What does he read?

what does he read?

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He proofreads his own Evangelion fanfics.


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Are you implying that you write some, too?

may I read them?


omg this gloomer character is literally me

this but literally

he is also me, except no job

>tfw no anhedonic twink who i meet with once a week so we can sit three feet apart from eachother and silently drink instant coffee
Why live?

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That can't be right, he's literally me as well.

he cute

Don't know, but he looks like a huge fag. Why does he wear eyeshadow and eyeliner?

so it's a tranny on some dissociating antidepressant?

/lit/ must be a very cute board, then.

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What's behind the rise in e boys?

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Finnegans Wake
Critique of pure reason

I don't know what any of these words mean. I feel lost.

advanced buddhism

This the only "-oomer" meme that describes me pretty much to a t. Even the clothing is accurate.

I'm not sue what to feel about this.

I sometimes think cosmetic surgeons purposefully fail to aesthetically effect a septoplasty. It's clear it was operated on at one time but the final product is bad. It reminds me of David Carradine when he broke that kids nose in that very old film otherwise he would have become arrogant and vain in his rule. Since surgeons like to play god it seems logical. I myself have been considering the procedure but am hesitant, not for this reason but fear of residual complications which are not perceptible to those with average or even above average baseline intelligence. What if low grade inflammation ensues. If I ask these questions to a prospective surgeon, they would be upset. I discuss this with colleagues, they defer to the literature which is merely the collection of brainlets complaining or failing to. There must be consequences to this procedure and if so, the extra oxygen per breath isn't worth it. I have an oxygen machine and that does the trick for at home use but still. It would be nice to achieve the same effect with more voluminous breaths.

Literally me except I’m not a leftist and I’m very misogynist

It's like a male arthoe kinda, depressed gay-baiting twinks that post online

Now I'm even more confused.

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woooooahhh im sooooo UNIQUE!
I love circlejerking over these vain pictures that tell me how artsy and unique i am, me and the 10000000th other socially maladjusted faggots agreeing with me

hmmmm okay boring

Idk, but seems like prime bf materiel desu :3

you don't get it, im racist and i want ubi....i play video games despite not really having fun playing them... :(
have you heard of the mountain goats? im really into them...and listening to adolf hitler speeches in rabbit rooms with my discord tranny friends (theyre yang gang and racists too)
its just like, why am i so different? i cant even get a gf, i dont try, i dont do anything except think about myself, but yet im depressed....maybe if i find the right prefix to "oomer" ill figure it out some day

literary me

hmmm okay booooring

world lit, no americans, no living authors.

What's wrong with being aware(racist)?

OK but none of you people claiming to be irl gloomers are actually cute emo guys wearing a black turtleneck and mascara, if you are please post pics for proof

this guy suffers from schizoid personality disorder

This is the first one of these memes that accurately describes me, only I'm older (sigh).

prove it

...you wear makeup regularly?

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The fact that deep down all these vain losers have no real beliefs or convictions
Everything’s aesthetic, nothing means anything, people that create and genuinely relate to these photos are closer to a shadow than a living, breathing person.

He has such pretty eyelashes

Do 22 year old gloomers have nice feet?

You tell me

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why is your foot so red and soft looking and thin lmao

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Post your soles. Also your nails are kinda shiny - are they pedicured?


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Two clear coats, I like to feel femme occasionally. My soles are really gross today (construction work) so I'll spare you

What exactly would be a bad effect if the procedure is done correctly? I've been thinking of getting it because I've had a really bad deviated septum since birth and the breathing is getting annoying. If I didn't have the crooked tipped nose from it I would also become a slayer, it's the only thing keeping me from being a literal 9/10


i recognize u :) cutie boi, you have a youtube, no?

>exercises regularly
getting abs from starving yourself doesn't count

>I share a board with grownass whitebois with no body hair
Oh brother...

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>he has hairy feet
That’s gross dude

post your chin and jawline with a timestamp so i know this is black chad talking and not some nochin larper

You are basically a female. Just transition and save yourself from a life of sexual disappointment

it's missing >faggot

not really, i have a youtube account on which I watch videos, but I don't upload anything
I'm not that twinky anymore. the photo is from february and I'm like 12 pounds of muscle heavier. I eat 4000+ calories a day in any case.
We can't all be apemode.

>tfw this is me
pessoa, kawabata, gogol, and dostoevsky, senpai.

