NEET having his third wank of the day while wagie goes to work edition

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Not a fan of these early threads OP, sort it out or I will boycott your threads.

going to the jobcentre in a couple hours

I've never been this late and still be the first to post

>first to post
Thatd be me lad

fuck sake ok never mind

yeah I know, I was fucked over by the cool down counter

>still high from last nights weed brownies
Hope Mr Shekelberg doesnt find out!

I'm getting really pessimistic about the future with all this talk about climate change the seemingly never-ending mass immagration and the uncertainty over brexit

wahey what game should I start today once I get back from the jobcentre lads?

*gets dropped off at the britfeel playgroup*

Everything'll be right lad don't worry
*sticks thumb up and smiles*

just cancelled my wow sub

*sees you forgot your raincoat and goes to get you an umbrella*

What are the options?

*rakes up all the leaves on the Britfeel lawn into a huge pile and jumps in it*

well, I have a ton of steam games

I honestly think humanity is doomed at this point, we passed the point of no return a while ago and when shit like paper straws is the best solution our worlds leaders can come up with you know we're fucked. Best to just accept it and enjoy the ride lad


>This means just over one in four UK adults is obese

well where the fuck are they because I hardly see any

You played sleeping dogs? I liked that.
Trying to get into yakuza kiwami

gonna try and hit on/get with my milf/cougar boss, wish me luck lads cause lord knows i need it.

thanks fren
*smiles back*

They'll all be stuck indoors

ooft tease that sex deprived minx until she's jumping on you lad

yeah played it years ago was a good game desu

too roight lad, would love to settle down with her but that is immensly unrealistic, so fuck buddies shall be my goal.

>enjoy the ride
i forgot how to have fun when I was still in my teens but that's just my problem.

yeah we probably are doomed, people Arnt selfless enough to solve climate change and thoes other problems Arnt going to get better either

eyo fellow britnigs, would love some traffic on me website, here the link:


Plan of attack for the day
Go down and put the heating on
Come back up and watch a couple more fred dibnah episodes
Go t'chemist
Go t'lidl
Come back and clean oven

Maybe "enjoy the ride" was the wrong phrase, I just mean stop caring about it

I'll try thanks for the advice lad

I thought about your site a few weeks ago but couldnt remember the name of it

ty user, we still alive and gettin updates slowly, nice to know ppl think about it still.

Decided that my mind larp for today will be going through a messy divorce. I'm just exhausted from the emotional stress. Never get married guys *smokes cigarette*

I applied for a met police job last year (not really sure why tbqh) and I went through the stages and they are offering the job as a PC. It has to beat a job in the council, right guys? Not sure if they are giving me the job because they believe I am suitable for it, or if it is because I am a pajeet

they have iams biscuits and Gourmet Perle Chef Collection meat

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for me, it's giving my cat raw chicken wings

*kisses chika softly on the lips*
*brushes his hair out of his face*
good morning, my sweet little honey suckle

went to ikea other weekend and they were fucking everywhere lad, legit had people eating multiple burgers for breakfast at 10am. It's not the social environment people are in. It's 100% willpower.

lad pls stop im eating

Think it's all part of nestle desu. They do that beta puppy food as well. All the big food brands are all owned by a handful of companies

you cat eats better than i do
RIP cat

*tongues Chika's perfect pink anus*
*wipes my mouth with the back of my hand*
*goes in for a kiss on his lips*

please stop objectifying chika...


*drives a remote control toy Ford truck through the hallways of /britfeel/*

i was really thing more about food poisoning than bones

yeah purina is owned by nestle and iams is owned by mars
near enough everything is owned by a handful of companies tbf lad
*pours you a bowl of iams biscuits*
which meat do you want, turkey, tuna, duck or lamb

>turkey, tuna, duck or lamb
i'd like to formally apply to be your new cat please

they dont get food poisoning the way we do

*looks out of the bedroom window*
Rain \o/
*gets ready to go out*

ive done a bit of reading about this and its best if you wash or cook the mead first and avoid give your cat bones

desu the only thing i can think of that would unite our country right now is a LGBTQ prime minister

dont think the muslims would like that much

What does the Q mean?

*visits scenic Michigan*
*gets gangraped by a pack of rabid dindus*

did you know there are a lot of gays and especially lezzers who don't like trannies because they feel their identity is being erased

islam is a religion of peace, every religion has its homophobic bigots
it stands for queer

it means queer

i dont believe that, i think that is a bigoted attack on the LGBTQ community by a bitter brexiteer. all LGBTQ people i know stand in arms.

I watched Safe and The Man From Nowhere last night, thought the latter was a particularly belting film desu.

the hadith calls for gays to be stoned

seems quite reasonable to me. imagine you're a lesbian, been facing discrimination all your life, and then some bloke decides to put on a dress and claim he has it worse than you

this is so homophobic/transphobic wtaf

>commute via bicycle
>raining for the past 24 hours straight
>all my dry work clothes got soaked in my bag
At least the rain aesthetic is comfy right

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Get a binbag wrapped around your bag lad.

What's the difference between gay and queer

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy he will be stoned to death.

-_Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4448

I was told it stands for "questioning".

unelected EU judges deciding what is best for england
fucking joke

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I think these days "queer" is used as a catchall term for "none of the above, but still not straight"

it is not my job to explain to you, educate yourself
i dont care what a disgusting homophobe has to say

Just wrap your bag in a bin liner or something, simple as

got some right goodies from chuck lidl.
going to pimp my fried cheese sammie with red onions erbs worcester sauce and the ole garlic salt.
didn't need to buy gloves for the oven cleaning as oven pride provided some in the box \o/

like furries and that?

>i dont care what a disgusting homophobe has to say
that isnt my opinion its just whats written in the hadiths

its been a stich up from day one, that powers that be just dont want brexit

where do pedosexuals fit in? should be LGBTQP innit

whatever LARPer
*rattles the jar*

bazza! bazza! weve found another one!

I guess so yeah, anybody that doesn't consider themselves "vanilla", at least that's what I assume it means. It's fucking dumb anyway because if you divide "not straight" into enough tiny subcategories then everyone's fucking queer because practically nobody is 100% stone cold straight with no kinks whatsoever

where's the O for other kin?

whats a hadith, is that the official incel podcast or something LOL
its an uphill battle but we are making good progress! :)

divide n conquer init?

ah bugger i forgot to get more cheese from lidl. ffs
should just have enough to make the sammie

ok you almost got me but i dont think anyone could be this dumb 5/10 larp

the hadiths are yer mums labia

when I was in first year of uni I used to have burger king or kfc every single day. not mcdonalds though because it was too far to walk

But you can bum randoms if you're already married?
Sounds good.

>I used to have burger king or kfc every single day.

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i think there is a diffrent punishment for adultery

when I was in uni I couldn't afford to have kfc every day

going to really take this sarnie to the next level and fry most of the onions and have a mix of raw and fried. mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmm

Is porridge (oats and milk) a complex protein like chicken?

it covers all aminos if that's what you mean
there's so little of it it's not actually useful as protein intake

Well that's gay. I guess i'm out.

i dont know, but its definitely good for you. are you trying to build mussel mass or something

burger king is foul m8

>are you trying to build mussel mass
Yes, that and prawn mass

look at that judge larping as a witch