I lose all respect for men who treat/think of women as sexual objects, which is all of them. Stop sexualizing women...

I lose all respect for men who treat/think of women as sexual objects, which is all of them. Stop sexualizing women. Its fucking disrespectful and quite frankly disgusting. Sex sex sex thats all on your minds whenever you think about a girl. Most of you don't care enough to develop a human connection with her. All you want is to get your dicks wet.

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Man all this board is is stupid fucking bait threads like this nowadays, basically a Jow Forumslite but for incel bullshit

I just want to meet a girl from here and facefuck her/dominate her and then never see her again

It is ok to be sexual,or have sexual thoughts towards someone. Thats a big part of a relationship.

If you don't treat a woman like a sex object she will find a man who will.

What do you have against sex? Like come on bitch

eh youre sorta right but this is still bait cause it's on Jow Forums so fuck off

I don't, but I don't want him to demand sex from me everyday as if that's the only thing I'm good for/worth.

>you dont understand, we ride the cock carousel to find HUMAN CONNECTION WITH OTHER PEOPLE

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Fun fact: taking b8 is fun and isnt harmful to the board. Its all fun and games really. It is your choice to take shit seriously you fucking chimp.

it deteriorates the quality of the board until the thread is up because it stays first page you imbecile

>be woman
>get right to vote
>starts wearing short shorts and makeup
>the more control women get, the more degenerate they get

objects are cared for and preserved
men are treated as livestock, which is worse
be grateful for what you have

Then stop dating people that aren't your type

No. It is still original content. When was the last wojak that was made on this board ever passed around this site? The coomer wojak came from tv and the npc one came from pol. That weird red one didnt go anywhere at all. So even if it was a negative influence one this board,there isnt any thing to be harmful too. Nothing good comes from this board.

women sexualise themselves for the attention, men Arnt forcing them to wear skimpy clothes or to post sexy photos of themselves on the Internet

I haven't been on here in awhile ,is wanting to fuck traps over and pretending to be a girl the new trend now ?

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Retard I'm talking about the fucking subject and content of the thread, not the shitty femjak

That is too what i am talking about. The content of the thread doesnt matter because original content isnt made here. Board is b but for losers.

That's a retarded argument, Jow Forums sucks because of faggots like you. There are good threads once in a while but they get buried because people would rather respond to your shitty bait, like I'm doing right now

I wish I could develop a human connection

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what have you tried so far user friend ?

Sounds like you don't know who to look for in a relationship

Hiding being shy, talking with them a little, grasping I'm too eccentric for them, and retreating

I find socialising easier when we both have a shared task to complete so maybe finding friends at work/college or join a club, 40k worked for me because most guys who do that ared a bit weird anyway

>which is all of them
that's the same thing i think about stuck up, entitled women and probably as true

Amen, brotheroni

OP is a lesbian or asexual

i hate this bitch more than the pink one

dicks have no empathy, no shame and no conscience.

Because your only personality trait Is a hole between your legs