L'm just gonna Ieave this here

l'm just gonna Ieave this here.

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i get where you're coming from but without promiscuous women, all of us will be virgins forever

Every one has their ideal society that doesn't conform to reality.

She's allowed to do whatever she wants with her body, and so am I. I'll choose not to work or contribute to society in any way since there are no worthwhile young women to motivate me.

with the way the west is going. Islam is going to be a majority in the next 100 years. So all these sluts are going to get their punishment

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She can do whatever she wants, still she shouldn't expect to be respected by her peers and other individuals

>It doesnt make her any less of a human being.
Oh, but it does, user.

maybe women were the real coomers all along...

Promiscuity isn't really a good thing with the STD epidemic right now.

I should be allowed to kill anyone I want without being called "murdered" or "psycho" seriously guys grow the fuck up

>man has sex with a lot of women
>woman does the same thing
double standards.

a woman doing the samething would be a lesbian, you absolute fucking retard.

yeah yeah nerd, you understand what i mean and choose to derail.

Men and women aren't the same thing

no your argument is retarded. you're literally making stuff up. nobody here considers male sluts to be a good thing. you just hear some faggot boomer saying how cool dudes fuck a lot of women and project it onto robots to rant about that one boomer.

there's a lot more to it, but you're probably too retarded to understand it anyway.

don't feed the roastie troll

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>women trolling
it's cute how you think roasties actually do anything remotely funny. they are vacant shells, trying to justify their pathetic lifestyle, by talking down to people who they deem less.

anyone who has sex with a lot of people is a slut regardless of gender

>any less of a human being

Being born a woman is a birth defect.

This thread is about how shitty the baits are on this hungarian fishing forum nowadays right?

>go up to average man in club and ask him if he wants to fuck
Will probably say yes
>go up to average woman and do the same
Near zero percent chance

The Chad overcomes difficulty which is why its usually respected

that it's hard to do doesn't mean it's the right thing. otherwise we'd admire stalin because it's difficult to rule russia.

some people still admiring him. especially here in russia

but should they do that? should they really look up to a dictator and mass-muruder?

i think its just our fucked up mentality. russians need strong leader. iron hand.

people admire them because at the same time they shame virgins.

>woman is a virgin
>considered respectable or desirable
>man is a virgin
>considered pathetic and repulsive
double standards

so both males and females that fuck around a lot are sluts? i can accept this since it's not hypocritical even if I don't agree.

Then i get to spend every excess dime i have on alcohol to make life bearable.
So what? Doesn't make me less of a human being

>drink in nightclubs every weekend
>normal well adjusted
>drinking alone at home
>pathetic alcoholic
Its on every level

And knee grows will leave a nice warm load inside your mom for you to come home to, OP.

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>still thinking women and men have the same brain chemistry, societal roles, expectations, etc but are just placed in sexually dimorphic flesh vessels
Maybe read a book sometime man.
Double standards exist to penalize men as well, by the way. That's just how humans work.

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