Robot uni feels

>new semester starts
>want to attend class regularly or at least the first class to see what and who's new
>actually never attended any class besides the ones I strictly needed last year
>class is almost starting
>it's in one of these buildings a few meters away from the main one cuz classrooms are so shit no one can fit in
>reach the building where the class is beginning
>it's a fucking labyrinth chock full of similar classes
>go up the stairs
>classes are unnamed
>go up the stairs on the other side
>find the classroom, can't open the doors
>*please enter from the other side of the staircase*
>check the time
>it's nearly 10 min past
>decide to fuck off because it's too much of a pain to explain why I'm late and all that shit
>decide to skip course altogether since i can study at home

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Holy shit I'm glad I'm me, and not some cringing, pitiful Eurocuck/leaffag.

Imagine being this insecure about the measurement system that you use. I'm glad I'm not you.

making friends is not worth it anyway

>first day of uni
>first class listed was physical education
>assumed it was a joke of some sort and skipped it
>it wasn't
>fast forward to end of year
>failed physical education

>start uni
>get on friendly terms with everyone from my class right away
>in a year I know lots of people from other classes
>on good terms with the professors
>any time I need something I can ask someone to send it to me, people put lots of effort into their notes and study material, just yoink them all and use them
>once I get my degree instantly ghost them all
heh thanks for the easy ride champs

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>second semester, we have a physics laboratory class of some sort
>should be fun, right?
>teacher is perpetually mad oldfag with hearing deficiency
>first class
>have to set up instruments for an experiment
>teacher yells at me for not doing it fast enough
>second class
>also diffraction
>teacher yells at me for making a mistake of some sort
>midterm exam
>have to write a paper on diffraction, spend days working on it
>teacher yells at me for not formatting it correctly
>stop attending at this point
>don't go to the final
>would have failed the course even if I did

>lectures consist of some guy droning on about theorems
>first few classes are okay
>it's hard to focus and he's going pretty fast but I can keep up
>get sick
>miss one week of classes
>next lecture, I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about
>spend rest of semester trying to catch up on my own
>no course materials, naturally
>classmates help out with notes but I can't make heads or tails of them
>fail the class, probably? I don't even remember
>start to realize I suffer from brainletism

>have physical education at uni
>pick swimming
>look at college girls in swimsuit the whole time
>just sing anime songs in my head while it's nice and quiet underwater
>even touched a girl's boobs by accident while backstroking

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lucky bastard.
>first physical education class I actually attended
>how bad can it possibly be?
>20 minutes of marching in a circle doing stretches
>teacher tells us to start running
>one minute passes
>two minutes pass
>uh oh
>five minutes pass
>can barely breathe
>ten minutes pass
>imminent lung failure
>music stops
>teacher lines us up into rows
>oh no no no
>have to sprint to other side of hall and back
>have to do this again and again and again
>fucking dying
>after this they want us to do squats and push-ups
>have to take a break
>am the only one out of 100 people in that hall who had to take a break
>the worst part is I'm not even fat
>next class is this again
>and the next
>and the next
>until I stop attending

I think we had an option like that too, it was like physical endurance training or some shit. Some of the guys I knew went to it, appearently the teacher was a young cute woman wearing gym clothes at least but I said nah fuck that I'm gonna glee over girls in swimsuits.

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what country are you from?
I didn't have PE until final year and it fucked me up mentally
I was actually doing OK in my early study years since I finally didn't have that bullshit to deal with
then it triggered some kind of PTSD and I've been hating everything about life and I've been unmotivated to do anything since then
so in conclusion fuck whoever came up with that, I'm old enough to go to the gym in my own time

>don't try in high school
>don't apply for many unis
>get into uni
>good for the first few months, don't have to talk to people much and the campus has lots of spots for me to hide away
>first semester isn't really a challenge, put it down to it just being the first semester
>second semester is even easier
>can't really connect with anyone i talk to
>realise that most of my classmates are stupid and have difficulty with the units
>realise that most of the work i'm assigned is even easier than high school
>did i get into a uni for retards?
>find out none of the smart people from my high school got into my uni
>find out that my uni is a joke amongst other unis
>realise that i put myself in debt just to fuck myself over with unsatisfying work and a probably worthless degree

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we didn't get an option. our country has mandatory "endurance training" from first grade until third year of uni, I think.
fortunately the uni I'm about to graduate just lets us skip it and lies to the government about attendance, which is pretty based of them.

