You know how men are so undesirable that you can get them arrested for sending dick pics? Like...

You know how men are so undesirable that you can get them arrested for sending dick pics? Like, if a woman sends you a boob shot, you're a rockstar, you've made it. If a guy sends you a dick pic, you can have him fucking arrested. Muse upon this. You, your body, your intimacy, your giving of yourself, is literally LESS than WORTHLESS. It's toxic fucking waste.

And then there's porn discourse, women being "manipulated", "abused", and so on, the typical white panic shit. Men will fucking DIE trying to get pussy. Men will work out until it fucking wrecks their heart, go to war, starve themselves, do all manner of dumb, crippling, maiming, lethal shit to get pussy, and it's their fault. They're not "manipulated", they're "thirsty".

This is why I can't take any contemporary discourse seriously. None of them acknowledge this huge fucking elephant in the room that holds everything else, everything, laws, ideology, politics, in its gravitational field. I'm fucked, man. EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE THING IS ABOUT THIS, and no one notices it.

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>t. would complain if poop was shoved through his letterbox

I don't get it. I tell you, every time I bring this up, I get either nothing, or weird schizo replies like I glitched shit.

have sex incel freak originel

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I'm beginning to think I'm legit some kind of super genius for being able to notice this. I feel like I've got fucking powers.

I'm planning on getting the first woman who sends me an unsolicited nude charged.
I did not consent.
unironically I just wish I had someone who cared about me like that though

Your view is flawed and limited by the fact that you don't Have SEX INCEL FREAK

I can't tell if you're being ironic. Apologies.

>if a woman sends you a boob shot, you're a rockstar, you've made it.
Uh no. If a woman sends you nudes you're less of a pathetic loser than you apparently are.

For example; when I refused to masturbate to my BPD girlfriend on webcam she accused me of cheating on her, then she claimed I was hacking her phone to watch her poop (I was not) and then she said I must be a pedo.

Like every fucking day though. I don't wanna see your tits every day on webcam, it's annoying. Can't you just be a decent person instead of rely upon your body and sexual attraction to get you by in life?

But that's like, a severe outlier, though.

I agree, but arrested for a dick pic? Has that happened?

Well, Texas just signed it into law, so soon, I guess, in any case. But I'm pretty sure it's happened before and they used some other catchall law for it.

My friend's girlfriend sent me a pic of her butthole once and asked if I was into foot porn and said she did live shows too. I said she's gross and that butthole is disgusting, then ten years later we were hanging out drinking beers watching jersey shore on the sofa and she said "so like... you knew that was my butthole right? I took the pic with my webcam right before I sent it."

I was like:

Well did she at least poop on cam for you so you could stop hacking her phone?

I kind of suspect this didn't happen, or didn't happen like you're saying it did, or maybe there's some other confounding factor.

And it doesn't really negate any of what I said. You might not have liked the pictures, but you're not most guys, and getting boob pics is not treated culturally like getting dick pics happens to be.

Why the fuck would I hack her phone? She pooped on cam constantly, bathed, brushed her teeth... the fucking attention whore wouldn't leave me alone. I can't just randomly skype fap at 12:30 at night, I have a job!

Almost no women send pussy pics. I've had lots of full nudes from lots of women (5 or 6?) but never pussy pics... except one 19 y/o asian girl.

That's why. If dudes just sent ordinary nudes that would be fine. When women say "I wanna see you cum" they mean your facial expression (o-face) not some zoomed in video of your dick blasting spideystrings.

No job is more important than your relationship. If they don't respect the schedule you have with your gf, why should you respect the way they schedule the hours for you to work?

That's an... interesting evaluation of structural misandry. So the whole thing was just a hatrack with a coat on it and some shadows, huh?

>why should you respect the way they schedule the hours for you to work?
I'm self employed and that bitch can fuck right off and stop being a waste of skin.

>I'm self employed
So you don't really have a job?

I'm employed. I do not have a boss or any obligation to anyone other than my customers (parties to contracts which define obligations.)

I don't have a "job" in the sense of servitude and lack of liberty. I do however have ways I'd like to invest my time which I feel are more worthwhile than jacking off to comfort some BPD quack.

>sending dick pics
Why do men think this is the deal maker? I realize you love your penis but to assume it turns me on is wrong.

You into pegging? Should I show you my butt instead?

>Men will fucking DIE trying to get pussy
lol. And this is a virtue, right? You fucking mentally ill incel...

gross. get it through that thick skull of yours. sending me a dick pic is not hot, a surprise occasionally but not something that makes me wet. If anything its pathetic

What dick pic? I sent a pic of my butt.

your hairy butthole is no turn on either

Did you even get the pic? I shave. So you're looking at the wrong butthole.

No one fucking understands what I was trying to say.

I understand you OP. I've been learning to love my body but there's a lot of mixed messages. Even with stuff nobody really cares about like feet, a lot of offices don't permit any kind of open toed shoes for men but women can wear sandals and open toed high heels and stuff.
Judging by what gets shown in films and for what reasons, penises are apparently the most obscene part of any human body.

No, that's not it either. I'm not denying that we're gross, that's retarded, I'm simply trying to convey how awful this all is.

Yeah man half the world revolves around pussy or the need for it, noone cares about ugly men. Literally noone cares that much its just the way it be

Listen dawg a lot of people know this but nobody doing shit about it, welcome to the real world where shit's fucked and no one is fixing it:)

>don't put pussy on a pedestal
>user puts it on top of the Washington fucking monument instead

You said it in a very retarded way. You explain your points like a frustrated incel. Arresting people for sending dick pics is stupid, but so is sending dick pics in the first place, and the whole sexting culture which is nothing but a culture of vice, debauchery and questionable morals. And anyways you should treat your dick pics just like high level women treat their boobshots: like treasures only meant for those who prove their worth. If you're out there sending dick pics to a random thot you just met on Tinder and she turns out to be a schizo whore who gets you arrested, you well fucking deserve it.

Jow Forums is overrun by Israeli bots

It's so frustrating dude. Women complain about men wanting sex but I swear it's the only thing that motivates normies.

>measuring your own worth on whether women decide to send you pictures of their body
yeah, nah. you didn't figure anything out. this is peak "i understand the world" underage level of reasoning. it only seems the world works this way because you've centered your life around it.

Men and women are different, who would've guessed

Anyone wanna guess op's age? My guess is 19-20