Fernando Pessoa
Emily Dickinson
Samuel Beckett
William Butler Yeats
Thomas Bernhard
W.G. Sebald
Emil Cioran
Michel de Montaigne
Blase Pascal
Thomas Browne
Walter Benjamin
Marcel Proust
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Robert Musil
Hermann Broch
Robert Walser
Henry James
Cesare Pavese
William Gass
John Donne
Rainer Maria Rilke
Claude Simon
John Dos Passos
Yasunari Kawabata

t. gloomer

Stop fucking posting these meaningless SO RELATABLE faggot memes, it's like astrology for people who self-diagnose themselves because they think it's cool

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He's literally me except I'm more muscular and less twinky

you have great physique, very aesthetic

OP's pic related is /lit/ incarnate tho


when we complete 12 of these characters we can assign each one to a starsign.

How will Jow Forums kiddies ever recover?

Ngl I’m TOTALLY a voomer. Except I’ve never been to a party. And I’m not between 20-30. And I’m on a phone right now. But everything else is sort of true, I guess.




I'm poasting this on /mu/ next time I get a chance, they're the worst with this shit because they're all literal high-schoolers


>pock up a dictionary
How about a thesaurus?

people aren't allowed to adopt collective identities except for a meager handful of pre-vetted ones
you can, however, have a pejorative collective identity forced on you, and that's valid

thanks i hate it


>thanks i hate it

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>leftist or fascist, probably both
this one got me. I'm slowly realizing that politics is pro wrestling for mid wits though. otherwise not a gloomer

Wtf let’s be friends

that's tumblr, you brainlet

Does tumblr still exist after they axed all the "porn for gay 13 year olds" circles?

no, you are tghe one who is gay

uh oh this is dangerously close to me
> 24
> schizoid
> vegetarian
> don't drink or smoke
> fascist/sometimes leftist
> lift weights
> software engineer but I don't care about my work
> used to want to be an author but not anymore

Some of my favorite authors are Chekhov, Kafka, Mishima, Musil, Thomas Mann, unironically DFW who amazingly hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet

For poetry, Rilke, Goethe, A.E. Housman, Matthew Arnold, and William Blake as my guilty pleasure

kek saved

First thought as well. Mainly b/c I can relate.

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is there something wrong with astrology?

lmao we have the same edition of Werther

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what kind of fucking loser only ever posts pictures of their gorgeous face in stories rather than posts
this guy is no where near ugly enough to be self conscious about posting pictures of his face in posts

Wow, great taste user. How come you work as a software engineer? And why Blake as a “guilty pleasure”?


It's not astreurgy :(
Why align your fate with the stars when you can MOLD THE STARS.
Unfortunately nobody can do that.

this is literally me on heroin

stfu pretentious faggot

I’m definitely not the guy in the pic since I bodybuild, grow a full beard in days, box and do manual labor but your post combined with the nearly all of the descriptions in the picture apply perfectly to me and it unnerves me

> How come you work as a software engineer
Mostly because it gives me financial security. Also so I can contribute to society rather than just leech off of it.

> Why Blake as a "guility pleasure"
his early poems are often pretty libertine

>David Carradine when he broke that kids nose in that very old film otherwise he would have become arrogant and vain in his rule.
what film was this? I feel like I saw it when I was a kid.

wtf how did you know

I think you'd be wrong to assume it's purely out of pretense that I read what I read, or live like I do.

I think if anything it's because I lack creativity, and I'm too obedient to those who I perceive to be authorities in a given area. I think mostly I want to understand the opinions of those who I trust to be smarter than I am, and I don't have the confidence in myself to create my own opinions. It's also a form of compensation for my lack of charisma, and the pathetic image I project in my day-to-day life.

But what really is a faggot? Is a base desire or two enough to condemn someone to that label permanently? Or is action really what counts? Maybe I'm not fairly playing the game, because even to hint at one's inner life is too much, but if you suppose that someone did completely hide anything internal, if they somehow managed to train themselves to behave just the way they're supposed to, nobody would even think to make such accusations. And stuck in the details of their frivolous routine, the individual in question would lose any tangible basis on which they could themself.

Can other posters even compete?

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Hes a cute little fag, ain't he?

Women and fujoshi + gay influence.

I didn't knew /lit/ was this gay though. No wonder there's so much seething in every Christian thread without counting Butterfly.
I prefer the Indian philosophy threads though.

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tfw no cute maths bf :(