Frequent and hard gym sessions made me crave women and want to be a man then I saw people on Jow Forums encouraging...

Frequent and hard gym sessions made me crave women and want to be a man then I saw people on Jow Forums encouraging others to take vitamin and mineral supplements and become a Chad that caught me on and I wanted to join.

I hope one day you become a man, horny beast and put on hard gym sessions too..

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Hello Mr "J" user.

I like your style.

-Ted "HotRod" James

I'm fit. I don't frequent this board but this is a childish approach to lifting, I see no cultural identifiers that you understand lifting culture.
I wish you luck and gains user but please make it before you start posting this.

>tfw go to the gym and still getting more handsome
>receiving attention from both guys and girls
>finally get a qt girlfriend
>no longer depressed or ugly
>have motivation to be great and successful and life
>tfw literally escaped iceldom by becoming a chad

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Is anybody unironically swayed by pink pill propaganda?
I would never actually do it, obviously. I'd just be lying if I said the idea of turning from an ugly, lonely, undesirable mess of a man into a sexy, popular, alpha male didn't spark some primal envy in me.

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What is the purpose of this thread, namefag?

to ridicule tranny pastas my dude

It's another late night user. Do you know what that means? It's time for you to lift weights again. It's no use trying to do NoFap or simply watching your life go by anymore. I would know. I was once like you, weak and frightened to death of my weak physique. But deep within your heart you know it to be true. Not only do you find real, 3D women super cute, but you want to FUCK one too!
>b-but I'm w-weak, I swear....
Then why do you love lifting so much? No normal, alpha male hates working out (even if we do have bad days). And if you could actually get gay women with your current looks, you'd be a perfectly respectable player. But you cant, user. You're a khv incel. And do you know what happens to virgin incels? We build our bodies to a next level. It was my only way out. Its YOUR only way out. Since I started bodybuilding, I went from a 4/10 boy to a literal 11/10 CHAD and I've been fucked and fucked more pussy than you could even imagine. Dont you get it, user? You never had any other choice. Becoming a alpha male is your fate! So what are you waiting for? Take the chad pill and become a total ALPHA like me! I:)

scout's a twink
this doesn't work, none of this works

I didn't bother to find others. These were on my folder already. Sorry to disappoint

Lmfao this thread is amazing.

We should spam the gym pill everywhere across the board in the same way trannies have spammed the pinkpill.

It's time to get back at those fuckers

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bros help im not addicted to bodybuilding, i dont know what to do, fuck my life. frens help i dont know what i can do anymore, i hate my fucking life, my ancestors are looking down at me with disgust, i joined the chadroom server, didnt have anything bad in it, i keep coming back to this, fucking hell
frens what do i do i want to stop but i keep coming back to this fucking situation

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why yes, i also go to gym 5 days a week and listen to pillar men theme through the entire session. how could you tell?

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That won't work. The pinkpill thing plays on how men are detested. It works as a troll because it's true. Women receive more affection and are looked upon kindly, and if you could magically transform yourself into a woman, you would receive more affection and be looked upon kindlier. The opposite isn't true. Your thread's about transforming yourself into Chad, right? But Chad, like all men, is graded on a curve. Only the top 20% gets to be Chad. And the affection Chad receives is qualitatively different from the affection women receive, and it's contingent on Chad staying Chad, and you know it is, so you can feel how fake it is.

Your troll doesn't work because it's not grounded in real life.

Like this just comes off as gay in the bad way. You're not going to win anyone over with this.

Agreed. I'm tired of being a beta with no girls.

Been hitting the weights and cardio and eating clean for 2+ weeks now. Aiming to be going on dates with girls by early 2020. Practice my social skills date by date. A nice achievable target.

I just did this for the luls. Obviously what you said was right, but this is in my opinion a funny way to ridicule them. Don't think this too deep, fren

i wasnt trying to win anyone over, i actually do this.

>so much bodybuilding has made the center of arousal shift to women's vaginas

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It's not ridiculing them, it's reinforcing them, just like the gore, and the reddit frogs, and the hons, and the fake chatlogs, and all the other dumb crap.

yep. But this thread is one of its kind. Unless someone really wants to make a continuation

Please don't. I'm sick of being told what to do by people who don't understand the situation.

I'm getting my dumbells tomorrow. Why do I want to take pictures of them so badly?

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Listen. I am aware of the degeneracy going on here and the fact that this is just encouragement to them. But just enjoy the joke, ok? Just as I said, one time thing. I find making these quite funny

I had weird dream...
I was super hungry and begged for food from user...
He said that if I umm... Help him, I would get food...
So I helped him to lift and called me a really helpful bro... And then we shared a beer afterwards and thanked me for the help before I was ready to leave...
I-I want to lift weights again... Aaaaa

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I hope I don't become a horny beast. I want to get fit, be strong, have my ideals be strong too. Sex without love only hurts my soul. I'm glad I'm a virgin. When I have sex one day, I at least will have already made up my mind to be with that person for however long I live. However, life isn't a fairy tail. If I lost my virginity and it didn't work out my next goal would be to keep my same ideals and stay strong. The right one will come one day.

>Sex without love only hurts my soul

For some reason as a kid I was into this shit some how. Like now that Ilm older I just think that kinda improved me a little. Like men Arent attractive to me or anything but those vids still made me want to lift.

Is not lifting bad for me? Do I get jacked all the way through? Wat do

I-its okay if I wear gym clothes as a starter right? It's just more comfy considering my muscles aren't too big...

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On a sale of 1-10
How great is it to lift and share a beer with another guy?

Fucking loled
Did you save all of those fag pastas?

Why does brown coffee smell and taste better? I am absolutely addicted.

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no. Just found them today

someone please tell me there's a discord for me. ever since i read about that chad stuff i've wanted it to be real. i want to be transformed into an alpha and become the ultimate slayer. i want to be forced to become swole to become a handsome gentleman. i want to be praised on, told that I'm doing good. please help me get jacked up. my own will wants me to go lift, please tell me there's a discord server out there like this. please anons. if there isn't let's fucking make one. i need it.