Why do robots have the best hands?

Why do robots have the best hands?

I wish I could hold them when they feel down and knit them gloves for the upcoming winter months.

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Are we allowed to post hands here or will faggots still ban us?

How'd you get the scar user? A cat? Got mine from my cat.

I'm not sure it's techincally allowed which makes me sad since I would like to have more robot hands to look at and think of...

That's not my hand user. It's the hand from a robot that posted in one of my threads.

Why do you have this hand obsession? What caused it?

I don't know what caused it. I just like how hands look and it gives me something to go off of when I fantasize about stuff.

I wish I had telekinesis

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I get shy if a girl try to hold my hands, I can't, it's too much..

hello hands user, how are you today?
i'm taking requests for gestures and stuff if you're interested, but it could take me a bit of time because i'm at work again.

I have rough and calloused hands from lifting weights, but the callouses tend to be quite soft as well my wrists from spending a great deal of my free time at my PC. What do you think of this?
This hand thing is fascinating desu.

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So lovely... Is it cold for you?

I promise I won't do anything unexpected

Is my hand up to par op

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Wtf? You jack it to dudes' hands?

retarded thread op, kys
being a tranny is a mental illeness

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I am insecure when people trying to handshake me or held my hand...

Hello friend, I am doing well. How are you? I do not mind how long you take, the thought is all that matters. Could you maybe hold an object with your hand? And also maybe make a pose like Pic related?

Are you muscular...? I did not really notice the callouses till I zoomed in. I heard certain things can help with that. Your hands are nice though... I definitely would hold them tight

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I like the viens. I would need to see the palm to.

Not really

I'm not a tranny, I don't have a penis.

I am muscular yes. if I bothered to cut I could be relatively shredded but I'm waiting till I move.
What do you think of tattoo's on hands? I have the outsiders mark. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Here you go how is that?

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Forgot to attach pic. have you ever posted your own hands in these threads?

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You're bustin' pussy nuts thinking about guys' hands? Like are you imaging the whole hand going in you?

Are you Chad? I am not a fan of tattoos in general... So it's a bit of a negative to me. I have posted my hands here a few times.

This is quality, yes. I would kiss it gently..

>he posts himself for a person who claims to be female

Its not really that cold in socal, its starting to cool down though, the library I go to has a cold ac and I just like to stay warm and wear a shirt over my tshirt

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peak hand condition from typing on the keyboard for 16 hours a day for their entire life

omg pls, fuck my boipussssiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I imagine a lot of things user. I mainly would like to kiss and hold... Maybe lick too.

Oh I see. I have saved your hand though as I particularly like this image quite a bit.

I've finally found the answer

More like Brad. I lack financial security and I'm sexually inexperienced with women, only experience is with men.
Why are tattoo's bad? Do the ruin the "pure" nature of hands? Can you explain in detail.
ok incel

Confirmed tranny has been confirmed

Well thanks for the compliment never realized I had nice hands until now. Never had anyone say they would kiss my hands either so I guess that is sweet of you. Hope you have a goodnight femanon.

>Why are tattoo's bad?
They areant bad per se. I just do not find them particularly appealing. Some of them though can look quite nice and like works of art though.

I have proven I am not a tranny or a guy before user but whatever.

You're welcome. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night

glad you're okay. i'm fine but tired, would like to be at home again.
here's the pose first. will get the object next

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>would like to be at home again
Me as well but I have days off soon, thankfully...

Do you want pics of a guys hand with COOM on it?

Cool, thanks for answering
Your a strange chick but this kink is honestly fascinating I wish you the best anonnette. Have a great night.

Take a look at my hideous claw, OP. I doubt you'll like it but disgust is also a fun reaction.

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Not particularly but I would like a picture of when you wash your hands from it like this user did.

Yeah, I am a big strange and I don't quite understand it myself but it is what it is. Have a great night as well.

It's not the worst hand I've seen.

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For me, it's powder-free nitrile gloves. Here's my hand for you, OP.

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aww I kinda expected an insult.
Funny story: My family is all white, yet I came out brown as shit because third world. My father's family thought he was a cuck, until they noticed that ugly little twisted pinky. Everyone in my father's family has the same crooked finger.
That little motherfucker saved my family. Too bad my dad cheated later down the road but hey.

I don't like how you mightve gotten me into liking how that glove looks on a hand... I want you to put your fingers in my mouth like a dentist would

Sorry, I don't particularly like insulting others over something they can't control. That's an uh very interesting story though user. What country do you reside in? Would they have hurt your mother if they didn't notice the finger?

>Me as well but I have days off soon, thankfully...
how many are you taking? i'll have two weeks of vacation end of october.
i hope these pictures are okay, the object one was a bit tricky to make.

