why, because he died like the useless piece of shit he was?

Yeah. It was a blessing to the entire family.

>Bible teaches not to engage in debauchery (Ephesians 5:18) and to glorify God in your body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 )
>*one random guy overdoses*
>it was the ChriscuckeREEEEEEEEEEEEE


Why did those blacks make him stand up? Did their primitive brains think that would fix him?

what did they spray into his nose

We're not white. Not nigger either, but still.
If you said this to me a year or two ago I wouldve possibly believed it

bible teaches a lot of things but nobody really follows it anymore. kind of like the opposite as muslim, who take everything too serious, christcucks have just become weaklings (as if adopting a foreign religion wasn't weak enough already).
point is, (((abrahamic))) religion is for dumb scum

Because making him sit down will otherwise speed up his overdose you dumbass. They were trying to keep him awake by having him on his feet and make him aware of his surroundings and if things went south they would use a narcon to subdue the effects of an fentynal overdose (which they ended up doing)

probably narcan

Wake Up Mayne

>bible teaches a lot of things but nobody really follows it anymore

then its not a case of ChriscuckeREEEEE. its people reaping the consequences of disobedience which has been happening since the very first biblical story

he needs more milk man

I wish some niggers would shake me awake from this nightmare I call my life.

Dude was like a zombie.

Should have just let him die, he'll OD again within a few weeks anyway.

The bible says we should stone disobedient children and people who wear silk on Tuesdays.

no it doesnt. orige

>naloxone works within two minutes, and when injected into a muscle, it works within five minutes;[1] it may also be sprayed into the nose.[3] The effects of naloxone last about half an hour to an hour.[4] Multiple doses may be required
so did this guy just die when it wore off?

Yes, very likely the blacks didn't know that or stick around to administer the second dose.

There's no such thing as fentynal or narcon.

that's fucking hilarious if its true

fentynal? is that what niggers call fentanyl?

if it was a robot they would have videoed them laughing at him die.

Whites use it way more often so i guess they'd know how to spell it better

nah, it just comes down to white people having sufficient iq to spell things properly
oh shit, i need to translate for you:
watermelon watermelon yeet nigguh yo watermelon nigguh

sounds like they called an ambulance too?

heroin for pussies

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Fentanyl is nice, I hate that retarded druggies have gotten it practically banned from medical use outside anaesthesia. It's much nicer than morphine.

>If you said this to me a year or two ago I wouldve possibly believed it
green now

Should have let the drugged-up fuck lay there and die.
Not even trying to be edgy.
The amount of support these heroin druggies receive/have the potential to receive is amazing, and yet they still stay on drugs.
I understand it's tough when you get hooked on it, but if you really wanted to, you could get off the crap in a decent rehab center.

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nice feathers on this little parrot body of yours, dumb fuck

Idk looks like me when I COOOOMMMM to hard.

I concur. Banning dangerous things for the sake of safety is idiotic and cruel. The weak one basically wants to die but having fun while they do. The rest are happy not doing drugs. Forcing addicts to live like better people is cruel and bad for society's efficiency.

Short term it's good for capitalism though so that's why they banned drugs.

>>rarara be afraid of it rararaRARAAA
People need to just let things be. The point of this video is to make people afraid and disgusted towards junkies.

>The point of this video is to make people afraid and disgusted towards junkies.
What if you're already disgusted?

Then he didnt "die," thats completely fucking retarded and you are probably just larping

Yeah my childhood best friend overdosed and died in New Kensington 2 months ago.

Can't save em all I guess.

And you still believe it's your same brother? I think something else took his body over he already passed on but that's what I think