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I can still think guns are cool as shit and not support us having big ones.

Shot one for the first time a few months ago. My friend's grandpa had access to a range and brought all of us out. Shot a .22 pistol and rifle, a 9mm handgun, and two .357 revolvers, one with a 6 inch barrel and one with a 4 inch. I liked the revolvers because they felt like a good balance between portability and power, plus I'm all about that cowboy aesthetic. The 9mm scared the shit out of me, and the .22 pistol was a little weak (wasn't too much a fan of the rifle neither).

All those words yet all you had to say is "I'm a bitch"

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They're killing machines, it's just that they're fun killing machines that also allow us to protect our rights and fulfill our duty as citizens.

>be europoor
>get home invaded and brutally slaughtered by an axe

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Anything even vaguely weapons related will cause this reaction in normoscum now. Even saying shit like you shouldn't smoke near oxygen tanks is considered threatening since "why do you know this???" They can't handle the fact that dangerous shit exists.

Nobody need a war maschine to defend themself. I dont understand Burgers.

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you dont live among nigs

We need guns to fight back against corrupt government forces. But because we have guns we will likely never have to fight jackbooted stormtroopers. It is the ultimate deterrent

>thinks no one is europe owns a gun
the absolute state of the 56% brain

excuse us for not being well versed in the gun laws of every irrelevant 3 stripe flag cunt in europe

I love killing

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They're killing machines all right, my bank account will never recover!

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>killing machines can't also be fun

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But you know enough to talk shit about one? Absolute state of nigger country.

which one did I talk about?

>We need guns to fight back against corrupt government forces.
If anything the idea was more to stop corrupt people from taking over in the first place, if you read what the writers of the constitution and bill of rights actually said about 2A the primary goal was to prevent one state from going nuts and trying to conquer another state. It's also a very effective deterrent to any potential foreign invaders, civilians with guns might not have much of a chance against a real military alone, but the US military and citizens working together to resist invaders, with the military doing the big strategic shit and fighting major battles and the citizens waging guerrilla war against the invaders and fucking up their supply lines etc. would be a damn effective force.

so why make dumb posts when you have no clue

european cunts generally have tougher laws than the USA on gun ownership, don't be so butthurt

True, still if you really want to you can get a license but I noticed that most people don't really care enough to get one

What about bow shooting

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okay im sorry for calling you butthurt *hugs*

They're pretty common in rural Sweden (I think there's the 3rd highest gun ownership rates there but I'm not sure), it's mostly just hunting rifles though. There was a famous case where someone defended their house with a rifle and he wasn't convicted for it.
It caused quite the shitstorm among the big city leftists though.

Guns can be fun but there should be regulations giving people sufficient training and preventing criminals from getting guns as easily as it is today in the US. No measure of gun legislation will solve all issues but some measures just make sense so that law abiding and sane people can enjoy their hobby while idiots and criminals have a difficult time getting their hands on firearms.

I'm sorry for calling you dumb american fren

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>fight back against corrupt government forces
So you are saying that the US government isn't corrupt because you have a gun?

>fight back against corrupt government forces.
>lives in a country run by corporations and is massively corrupt.
very cringe

>run by corporations
impossible. you can always boycott corporations
this is just a fear tactic by the government so you vote into giving them more power

Yes! They are killing machines and that is why I have them. My message to niggers and feds is "fuck around and find out"

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>impossible. you can always boycott corporations
>this is just a fear tactic by the government so you vote into giving them more power
You've been trained well, yes. Keep believing your government isn't bought off.

which corporations are paying trump?

That's kinda the whole point, other than background checks you shouldn't need a license to own a gun, it's a basic human right to be capable of effective self defense against criminals and a tyrannical government. Anyone who doesn't think civilian ownership of firearms is necessary to the security of society is either a tyrant or vehemently ignorant.

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>Even saying shit like you shouldn't smoke near oxygen tanks is considered threatening since "why do you know this???"
got a story user?

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Not him, but if you haven't lost all faith in humanity when you first discovered lobbying exists, I can't help you.

Yes, but two things. 1. Most people who want gun control aren't actually concerned with saftey. They just don't like guns or their owners for varying reasons and use safety as a talking point. If people actually cared about stopping mass shootings, they'd look into giving more people responsible knowledge base on guns, safety, and use, and look into school security and mental health campaigns. But they won't because people either just want guns taken away or want a quick solution to it, but don't realize it'll take time and effort to fix. 2. Criminals will never have a hard time getting guns. I haven't seen the number in a while but the amount of guns used in crimes acquired legally is immensely low.