Which one would you choose, 25+ anons?

Which one would you choose, 25+ anons?

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is satsuki a virgin? wife tier if so

>real estate

prob a roast then

Hmm, it's a tie between 29 and 55.

55 provides instant cash
29 has potential to provide more than 55 over time, but I have to not fuck up the relationship

Hard to choose

I'll take the single mom, thanks.

>rich but ugly
idk, i'm too shallow for that

>alt girl
probably the best choice

>single mom
at 25, that's a major nope

>real estate and law school
those places breed the most stuck up scum in existence


the only potential was the far right one but she went to law school which means she has a high opinion of herself and expects an equally high level husband. when she cant get one the baby rabies will temporarily convince her that a lower status man is fine, but once she pumps out a few kids she will revert to the high standards and begin to resent her husband that she will think she "settled" for. Divorce will come soon after

Presented with those options, I'll take "die alone" pls

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how much money is 50 million yen?

>girl who looked EXACTLY like 49 tried to make small talk with me
>i'm a socially uncalibrated retard who can't socialize
>stuttered over my words so bad she cringed

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it's not that hard user, just don't be a faggot phone poster

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Either 29 or 49, leaning towards 29. 49 looks like an arthoe.
You could've found out on google in less time than it took to post that, but about 450k.

ye all women who work real estate are definitely roasties

>girl 1 I could never sleep soundly and happily with
>girl 2 seems like a vapid whore
>girl 3 is nice but children are a waste of time, especially other peoples kids
>girl 4 would never be able to talk about anything interesting with me
im just gonna stay a volcel

Mizuho looks fucking tight for her age.

I would have chosen Satsuki if she was into femdom but she looks painfully nice. Other than that Mizuho sounds the best. I love fashion. Also video games and manga is a nice bonus with a little hope she is into kinky stuff.
>mfw she is 18 and I'm 36

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don't like physical appearance

although I like that she likes manga and games her style seems too eccentric and would make me uncomfortable

>loves children
red flag
>mother of 2

a bit old, field of work is boring, horse-riding is a bit of a red-flag too

If I were forced to choose between these 4 I'd go with 49 but if it were real life and I'd go for none. This is probably why I'm still a virgin.

>tfw bitter hatred of humanity shows its face.
Why does the virginity matter, again?

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It's a shame we can't sell off the amygdala to the aliens as a fascinating snack.

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There's a reverse-rape fantasy in NHK that probably leads to tears and rage for the programmer character.

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Number one. The fact is eh but the body's fine, and with enough sex you'll love her anyway. Gotta take the cash. 450k is enough to NEET it up, and even though this lady grew up rich she's homely enough that she probably has reasonable expectations.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.

not him, but it has nothing to do with hatred for humanity to not want a roastie as wife.

55 or 29 easily.

55 because money is sadly important, but looks really aren't and she might have a good personality.

29 because she is also probably wealthy, and doesn't have the disadvantages of 49 (just regular young girl) and 30 (is a mother)

None, they don't really seem like my type

I see. What if your wife has only slept with women before?

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that's highly questionable. why would she want a man all of a sudden? for that case the number of women would probably also matter

Rightmost character.
My hand is forced here, so to speak. I dunno, there's just something about her.

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I'd breed the 25 single mom after killing her bastards.

What are the downsides to Satsuki? She is smart and succesful, unless you have confidence issues she is the one to go for. Otherwise being a desperste khv i would accept anyone at this point. Im good with children and the mother is hotbas a second option.

Real estate is boring and soulless. No reason to live.

Horse riding is for deranged upper-class snobs. She's probably crazy.

She's old, a total normalfag and very likely not a virgin. Since she relatively has her shit together, she probably would have fairly high expectations, too. Though she's still the least bad option from the 4.

will selling my amygdala erase my cringe memories?

Reiko seems like a good option and I like slightly bigger girls anyway. The money is a big bonus and she probably has low self esteem and would do most anything for a shred of affection and appreciation. Also, she was well off so was probably taught in a finishing school as a young girl making it likely that she would be more proper and ladylike than the others. Having children with her would ensure a good education and stable home environment because of her money. It would have to be Reiko for me.

Most likely far right one, but I'm worried about the horse riding part

>Why does the virginity matter, again?
because it's entirely appropriate to judge some one on their actions user
previous actions are the best way to predict future actions

>What if your wife has only slept with women before?

hmm very concerning to say the least. does she hate men? She might like a man for the "2 year new love" phase and then grow to hate him

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Whichever one shares the same dreams and values I do.

>She is smart and succesful

yeah and she'll expect you to be smart and successful too. If you're not....well just look up how women change when they start making more money than their husbands. They lose all respect and the relationship falls apart

I would pick 29 so I could eventually convince her to fuck horses

you are a despicable human.

Either Reiko or Mizuho. Money is really fucking good, but having a gf that I can discuss anime and play games with is also very good.
Hmm in this case I'd follow my dick and pick Mizuho.

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Hypothetically, if its a 7 year relationship leading to a 'california marriage' and she only seems to enjoy sex when you're postorgasm and rides you like donut balls in a certain video because your screams of pain turn her on, would it matter if she had incalculable female partners?

