"Kaczynski had almost never dated a girl. He lacked even elementary social skills...

>"Kaczynski had almost never dated a girl. He lacked even elementary social skills. Russell Mosny recalls one of Kaczynski's rare dates. Kaczynski borrowed his parent's car and took a girl to a movie. A half hour into the show, he excused himself and walked out of the theater, then returned a few minutes later. His date thought he had gone to the restroom. But thirty minutes later he left again, then returned. He repeated these mysterious exits twice more. But the last time he did not return. After the movie was over, the girl found Ted waiting for her on the street. "Where have you been?" she asked. "I parked the car at a thirty-minute meter and had to keep putting nickels in," he explained. "But why didn't you come back the last time?" she persisted. "I ran out of money for tickets to get back into the theater." he replied.

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Who did he think he was, Rodney Dangerfield?

he also almost became a tranny, but backed out when he realized it was just autogynephilia

Was it autism?

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I heard somewhere that he cut his penis off. But I'm unable to verify that.

let's see how well you do under some secret burger intelligence program

Do you even have to ask? Every single one of Jow Forums's beloved is autistic.

Quit repeating this insidious meme, he wasn't brainwashed by the CIA, lol. Classic psy-op to keep people thinking he was "soOooO cRaZy!!1" when his writings are perfectly lucid and well-reasoned.

hahahhahahhahaha omg what a real goof that ted k tranny was im keking hard rn hahahah

that's probably bullshit. or "bull manure" as he would say

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He predicted facebook decades before Zuckberg knew how to steal.

>"As I walked away from the building afterwards, I felt disgusted about what my uncontrolled sexual cravings had almost led me to do and I felt humiliated, and I violently hated the psychiatrist ... I felt I wouldn't care if I died. And so I said to myself why not really kill the psychiatrist and anyone else whom I hate ... What was entirely new was the fact that I really felt I could kill someone. I no longer cared about consequences and I said to myself that I really could break out of my rut in life and do things that were daring, irresponsible or criminal."

So much for geniuses

He was under socialized

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I like how you made this thread only 5 minutes after I killed your last one. Welp, time to paste it again.

What post-industrial technology has brought us:
>Global and national matters taking precedence over local matters, thanks to faster transportation, rapid communication, and organization-dependent technology (the individual now has very little representation)
>The fruition of surrogate activities (video games, sports, bodybuilding, etc.) over biological goals (survival, procreation, raising children, etc.)
>Shorter attention spans: many primitive peoples, when they didn't have work to do, were quite content to sit for hours at a time doing nothing at all (boredom practically didn't exist)
>A lack of autonomy, the modern person's day-to-day life relies on the whims of a few bureaucrats and corporations (people used to be able to survive on their own)
>Disruption of the power process (there are relatively few attainable goals in modern society that require real, hard effort)
>The employment of anti-depressants which act towards making the population docile towards the broken system, and unwilling to act on what they believe is morally correct (also as a result of surrogate activities)
>The destruction of tightly-knit communities and ancient cultures
>An eventual energy crisis (we'll run out of fossil fuels soon, and we have no alternative with a similar EROEI)
>Environmental destruction (ozone depletion, greenhouse gas emission, etc.)
>Surveillance, and/or a general lack of privacy (think of Facebook's data mining)
>A "Brave New World" (yesterday’s science fiction is today's fact)
>Overpopulation, causing increased stress and aggression
>An general increase in social and economic complexity, meaning there will be frequent, hard-hitting crashes and recessions that the average person cannot predict or comprehend
>A "mouse utopia", or behavioral sink (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_sink)
>Human competition with machinery, requiring more and more worker training to keep pace
>Both oversocialization and undersocialization, with a middle ground being few and far between

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Looks like glownigs are spamming ASS again

Now THIS is ideology

go live in the wild then retard

I plan to. I also want to help others.

t. guy too scared to live in the wilderness therefore making himself a hypocrite retard

>So much for geniuses
That should be your catchphrase, especially when you're in front of a mirror.

>"I ran out of money for tickets to get back into the theater."
damm must have cost a small fortune bet he thought "fucking cars" after that
jokes aside did his date like him for this cute incident

Is he writing to his cousin or something, or is that a pen name?

is this real????

>Russell Mosny
literally who?

>google name
Oh, I understand who's speaking now. A Trump without money. I won't say this of Monsy himself, but his words are being used as such. Ted Kaczynski's brother snitches on him, and yet he's still got classmates from highschool riding coattails. Deep fried friends and rap snitch knishes. Whatever, I'm happy I still get to hear Chomsky talk. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that Ted being an autist harms his argument any more than a snowball does to global warming, funny as the story is.


Running off into the woods is no solution at all if someone's just going to rain fire down on you a few years later, inadvertently or otherwise. Nothing hypocritical about fighting fire with fire.

He lived in a society.

I never claim to be.

Ah, but it was a fake story. I wont repeat it then
>select all the parking meters

Kaczynski isn't that rare a name.

And OP story is fake, he was too much of an incel to start with to ever really date a girl.

we’re slowly descending into hell without even a Thermopylae to die on

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There's no need to brainwash the willing.

Just more bullshit. He looks like he'd get mad art how pussy if he stayed in academia

>Go camp/build shelter in some remote forest in my country
>It goes ok
>Someone spots you
>authorities: "Um what you are doing is illegal and you will be fined. We will escort you back to your city"

Buy the land, poory. Behave yourself, man! Be a good boy, young man, be a good boy!

Good post.
The real problem of this world is greed, without it, there would have been no technology and industrial society. It comes when you have a mind full of passions, when you are not peacefull within yourself. All humans made without technology before, because they didn't seek material fulfillment of an indefinite thrust for terrestrial pleasures, they had the means to find the real joy and the peacefulness of the soul. They were spiritual and not materialist. Greed, envy, glouton is the start of the human fall in history, the eating of the apple speaks about that. Now, there is still some traditional place where people seek true peace, away from modern civilisation. Mount Athos is an example of that.
Traditionalism and orthodoxy is the way, friend.

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>I also want to speak for others

>Traditionalism and orthodoxy
While traditionalism could be useful, I don't think orthodoxy is necessary.

>The real problem of this world is greed
Quite possibly. Mad people used to be identified and subdued by priests, but since the advent of psychiatry, it is far more profitable to hook mad people on drugs.

>Deep fried friends and rap snitch knishes.
I never expected to see someone quote MF DOOM on this board, of all boards.

>An eventual energy crisis (we'll run out of fossil fuels soon, and we have no alternative with a similar EROEI)

There are enough oil reserves to supply the world's current demand over the next 3000 years.
If there's an energy crisis it's artificially made.

Oh wait never mind, I'm on r9k right now. I thought I was on k. Yeah, I can see MF DOOM having at least a couple fans here.

I don't get it.
He didn't want to get a ticket.
Is there something wrong with that?
He met her outside the theater, so he didn't ditch.
Was he supposed to go back in and risk getting a fine and losing more money, just for a date?
I mean, he could've parked the car somewhere else, but maybe there was no free parking nearby.

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this thread brought to you by the /lit/ gang

Capitalist Realism: The Jow Forums Post

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not true. he was in college and so sexually frustrated and depressed he thought that was his only option, but suddenly snapped back to reality and became disgusted with himself and became murderous instead

You can use the same ticket to get back in but he probably didn't know due to lack of experience with theaters