Why must wagies always take their frustration out on neets?

I'm not the one making you come to work on a day off. Your boss is the one exploiting you, I'm just minding my own business.

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How did the wagies hurt you user?

hmmm do you like black people?

They're rude to me on this board and love talking nonsense.
It depends. At uni I didn't think much of them. I'm wary of them on the street, though I don't go outside much. I think most here are Somali. I don't live where there's a lot of them, they're mostly in the city. I don't really like their culture. It's loud and obnoxious.

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My tax money goes to support your mental illness, it's not fair.

aye bby girl you playing hard to get or wut? let a nigga smash wassup? you know im finna fill you up to the brim wit my semen

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Leave Aiste alone, avatarfag. You made her suffer enough.

I cant even tell the difference from irl or dreams anymore. There's no days or nights for me, it's all the same.

Are gonna move back in with your family?

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ya with dad

Did he accept you back in just like that?

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Dad doesn't give a shit because he doesn't believe in mental illness, go figure he says i just need to stop drinking and abusing meds.

I think not believing in mental issues would only make him harder on you to get a job or something, no? Will he provide for you?

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Who says im going back to work? Fuck that. I guess he will, we will see.

Alright. Good luck with whatever you plan on doing from this point on.

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Yeah thanks. I realized no matter what i do it will never get better this is better than freezing to death on winter.

I've resigned to my fate as well. I never was a happy person, so why should it change now? It's kind of liberating to just accept it. Anyway, check out those Russian Doomer Music collections on YouTube if you haven't already. A surprising amount of great music there.

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At least you don't drink or abuse meds, don't know how the fuck do you cope desu.
I have, not the compilations but i follow a few channels who upload russian post punk and goth shit, got reccomendations by the last thread you posted the band called CHernikovskaya Hata

I just never really started drinking, so I never saw it as an option to cope. I guess I cope with music, reading, shitposting here, cleaning around and occasional walks. And most importantly, with the idiotic idea that it'll get better tomorrow, or next Monday. Something I'm starting to abandon, like I said.


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I see. I started drinking really early, not really drinking but like having one glass or two of whatever my dad was having.
yeah, that idea fade off completely after a while, it will happen to you soon, it is happening.

When i get unbanned i have to ask a few stuff about lithuania and russian from you, have learned quite a bit of the history in the last few days.
I need to get back to learn russian, these songs are too good.

Why are you banned?

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Because there was a thread about aome search engines discussing illegal shit, and i remember back in 2006 on /b/ there were some keywords that were used on search engines to find it. Didn't even posted the words since I dont remember shit from so far back, literally only said that there used to be keywords to find illega stuff. And that it's agaisnt the rules.

I see. Why do you care about Russia and Lithuania anyway? Most people don't even know what a Lithuania is haha.

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Oh my gosh don't post pics like that it makes me want to cuddle with you!

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A few weeks ago while drinking on video on discord met a lithuanian guy, pretty cool. I remembered you and started asking about lithuania, learned quite a bit. Also met another dude in a server who got more in depth into stuff since he was sobber. So since you're half russ half lith (i think) i know what happened now and how they see the Russians, at least some of them. If i was able to post from pc i would post a meme about it. And i see now why paganism or whatever is getting so popular over there too nowadays.