This isn't a joke shoot every shitskin dead

This isn't a joke shoot every shitskin dead.

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when you can't tell if it's a cop doing an operation or a cop just being like that

Arent you a shitskin yourself christ?

Around blacks, never relax.
White is right.

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Jesus christ is white and an American.

Okay shart

You could suck my massive white cock

As these insurgents are trying to defraud myself to defraud the country shoot them dead.

As there is no other reason to perpetuate this.

finally the christ that we fucking deserve
shit thread, but the post is true.

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It's ironic you people will say this when even JAMES MASON has said to not commit any acts of violence or anything even remotely illegal.

>jesus was white had blue eyes and long hair and that goatee or whatever 6ft tall basically the kind of man your american grandma gets ladyboners for

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Shoot every human in sight

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So edgy that I almost cut myself.

Zionists are all guilty of treason as their estates are forfeited as they are all trapped.

Might need the real gun though.

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Stop desecrating my Lord's name. Fake ass nigger.

As you try to pretend otherwise you all owe me 40,001 years of wages.

You could choke on my massive white cock as my name is Eric

Pick one

There's death murdering you as my massive white cock cracks these insurgents minds to die