How do i get some mental illnesses diagnosed for autism bux?

How do i get some mental illnesses diagnosed for autism bux?

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It depends
Which country/state do you live in?

I'm in aus, its VERY easy to get autism bux from depression and anxiety related positions. Citing these "extreme" cases as cause for not finding work.

First, you have to actually be mentally ill and not just a lazy fat faggot.

Lol no, it's actually a huge thing with millenials and zoomers. They're gonna collapse the whole disability welfare system in 5-8 years

Yeah, so are NEETs and other useless faggots. Should just grind them into meal already.

>1k per month for lazy people
Lol nah since they spend that money right back into the system. Also its not a thing, many get rejected

Pretty based if true
I have a paper trail of diagnosed mental illness and have been considering faking an "episode" so I can help leach off of the system and accelerate collapse

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Start hrt and then you get tranny neetbux

Oh yeah Murica
not gonna state

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and being fat and lazy usually come with being crazy

>How do i get some mental illnesses diagnosed for autism bux?

>How do i get some mental illnesses diagnosed for autism bux?
See, this sounds like a solid plan until you're stuck with the mental illness and then have an impaired cognitive ability. It ain't called "mental ILLNESS" for no reason, y'know.

what? having a mental illness isn't a choice

State matters. I live in Colorado and would like to know myself.

why does state matter so much though? i mean i can see commiefornia or jew york

Every state has their own welfare laws. With Colorado's I'm basically fucked, unless there's something I haven't found.

that sucks
isn't it really expensive there? might be worth moving

who diagnoses psychologist psychiatrists what?

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The fucking worst, no such thing as a cheap apartment here and you have to split a crappy one to get by.
That and us being the first to legalize weed has cause all the "travellers" (voluntarily homeless youngsters) to clog the streets, and the influx of people from california and NY has caused mass gentrification

>you were born in eastern eu where mental illness is not rewarded but frowned upon

move to the east coast or a maybe somewhere else cheap around there
Wyoming looks cool and montana

Mental Illness is frowned upon everywhere