Are white women as overrated/garbage as some robots say? Seems like massive cope to me...

Are white women as overrated/garbage as some robots say? Seems like massive cope to me. Nothing can beat a beautiful white wife/gf.

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The words sour and grapes come to mind.

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Do you hate what you can't have?

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we can't have asian, arab, black or latina women either, so that argument is void. you're obviously coping here, because we attack your shit taste.

the chick you posted isn't even that pretty. those facial features are attractive on men, not women

she's pretty, but the average asian girl is cuter/hotter than the average white girl

>those facial features are attractive on men
Smoke more cock, faggot. Your shit opinions are irrelevant.

>can't compute, so irrelevant
as expected. kill yourself cuck

>don't have cock on brain = bad
Get aids, faggot.

Another seething black foid. Black (((beauty))) is tasteless, overly sexual, crass and vulgar. Beautiful young white women are like delicate blossoms. You can only dream of such aesthetical purity and delicateness.

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>Another seething black foid
explain to me how you implied that on my post. I am genuinely curious how one can jump to such a stupid conclusion

Only incels and black women hate white women, retard.

>Only incels and black women hate white wome
ok, how do you come to that conclusion?
do i really have to teach you how to insult someone properly without looking like a mongrel?

Darkie cope.

thx for the (You)s guys. i don't actually care if you want to stick your dicks in a pair of sticky roast curtains. you do you.

Me wife is what makes life good desu

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im still telling her that you flirted with discord trannies on an r9k server

I'll flirt with u 2 bb

i hereby curse you for your adultery, mr fatman. from here on out starting now, you will only take fat shits.

Only if I can do it on ur chest bb

>Are white women as overrated/garbage as some robots say?
Why would you trust the opinion of people on a topic where they admit to having no practical experience at all?

Yes, it's a massive cope so they don't have to admit to themselves that the fault lies with them.
Not bad genes, not a lack of career or money but their personalities, either by being cowards or having mental issues that make them not even try or just being truly unpleasant people to be around.

Instead everything and everyone else is at fault. Women are all whores, being even half an inch below 6ft means you'll never get a date, society doesn't keep women in line, Chad takes all the women, there are no perfect pure virgins knocking on their doors begging to be their waifu (and if there were they'd be whores anyway), the world is so unfair.

they are not, ideally I would like to marry and raise a family with one.