Morning Jow Forums

morning Jow Forums
i slept for over 12 hours
anyone else just waking up?
what did you dream about?

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You look like the twink I TOPPED on Grindr lmao

Eesh hope this is not you this picture is super gay lmao

Fuck off to /lgbt/ faggot no real man takes gay ass pictures of himself like this.

is that your way of saying you're attracted to me?

just remember to play safe user

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>sleeps for 12 hours
>shit posting on r9k
>looks like a sissyboi

Fuck off to /soc/ with this shit

i should go to the park today and feed the geese

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so have you fucked a femanon before? i wanna know

Not that faggot OP but I have done it, 2 in fact

Look unless you're gonna post what you look like then that doesn't matter much.

Why would I do such retard thing? Picture this. Manlet, ugly, fat, small dick, non white, loser. There you go your picture.

he literally does post on /soc/

Don't feed wild animals you moron, it damages them.

i talk to a lot of them on discord but i've never been in close enough proximity,i talk to one as far away as australia and the closest one ive ever talked to lives in pennsylvania. for casual sex id rather just fuck girls on tinder unless she lived near me

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meh, some canned vegetables every now and then isnt going to kill them

Do you live in the midwest or east coast? do you want to date one?

i live in the midwest yeah

sure i'd date one if we had enough in common :)

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You probably live in Ohio since you said the closest was in Pennsylvania. Am I correct?

not ohio but you're close :)

Michigan? I can not be wrong.

you can't post your pictures on Jow Forums, enjoy your ban faggot


nailed it

oh child :)

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A lot of people think like you, then the animals get accustomed to being fed, over-breed and then die en-mass left to provide themselves with food.

It is abhorrent behaviour.

Where's the mods when these chimps come...

we were in the process of moving when that was posted, we actually just finished unpacking last night, which is why i ended up sleeping for 12 hours. i'm still sore from it

I do not approve of how close you live near me then.

canada geese are cunts anyway, i just think its fun to watch them peck at each other over a few kernels of corn

sorry you feel that way lol

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oh, I don't actually care. You just look eerily similar to someone I have met before but his name is not Kyle

post a pic of him i wanna see

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nah, thats not very nice to him

You look like an orangatangue. Not trying to be mean or anything you just bear a resemblance

oh i figured you two had a falling out or something haha

the proper spelling would be orangutan lol

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wtf are mods for?

mods are for laughing at

hahahahaha! dumb jannies! dumb mods!

suck my dick chink moot!