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>For me, it's powder-free nitrile gloves
this so much

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Here's a slutty striptease for you.

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Basically a week which is also at the end of October. I am going out west which is pretty far from where I currently live. Are you going to be doing anything special? And yes! It's a really good picture user.

I would like more pictures of these... But why do you own these gloves? It is a bit spooky.

>But why do you own these gloves? It is a bit spooky.
sometimes you wanna keep your hands clean when doing something. which probably sounds like something illegal but I mostly mean like when you need to wash a lot of things so your hands don't dry out or well when you do stuff with lube.

Here's a final edgy pic

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I see, do you also use them when you have to touch someone? And I mean like handshakes

Thank you user for this

I'm the first one who posted a gloved pic. I use them for lots of stuff because of OCD. I can shake hands without them.

>I see, do you also use them when you have to touch someone
maybe if it would be in a lewd way? I don't mind touching people I just don't like the feeling of wet or messy hands much.

Latin America.
Nah, they'd just have shunned her. Worst case, she'd have been a single mother I guess. Dad was more likely to tell them to eat shit and escape with her though.

>Basically a week which is also at the end of October. I am going out west which is pretty far from where I currently live. Are you going to be doing anything special? And yes! It's a really good picture user.
i'm glad you like it! i'm going to do my annual two days visit of the europapark in germany. october is in my opinion the best month to visit because everyone is at school/work and the temperature is not too cold. only 20 minutes queue for the coasters and in the evening not even 5 minutes. i love it.
what do you mean by going out west? west of the US?

Oh wow that sounds like lots of fun. Though maybe not the coaster part... I hope you enjoy it! And yes, west in the US. Like where Nevada and stuff is.

>maybe if it would be in a lewd way?
So hot

>Oh wow that sounds like lots of fun. Though maybe not the coaster part... I hope you enjoy it! And yes, west in the US. Like where Nevada and stuff is.
are you afraid of coasters? that's actually good because that's what makes them so fun. doing something you're afraid to do is the best kind of excitement.
what are you doing in the west?

Oh most definitely. Also, I feel a little odd having full blown conversations on threads especially since it would mean I'd start sharing person stuff and I don't want someone to find out who I am since they browse here...

I did make a fake discord though if you would want to talk more or if other anons want to send me their hands...
If not, it's okay too

I also have a little box under my bed with some toys, lube and lots of condoms.

it's okay, i understand. i'm going to add you when i'm at home again.

Excited by the prospect of female attention I made this, but the 2 MB file size limit ruined everything.

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I really thought this was going to be rude but I am very very pleasently surprised... Thank you user, this is very nice...

You're probably unoriginally welcome.

>yet another thing to feel self conscious about

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I doubt your hands are bad though... Don't worry, I think most people won't care about this kind of stuff. I'm just odd...

It's okay user, I'm very insecure but here I am making a fool of myself posting my hands ITT. Unless your hands are seriously deformed nobody will care whatsoever. You've just got to try your hardest to stop obsessing over these silly insecurities.

Someone make a collage and call it hands of Jow Forums

I already have a folder of robot hands... Maybe someday. I still need a lot more though.

hi handanon its strepanon (im not dying anymore!!)

Hii! I am glad to hear that.

tfw skinny hands, i wish i was bigger, i cant imagine holding someone with my skeletor claws

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Hands are kinda weird user!
Like kinda felicate and precise in their motion.

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I don't see anything wrong with your hands and would love to hold them.

I suppose they are

>tfw ugli hand

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i really need to stop biting my nails.

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lanklet checking in
girls like long thin fingers

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think i'll give my nails a trim today

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Not even ugly in the slightest...

This is so nice... Thank you.

You do need to trim them and then they would be perfect ahh

this is my hand from your thread months ago god damn i need to quit this website

I just really like yours a lot user.

original handposting

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did you just wash your hands? I can see the water... If it was soapy then it would be even better

>tfw OP probably didn't save my hand
>tfw handlet

What one was your hand? I nearly save them all. I will tell you though if I did or not.

I'm too embarrassed to post it again, I just somehow know you didn't despite all the (You)s I got..

>tfw even my hands are ugly

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better? origini

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I only didn't save a couple so I am doubting you. If I responded to you then it is most likely saved.

you'll have to prove it to me.

this is perfect, yes... Thank you

oregano handposting

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well i had to take the photo with my right hand and that's the left, and my girlfriend just kicked me out, so slap a ring on it Hand user, i'm prime real estate

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your hand looks like its ready to be held.

My discord is here, so you know where to find me user... That is a joke though. That's really shitty actually, sorry to hear about that.