What's the most useless skill you've mastered?

What's the most useless skill you've mastered?

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when I was a kid I spent a few months memorizing every moveset of every Tekken 3 character
from that point on I beat everybody's ass, that was probably the most impressive thing I've ever done

being depressed

opening doorknobs with feet

I memorised almost every cheat code to gta san andreas

I can like, spin a pencil or pen around my thumb.

Use my tongue for spitballs, pretty accurately

eating raw tortilla wrap without condiment

whistling i think.

flipping over a forklift

I can make perfect hentai moans.

being able to tell when a raccoon is nearby

getting ill-timed boners

being magnetic

still having white teeth after not brushing them for decades

making inane posts

microwaving bacon perfectly

squatting with one leg

being able to argue about anything from any perspective for seemingly no reason at all

posting a lot consecutively in this thread

instinctively knowing if someone is a faggot by their writing or art style

being able to eat an excessive amount of bread

Excuse me, Hong-Kong-senpai, am I a faggot-desu?

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I have a renewed sense of admiration for the hongkongbro

killing myself

you pretend to be for attention and may at one point have had doubts about your sexuality but don't identify as gay or bisexual

cognitive dissonance level 100

I can tie a knot on my dick

accidentally completing other people's sentences instead of my own if we speak at the same time

popping neck and wrist and shoulder and hip and fingers and knees and ankles and every joint ever without applying external pressure

I'm 22 and my parents still put me up for adoption

somehow not dying

jellyfish catapult

am I a faggot?

seeing all other 4 senses

need more to go on than that

having priapism for 8 years

ok good

My vision is so bad I can't see my feet if I stand up and look down but somehow my other senses still haven't improved

chewing metal cans in half

I've played pokemon ruby for over 500 hours but still haven't beat the game

applying far too much or far too little effort to everything

cooking frozen pizzas evenly

walking faster than most people jog

doing literally fucking nothing for months and have it feel like days so it isn't boring

never losing significant weight no matter how little i eat and never gaining significant weight no matter how much i eat

pissing more than i drink

often having the right answer to multiple choice questions without knowing anything about the topic

dreams predict following days and interactions

You've also mastered spamming threads, apparently.

it isn't spam if it's on topic and answering the question i just don't have the attention span to put it all in one post

I can talk like Donald Duck.

I can get addicted to any drug

I can fit my entire hand in my mouth!

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post pics

I can whistle with my teeth and also squeak like a deflating ballon.

I can fit my entire dick in my mouth.

post pics

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L-lewd boy

That's pretty gay my dude

>gay to suck own dick
i don't think so, friend
you're implying it's gay to masturbate



It is gay though, if you enjoy touching a dick that's pretty gay desu

I'd prefer not to have my face be on the internet in a fisting picture

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fair enough

I can make my eyeballs vibrate. It looks pretty freaky.

my GF makes cat and dog noises. in public i want to choke her out when she makes cat noises.

puking at will

Jerking off level 4