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Ladies and gentlemen, we got her.


it's a setup
it's not going to last, it's going to turn into a nightmare, and I'm fucking bailing

Go back to your safespace on reddit faggot

It will magnify the amount of them since it would produce emotionless responses, Id wager. So what?

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"And the Eagle flies with the dove"
Eagles eat doves. What is love?

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You could also just develop a saddle that involves you lying on your back like a weird sex toy. If properly lubed its hard to say what would wear out first.


49 is for my dick

29 is for my heart

49 for clout

55 is good if you know how to invest.
49 is good if you are good at waiting and already know a bit about business.
Marin needs to fuck off.
29 sucks too.

>be rich
>desperate to please chubby asian gf

Honestly disappointed in you r9k

From right to left
>satsuki 31
If bitch did not hit the wall by some rare genetic mutation by now she is so close to it she can lick it if she stick her tongue out. Also beware of women who "like horses".
Single mother - nope
Delusional art hoe. At least she is young.
How old is this bitch? She does not say looks like red flag. Money is whatever, I'm well enough on my own. She is chubby, also whatever I have fucked fatter.

I cant believe it but art hoe looks like the safest one.

Why aren't any of their ages labeled properly on their tags?

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Probably 29 and hope she's not a lying cheating roastie.

definitely 29, she's perfect to me in every way.

im on the fence about 49 , that is also a good choice but i fear it will go sour.

30whatever is pure dog shit tier , and i wont marry 55 for the sake of small financial gain, that would be absolutely horrible.

>Tfw your daughter is so ugly that you need to buy her a husband...

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>real estate agent
>horse rider

user she is definitely a roastie

But if she has more money than you you get half in divorce court.

My dick is telling me where to go, and we're it says is something fun.
Because men like women while they're young.
Perky tits and a tight vagina
That teenage jap is gonna by mine-a

But her bright dyed hair is a bad sign. But at least I'm white so I can make her mine.

...just kidding, white women only for me...

So none of these are valuable options to me, I don't see any girls named, Jessica, or Elizabeth, or Alice....

I want a white christian girl...

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If she is nice, and willing to take care of a complete autist. I'd take her. I -assume- she lives in Japan? That's a pretty sick bonus.

18 years old is a no go, too young. too immature, she's going to be demanding.

Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Hard pass.

Best case scenario, same as 55 but she's pretty.

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Reiko is cutest, but I don't know much about her personality.
I wish she would tell more about herself than just "you get money if you get with me". I would get with her even without the money if she is nice.

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29, because she is 31.

30 here. None, they're too old.

All of them are fine for me except the single mother.

>likes "nice" guys
>single mom

Marin seemed like the logical choice till the single mom thing, creepy how disgustingly accurate that future will be for some girls.


not even a question bruh

>1. 29. Has her shit together but is probably demanding and expects you to be successful as well.
>2. 55. Probably the most stable and willing the please, but won't get your dick hard. You'll be in a loveless marriage.
>3. 49. Unremarkable. 18 year olds are fucking stupid. This could go south easily.


>9001. 3?. Single moms belong in the trash.

Honestly, I would rather stay single but I had to choose, I would go for 55 ,seems like the safest choice, although the money probably comes with stipulations like marring her and having children or having to work for the father. The 18 years old girl is too inmature, says she wants to settle down but soon will realize what she is missing and will cheat. The 25 is a single mother who is only looking for beta bucks. The 31 is probably the most dangerous one, if she's so great why is she still single if not for being a complete bitch?, probably has high expectations and if you marry her she will destroy you at the divorce.

+has money
+$500k is $500k

---want to settle down which just means that she wants to tie a knot and wants submisive bitch
+manga games as hobby
+likes fashion
+looks like art girl
+is 18

---wants to have kids and i hate those little shits
+++likes nice guys which means she wants to cuddle and take care
---has kids abort abort abort

+works in real state which probably means she is outgoing for Japanese person and well spoken
-horse riding
+/- Japanese dance
+went to law school so probably is smart
+31 even tho thats a bit old, so her motherly instincts might have kicked in so she would take nice care of me,
no kids or husband at this age probably also means that she doesn't want to rush and she wants to still develop as person rather than chain herself up as housemaid.
+++looks classy and has classy interests so she probably will also like to listen to jazz/classical music, and watching theater plays seems like soulmate here

If 55 father have to pay 500k for someone to take her, don't walk away, run.

49 seems fishy. My thot sense is tingling, the only time a young attractive woman was so eager to settle down fast was when she was pregnant and the real daddy was nowhere to be found.

33 is single mom. There should be universal gesture to tell women like this to fuck off.

Yep 29 is so great she is single at 31. Probably have bpd and will scream like a banshee at you when you get home. Women like this don't stay single, it is huge red flag. It will be less red flag if she was divorced and this is red flag too.

I'll take bitch number 29 please.

assuming I am chad anime character
you can definitely fuck 55 as she looks desperate for male attention
you can definitely fuck 35 regardless of if you wife her as she is already a slut a ton of single moms go to clubs looking for a quick lay
you can definitely fuck 49 alt girls are known sluts
29 is the only one who actually brings more to the table than her holes shows strong signs of being a virgin and not willing to just put out so, the only one worth pursing as a marriage mate