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>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and _monitor_ suggestions; click on the blue title to see notes
>Learn how to build a PC (You can find a lot more detailed videos on channels like Bitwit)
>How to install Win7 on Ryzen

If you want help:
>State the budget & CURRENCY for your build
>List your uses, e.g. gaming, video rditing, VM work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g. photo editing, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

>NO R3 1200/1300X or R5 1400/1500X. THEY ARE DEFUNCT AND SUPERSEDED BY THE R3 2200G AND R5 2400G
>R3 2200G - Budget builds (best with OC + fast RAM) or for gaming WITHOUT a graphics card
>R5 1600 / i5 8400 - Great gaming or multithreaded use CPUs
>R7 / i7 / Used Xeon / Threadripper - Heavy Multi-Tasking / VM Work / Mixed use

>Current CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3000+ MHz is ideal
>Before buying RAM for Ryzen, check your mobo's QVL or look for user reports

Graphics cards:
>Crypto-currency miners have driven GPU prices up or depleted stock
>MSRP of standard 1080p cards: 1050 Ti- 140 USD; 1060 3GB- $200; 1060 6GB- $230; RX 570 4GB- $170; RX 580 4GB- $200
>GTX 1070 if you're looking for very high (100+) framerates and you have a CPU and monitor to match
>GTX 1070/Ti and 1080 are standard choices; currently overpriced
>GTX 1080 Ti if you're looking for very high (100+) framerates and you have a CPU and monitor to match
>GTX 1080 Ti

>A 240GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider M.2 form factor


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I asked way late in the last thread so I'll post again.

I have an NVME based Samsung SSD incmy motherboards m.2 slot. It uses x4 pcie lanes. These lanes are shared with the various tiny pcieX1 slots on my board. If I populate a pcieX1 slot with a WiFi card, will it simply slow down the m.2 SSD down to x3 lanes? Or will it not even work at all

Your mobo most likely has more than 4 pcie lanes...checn specifications to be sure.

If using a PCIe SSD disables the slots, nothing in them will work.
Even if the board has free lanes they are usually in preset configurations that you aren't able to change.

having trouble with a cm masterliquid 240 aio with LGA 1151 on a z370g asus motherboard, temps are so high

I thought I had a bad seat but reseated it like 10 times, the lowest I got it was 45c at idle,it jumped to 60 so Im sure the seating is as close as possible at 45c

I let it run for awhile and it hit 80/90 under load - I touched the hoses and they weren't even hot so I RMA'd the entire AIO for a replacement, I'm going to try and see if it's the pump but I have a feeling it's the Z370G mobo / masterliquid 240 being incompatible? I thought it only mattered which CPU socket - why won't it sit flush? i screwed in everything as tight as possible and the heatsink thing still wobbles

really annoying

So i'm considering getting a i5-8400 when ever i goes on special. probably at the end of the year. I'm sure I'll be able to get a good 5 years worth out of it right? Also I've been watching bits of tech news for awhile and it doesn't look like for the next few years Intel will be able to out do there current products.
What's your guys thoughts? I only want a cpu for gaming and emulation. I'm rather attracted to getting a ryzen really and personally think I should hold out for Zen 2's equivalent of the r5 1600... Though as I said i'm only a gaymer.... so... Any advice?

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Yea it does. The board is an Asus X370 Crosshair VI. Has 16 pcie 3.0 lanes and 4 pcie 2.0. the 4 2.0 lanes are meant specifically for the bottom most x16 slot and the 3 x1 slots. Or the m.2 slot. Not all of them as this user said Now I just have to consider getting rid of the m.2 SSD entirely in favor of using the lanes for a sound card and wireless card, or just put the wireless card in the 2nd gpu slot (knocking my primary card down to only using 8 lanes instead of 16).

I honestly think I'm just going to sell/repurpose my 500GB 960 EVO. I'm not fully 100% utilizing it's speed anyway.

Answer these please
What CPU do you have?
Are you overclocking?
Have you delidded?
Are you able to refund/RMA your cooler?
I suggest that you check your grammar holy shit
If the industry becomes more multicore-friendly the 8400 makes less sense than the 1600 because the price/thread is much higher. The 2600 will probably be a safer choice if you're willing to wait for it.

>i7 8700k at stock
>no delid but thinking about it
>already RMA'd cooler +new one shipped two days ago so should see if it's fixed

if I delid , what's the best 'liquid metal' paste to use? thermal grizzly?

Definitely a problem with the socket or cooler, since you aren't delidding we can rule out mounting pressure issues from that. If the new cooler doesn't sit right you may have to use something else to hold the block onto the IHS.
Conductonaut seems to be a popular choice, I'm not familiar with the process though.