>start to develop a crush on a classmate
>beautiful girl, blonde, glasses, a face I can never forget
>tell myself it's not meant to be, try to ignore her
>eventually look her up on normalbook
>over 9000 friends, literally
>volunteer for the local Red Cross affiliate
>volunteer for some charities I've never heard of
>participates in events of all sorts all the time
>while getting straight As in the courses I'm failing
>frequent trips abroad
>still single despite having met hundreds of men
>men who have actual social lives and also volunteer
>men from all over the continent
>tell myself it's really not meant to be
>crush goes away, slowly

I was essentially forced out of student halls by an angry mob of people because I posted anti-feminist youtube videos

Ask me anything

100% serious

Link that video for a start.

One time I was sitting in a study hall just chatting with people and then some people saw on their phone that it's my birthday because the facebook thingy showed it. I got hugs from everyone and small gifts from the girls.

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Is this because you have to take up bullshit classes for credit?

I have 11 modules of engineering/math, how the fuck do you have time for this

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It was mandatory for me, 2 semsters of PE or I wouldn't get my degree. I'm an engineer too but I guess the local authorities got really pissy because we're like at the top in obesity levels so they make all the schools have mandatory PE.
Not that I particularly care, I swim sometimes too anyways and at least I was always around cute young girls and not grannies and grandpas that usually fill swimming pools.

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I'm from a european backwater renowned for its shitposters. you can probably tell which if you've ever lurked on Jow Forums.
>final exam for chemistry 1
>ionization energy is on the shortlist of things to study
>course notes have this weird algorithm for calculating it
>try it out, produces completely wrong results
>spend hours poring over course materials and writing mathematica programs to see what the fuck is going on
>end up asking about it on stackexchange
>there is no algorithm for computing ionization energy
>it's measured, not calculated
>exam day
>topic for oral exam is how to compute ionization energy
>explain the wrong algorithm to teacher
>gives me full marks

very nice. were your classmates usually like that?
this is what my current uni is like. I wouldn't call my classmates stupid though, it's just... they don't give a shit?
most of them are only here because they heard a CS degree means lots of money.
and the uni doesn't care because they only want the tuition money and don't mind destroying their reputation for it.

Yeah people were generally pretty friendly, but I guess I'm pretty friendly too.

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>first day of first year at second uni
>dean gets us all together to talk about whatever the fuck
>tune out for most of it
>at some point some guy gets into an argument with the dean over linux vs. gnu/linux or some shit
>dean humours him while he dumps spaghetti on the floor like a Chinese mining company
>you can cut the cringe in the air with a knife
>never see him again

>he didn't scout the building and classrooms beforehand
Your fault OP

Classes aren't mandatory in Italy unless you're taking STEM meme degrees.

>second uni is near city center
>trivial to get to, literally a 10 minute cab ride
>comfy conference room chairs, unlike old uni
>well-maintained vintage building
>...which uni administration decides to renovate two days after term starts
>kicks us all out to satellite facility, "temporarily of course"
>it's on the edge of town, near my last uni but with 10 extra minutes of walking required
>old commie building, huge but with everything falling apart
>horrible wood chairs, bugs all over the place, dilapidated bathrooms, computers from 2005, no elevators
>next building over is modern and slick, but that's only for real students (econ & psychology), not CS ones
>first year passes
>building has no heating, winter is hell
>renovations done at main facility but we're not invited back
>second year passes
>heating added but turned up to 11, winter is the wrong kind of hell
>everything else is still shit
>last day of uni is tomorrow
>still there of course

>spend next three years mostly on imageboards
>most of my classmates don't attend at all
>the ones who do don't seem to like me very much
>my fault for not talking to anyone I guess
>no girls to have one-sided crushes on
>the one friend I have from high school has his own shit to deal with
>uni doesn't even try to teach us anything
>except the particularities of Oracle PL/SQL for some fucking reason
>all these years wasted, like tears in rain

can someone else post in this thread so it's not just my shitty blog?

This happened in late 2015, the channel is long gone. To this day I have no idea how they found it.

>three months of shitty internship left
>Will return to uni and have to see the insufferable normal fags again
Honestly at least at this shitty internship people aren't immature kids like they're are my uni.

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