Facially ugly

>facially ugly
>never been hit on, never had a date
>late twenties and still a KHV
>started going to the gym and lost weight
>still get no attention
>try online dating
>only matches are 1/10 hambeasts and pajeet catfish accounts
>on top of all this I have horrible body odor and halitosis
>tried everything, shower 3 times a day and still stink
>feel too ugly and disgusting for love anyway, lock myself in room and only go out at night to get snacks
>dont even care about sex anymore, I just want somebody to hold
>nobody even wants to do that because I am ugly and I stink

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wtf I don't remember making this post

your diet is the cause of body odor
eat green vegetables, tomatoes and neutral-scented foods and stay away from yeast and too much red meats

thanks for the advice but I have already tried adjusting my diet. it made no difference.

fembot. am in the same position.
am ugly and stinky. especially in the bush

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>only matches are on my level ;.;
Kill yourself, you demented, etintled cunt

I am ugly but more like a 3/10. Below average people dont get noticed anyway.

this but unironically

the fact that you have such little self awareness to not know these people are on ur level... makes me think

im skinny. im still ugly and stinky.
t. fembot

Been thin, made no difference to my dating experience, so why should I deprive myself of one of my main joys? Also I am nowhere near obese or apple shape. I just have love handles.

Why should anyone date someone uglier or fatter than them?

Then shower and use perfume? You have to be pretty fucking ugly to be unattractive even then.

If you're a dude, being thin doesn't mean shit. hit the gym. You deprive yourself of your main joys because your main joys are shit compared to being mired and feeling proud of yourself.

Shave your bush femanon. Pubic hair collects scent, urine, period blood and sweat.

>tfw no bf to shave my bush for me
l shower literally everyday. My left armpit and breath also stinks

Perfume, brush teeth, chew gum, see a doctor if you must. Come on are you 12?

sounds more like crippling self confidence issues to me uwu

Don't want to have a pissing party but

>work as a janitor
>missing my left eye due to a fight
>missing half my teeth.
>37 and have never touched a woman
>parents died in a car crash and was raised in a legit orphanage so I never knew my family.
>served in the army, did a tour and have PTSD from it.
> served 7 years in prison for assault when I was mugged and attacked.
>have diabetes and can't afford any medicine.
> the only comfort I had was my cat, who just passed away a month ago due to pneumonia.

Just saying, it can be a lot worse user. Count your blessings. I know I do.

How didn't you fall to pieces after the first few events?

Mind of absolute Iron.

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Shiiietttttt nigger. and i thought my life was terrible.

also my left eye is also fucked due to a fight. fucked eye buddies? :$

>got in fights
>poor dental hygiene
>joined the army
>self-defense over material shit
I mean c'mon this is all self inflicted

Why dont you just use escorts? One of them might end up falling in love with you out of pity.

>only matches are 1/10 hambeasts
So you're getting matches? What's the problem? I've never been loved but I assume 99% of people don't get a complete stunner for their first relationship. Sounds like you're one of the people who actually do need to work on themselves before getting with someone else.

There is no fate worse than being ugly
>see qt girl
>thinks she's out of my league
>lose motivation
>see ugly girl
>think she's probably the best I can get if I tried
>lose motivation

Nobody should have to date someone who physically repulses them.

That's why it's a practice gf fags.

Using people as practice partners is disgusting. I want love.

beggars can't be choosers user.
Good luck!

That act doesn't hold up when there are people interested in you but you think you're too good for every single one of them.

go to the doctor and get antibiotics. you more than likely have some sort of infection. it will cure the stank.

Only life ive ever lived so its hard to compare. For as rocky as things are, still afraid of dying and still some hope things could get better. Dont know if I believe in a god or not but I'd like there to be
Trust me, knew some people who've had it worse then me. Hard to believe but there were.
>lost the eye due to a guy trying to shiv me. Doctors said it was in too deep and couldn't do anything about it.
> a lot were due to getting them busted out in prison but I did let some rot afterwards.
>when you don't have many choices, serving the army is as fine as any.

I know I got a bad temper and I cant control it sometimes but it is what it is, troll post or not.
I dont want love from pity and I dont wanna stoop too low in using a ladies emotions to get someone to sleep with. Rather be alone them do that.

>My left armpit and breath also stinks
what about right one?