>8400 makes less sense than the 1600 because the price/thread is much higher
Shit I missed that out. I thought the 8400 and 1600 had the same thread count. Thanks.

>If the industry becomes more multicore-friendly
AMDrones has been saying this over a decade. Nobody waste their talent utilizing 12 threads for your manchildren's toys.

Intel sure seems to care a lot

>AMDrones has been saying this over a decade.
lol that's why intel hasn't jumped onto the more cores.
More cores also make it btter for game developers. The market's also needed and wanted it but Intel was to much of a Jew to step up so AMD to initiative

Gonna buy this. Any reason not to?

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Well, lately Intel has been advocating the same, that the industry should shift focus onto multithreaded performance rather than the previous standard of high load on a few threads.
This is of course due to their 10 nm process unfortunately going to shit, so now they have to resort to the AMD-way of doing things by adding more cores.

the backplate was such a bitch to get in, the shit just refuses to clamp down nicely, I even set the 4 sides to 1151 setting and it still wouldnt go in right

Koa is cute! CUTE!!!

Who makes non-shitty mobos? Have had two ASRocks fail, so don't suggest them.

Everybody has dud boards and generally if you spend more you get more

ASUS. Always ASUS.

>2.4 GHz & 5 GHz

Even if you have potatoe wifi at home this is a good choice because of future proofing.

>More cores also make it btter for game developers.
you're retarded. making multithreading is hard as fuck, especially over several threads. even 5 years from now 90% of games not from AAA developers aren't going to use more than 4 cores simply because it's too hard to do and requires too much effort.

They did it on consoles

That's what I figured too. On a 250 down and 50 up connection using a Linksys WRT1200AC router. This should be enough for 2 people to stream, browse, and download right? Or would I need a better router?

We're looking at gigabit connections as well.

I've sent a message to ASRock's technical support and apparently I'm supposed to receive an automated email response telling me that the message has been received. I've sent three messages and waited 30 minutes but there have been no responses. Is this normal? Should I wait longer or contact them using another method?

Any suggestions for a Full Tower case?
I want a CM Storm Trooper old model, but they aren't in stock and the new "SE" model with tempered glass is lacking the defining features of the classic model (shit ton of HDD drive bays, hidden toolbox...etc.), as well as making it worse (vertical HDD whether you like it or not).

Please not a "box" like most PC cases, they look awfully plain. I like the Storm Trooper because it has a handle and it is not a damn rectangle.

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And any developer unwilling to code a game able to take advantage of at least 6 threads (if it needs it) isn't a Dev I'd buy from anyway.


go buy something like pic related with replaceable wifi card. AC wifi will be obselete in the next 2-5 years and will be replaced by AD

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>Old model not in stock
Really? Huh. Guess I got a rare case now. The OG trooper is nice. I actually like the layout and the number of ports in the front panel is nice. Having eSATA right on the front is cool.

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But he'd still need to upgrade his router, aaaaaand wifi technology upgrades are at this point just giving more and more diminishing returns.

Better to just get a solid, simple system and wait for one part of it to die before upgrading instead.

Can I have a 1440p monitor if my graphics card is a GTX 1050? I dont plan on gaming on it.

new ryzens look pretty meh

I hope they at least drive down earlier gen cpu prices somewhat

Why is this cheap piece of shit the only decent cooling case available? Is there seriously nothing out there with tempered glass, a simplistic design and premium build quality that's cooling focused?

Even the overpriced shit from Casella s doesn't perform as well as this 70 dollar case. Like HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT?

This piece of shit case doesn't even have color matched rivets or a spaced Mb tray for proper cabling.

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It's not rare, it's just a 6 year old design that works and holds up really well. It's not in stock anywhere sadly, online or offline. Ebay has sketchy listings, and although Amazon.co.uk has it through a few vendors, I don't think they will ship to my country (not UK or EU)

If worse comes to worse, I will have to buy the shitty new SE model and drill holes to accommodate one of the old 4-in-1 HDD brackets, and a toolbox built from scratch since CM are retarded enough to not have one of the best features as a spare part. That being said, I will kill myself if they release a "revision 2" of the SE with the old features returning.

I would suggest one of the CM ones, but they are not "simplistic" design.

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The c500 is fuck ugly.

I'm torn between the meshify and the rl06

Absolutely. Driving a desktop is not very demanding, even iGPUs can do that. It's not so much about graphical power as it is about how new the technology is.
A 1050 supports 8K@60 Hz.

How is the MSI X399 SLI Plus and MSI in general?

>lga 1151 compatible!
>lga 1151 compatible!

