Gonna talk about climate change

>gonna talk about climate change
and change the world

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isn't she like 16? why does she look 8

Sure about that buddy? She looks alot older to me.

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Why does this kid have such a hittable face? I don't give a shit about anything she talks about, but damn her face irritates me.

I really wanna punch her face.

Whe shouldn't ignore the facts! Scientists say this! You guys are meanies!

She's a retard, they could have chosen a person who actually knows their shit instead chose this aspie shit brain.

didn't science once suggest it was hotter in different ages too? why does she ignore that ?

Every time I hear another fucking faggy manipulative shitbag talking about global warming, I'm gonna add another aerosol can I buy a day just to spray into the atmosphere. Already its at seven.

Start recording it and posting it online please, I can only imagine how assmad people would get.

They already tried that with Al-gore when it was still called global warming, now they are trying to appeal to emotions with a literally retarded kid.

You could set up a donation too, I'd gladly pay for a monthly can if it pissed off envirotards

Smug kids tend to have that effect.
Honestly I couldn't give 2 shits about what they say. Kids preaching about their ideals but they probably don't understand how the world works.

If it makes them angry, it is entertaining. I'll donate a can. I fucking hate these do-gooder retards

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She looks like a drunk Scottish guy

What are they trying to accomplish propping up a random kid as their figurehead? I doubt anyone who was on the fence is suddenly convinced.

Climate change is a doomsday cult

Hell, Ill make a twitter account and send them to her account daily with some eco friendly music in the background.

Please do user. Don't forgot to repost the videos under her tweets and under other climate related tweets. It'll be so fucking funny.

there is no "they" and she wasn't chosen. she just happened to go viral for whatever reason. shes saying shit that most people have been saying for years.

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i hope normies dont actually fall for this propaganda, this little cunt is being shilled so hard

fetal alcohol syndrome

but now people can't criticize her because she's just a little girl :^)
these global warming hoax jews and their tricks, man

hahaha hittable face? more like coooomable face! haha pls dont lock me up

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She was born with distorted genes as a result of the inadvertent consumption of microplastics