>they dont work

why is this allowed

they're already cheap as fuck. r7 1700 is cheaper than r5 1600 at release (at least where i live)

God new am4 mobos when, I hate my current one.

Aside from the insane price (disposable incomefag here), is this a bad idea to purchase? Is the overheating and GPU incompatibility as bad as some people make it sound?

Mainly interested in AI development, animation, and VR porn (not trollin).

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You do realise consoles need multi core because of price.
You do realise consoles bring in the mist revenue for devs
You do realise AMD has a monopoly on the console market
You do realise they'll be coding games mostly for consoles thus multi core is the future

Dont trust amdrones. 1600 will never get better than what it currently is, supbar totrhe 8400.

if you're wasting money on one, get one that is already binned and dellided with liquid metal TIM

Threadripper is better for multithreaded stuff, 8700k is equal for gaming.

So what is the 7980XE's niche?

I would possibly go for the 8700k, but the "older" socket limits my options for upgrading later on.

>7980's niche
There is none. Anything seriously multi-thread dependant would be done better by Xeon with proper ECC support, or a threadripper for less money. For gaming, the 8700k or 8600k would do just as well with 1/4th the power consumption/heat output. The 7980XE is literally just Intel's attempt at showing an alternative to Threadripper. Bragging rights that fall completely flat.

>(disposable incomefag herehows $50 bruv. I've have fallen on hard times.

Why? The 8400 single thread is only 5-8% faster than ryzen. But ryzen has 12 threads

>You do realise AMD has a monopoly on the console market
only because they were cheaper than intel. and their profit margins from consoles are fucking laughable. it's not a monopoly, intel could easily kick them out if they wanted to.
>You do realise they'll be coding games mostly for consoles thus multi core is the future
you're retarded. xbox one with 8 jaguar cores was released 5 years ago. surely that 'future' you speak of should already be here.
fucking amd drones with their pathetic excuse 'b-but it'll b-be better few y-years from now!'.

closer to 20% actually. ryzen is still way behind in gayming performance.

They both have 6 cores. The hyperthreading isnt better for gaming than the raw per core performance with less threads. 4c4t intel i3s are beating our 12t in games most the time. The threads dont really matter

>for gaymang
I don't game at all, I'm interested purely in development with neural networks (and also the VR porn, which is more of a 5K HEVC video decoding thing).

You're thinking Xeon + ECC RAM would be better, then?

>nigga can't even afford an Enter key

Know my pain....

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I pulled the number out of my ass kinda Like I think you did but looking at it like pic related it looks about 10% I've seen other results and the 8400 always seems to be about 15fps ahead of 1600 I think ryzen plus will close the gap though. And I really don't see Intel bringing anything decent for the next to years as its 8th series was rushed out of the doors.
They win with negligible results though. Also fuck Intel. Though I am drawn to the performance as my intentions are future proofing. But the 50/50 with games harnessing more threads is getting to me. There are already a couple of them using multi threads

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Buying something subpar with the intention of upgrading it in less than 2 years used to be the opposite of future proofing.

I think we have at least 5 (likely more) years before 8 threads for a game is required given 6 threads isnt required currently. I dont see the 1600 suddenly passing the 8400 on average in games in 5 years

*passing the 8400 on average in games before 5 years

How would Intel kick them out? With predatory tactics by selling their hardware at a loss to kick them out of the market?
So you think all the porting problems don't need work?

>Buying something subpar with the intention of upgrading it in less than 2 years used to be the opposite of future proofing.
Huh? I don't follow...
Yeah I got that feeling too
The 8400 is insane value for money hey. Those mobo's are coming out soon so I think I'll just grab it. And the best thing about it aswell is I don't have to worry about high speed ram to get the best performance out if it like ryzen.

AMDrones boast about being able to upgrade their cpu without having to change mobo untill 2020, despite missing out on new motherboards features. It's 'future proof' according to them.

Yeah that is kinda retard. How is it future proofing if amd said they'll stick to am4 till 2020. That's only 2 years away. That isn't future proofing. Also not to mention of the potential of am4 holding back zen 2 and 3 capabilities. Having to fuck with the bios is just retarded. But atleast amd is helpful with that

Yeah i went with 3000mhz ram cl15. It gives me a little over a 2666mhz kit but it isnt a lot. Also get an m9i coller for the 8400, its 20 bucks and well worth it. The stock cooler works but the m9i can do burn tests and stay below 70c

I want to get an AIO to put in my meshify c and overclock my r7. Is the kraken x62 a good choice?

Well anything with high core/thread count and ECC will be superior for Dev and AI purposes. Anything calculation heavy will benefit from ECC. Only go Xeon if you're really looking to burn money for no reason.

Or you could do the smart thing and get a threadripper 1950X 16c/32t, top tier X399 motherboard, and 64GB of ECC. All for less than half of what you'd spend on an equivalent Xeon setup for the same (if not better) performance.

Did you buy thermal paste yourself aswell?
From were I'm from getting from overseas can be a bitch because of shipping and import tax so everything ends up roughly the same price if I had just bought it from one of the shops here.
This is a pretty good cheap website for here. You think that hyper212 would suffice? I'm not in with the money so I think I'll maybe just get better thermal paste

I used the paste that came with the m9i. Hyper212 is a better cooler, its bigger and costs more. My case couldnt fit it.

Alright. Thanks for the info. I've got a better idea of what I'm going to do now

Posting again, looking for any further suggestions
-budget 1000€
-mostly to be used for gaming

i already fixed that build. 8400 + gtx 1060 6gb is the way to go, you won't get better performance than that

Do you have any suggestions for the case? I really don't know how I feel about any of the ones I find


I'm trying to avoid AMD as I don't know the assembly language like I do for Intel chips.


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Oh ok. Well then get the best Xeon you can afford with ECC memory.

1080p 144fps or 1440p 60fps?

I've slowly been collecting parts for a new build and I only have the CPU, mobo and RAM left, is it a bad time to buy those components with how fucked RAM prices are? I've been planning on getting the 1700 since I want something that's good value for the money which the 1700 is now when the price has gone down since release and I don't exactly need the latest and greatest CPU since basically any new quad core or better CPU will outperform my old 3570k.

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If I want to power DUAL 4K monitors, do I absolutely need a graphics card for that or is there integrated graphics somewhere that will do that?

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Never used 1440p but I can understand why its better for gaming

Rams a cunt. But everything else is fine. I think ram will drop by the end of the year though. You might get lucky on black Friday or whatever sales are going on


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Can someone please recommend me RAM for this motherboard? I tried Corsair LPX 32GB and both sets (had to send one back) didn't work out and I don't know where to go from here.

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I'll probably just have to go for it, I want 16 GB RAM but there's no point in buying another 8 GB DDR3 RAM for my current rig since the CPU is starting to show its age.

Good job though. How can they not provide an io shield in the box though?
Were the on the QVL?
Yeah I'm in the same boat. I can see getting CPU, mobo and ram is gonna cost me $500+. The shit thing is I have to buy them all at the same time cause if I get it separately and a component doesn't work returning is gonna be a lot harder

Dont go below 120hz no matter what you do. 60hz is painful

Got it straight from Amazon brand new, you tell me
Thought it was a law to include these fucking things

>Thought it was a law to include these fucking things
Lol common practice doesn't = law. Id tell you you should have corresponded with the seller first, but this isn't something anyone could have expected. Least you learnt your lesson

B-die memory usually has better compatability (and OC performance if you're into that).

The 1050ti is really not recommended. As the other guy said, you can throw your CPU cooler out of the window with a 8400 and safe some money. You also wont have to worry that your 8600k will burn a hole into the VRMs of that cheapish MSI mobo once you start overclocking it.

Reality is if you're wanting to play modern games at 60FPS or higher you're going to a need a 1060 3gb or more. An RX 570 or 580 would also be great if you can get them on the cheap (580 8GBs floating around for $340 nowadays)

Just jam everything into an RL06, it might not look great but you're going to need every frame you can get with that 144hz monitor, and with Nvidias modern boost technology, better cooling = more frames.

I'd get this
If you can spend some more get a 1600, B350-F Rog Strix, a SU800 and this kit and case

Trying to collect parts for my first PC and I thought I'd stop by here and see if anyone would be willing to suggest a build.

>Budget - $1,000
>I NEED to game but it doesn't need to be special, 1080p 60fps is cool
>I like messing around with music and video editors, if that's useful information
>No monitor
>No KB/M (although I do have a wireless logitech KB/M, I just want the complete package, ya feel?)

Forgive your fellow user for any retarded questions, this is all uncharted territory for me

This should leave you enough to get a good monitor if you want
PSU is overkill but also barely more expensive than the 550W

Neato, thanks m8. It's nice to at least have a starting point

I'm absolutely retarded and should've posted the first fix instead
Being a phoneposter and handling the clipboard is hard

I'd swap the mobo for a Z370XP or a Z370 PC PRO

That's a perfect build that'll last you for awhile. I hope your planning to up your ram in the future cause 8gb is minimum now. With Intel it appears you'll lose 10% performance
If you go single channel but I think you should get 8gb single for now then in a month or so you can get another for dual channel 2x8gb cause considering how good the CPU is it won't kill you to slightly gimp it for a few months so you can get a better ram setup