Is low blue light a meme?

Is low blue light a meme?

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Depends on user, i get headaches from prolonged usage without blue light reduction.

Are you sure?

Maybe. I consider f.lux to be a godsend to my eyes at night. I don't need the monitor doing it though.

always wondered this

No. redshift

Can you repeat the question?

Are you sure?

Can you re-repeat the question?

Are you sure?

Can you re-re-repeat the question?

Used redshift for a month. After stopping I felt no real difference. Just a meme and shitty looking one too.

Use f.lux or redshift at night for at least half an hour, then turn it off. It'll burn your eyes.

Are you sure?

I have a BENQ monitor with low blue light and don't notice a difference.

IIRC redshift also spies on you.

For a casual user? No real benefit. For a person who stares at a computer screen 8+ hours a day for decades straight? The benefits are huge in the long run.

Considering a pair of gunnars because im always staring a computer screen 9 to 5. Are they useful? A colleague uses them

My eyes are significantly less strained when using a red light filter at night time. t. forgot to turn it on one night after using it for a while.

Idk it works for me because in flux I use cave painting (late night browsing) or color fedelity for just anything else like movies and cad, music production and such

No I'm not.

this, have it setup to change gradually and automatically and you'll soon forget it's even there
until you turn it off for some reason and burn your eyes

This is true, but only really because your brightness is up too high and it is also reducing overall brightness.

The best thing you can do is properly calibrate your monitor. Monitors are usually too cool, which means they have a higher blue point.

And also keep your room well lit.


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and you're not such a big guy

higher frequency light damages your eyes more

>Is low blue light a meme?
No, but low blue light monitors are, just install flux, it's literally the same.


>not installing a potentiometer inline on the blue signal wire of your vga cable

>vga cable
vga can't 4k 60hz 10bit

vga is analog you dumbass, it's as good as the transmitter

So? There is no transmitter that does 4k 60hz 10 bit over vga. There are also no displays. What's your point?


it's a meme, just a shitty piss yellow color filter

it literally causes cancer

In a dark environment? No. Low blue light is great on phones.
In an office or lit room? Don't bother, backlighting the screen and using something flicker-free is where it's at.


When reading manga not using low blue light mode is really painful.


It's just screens of black and white images where you're reading tiny text against a blazing white background.
Low blue light makes it less amazingly white.

I use redshift. It helps me.

ya and if you are not careful it will eat your kids too.

What color is easier on eyes? I have an app that lets you choose color of comic, I usually increase amount of blue and it all gets dark and I use that setting at night

Increase the amount of blue? Are you retarded?

It feels amazing, and my mom can't detect me when I am reading
my mangas


why do it hardware side when software to do so already exists?
depends on room light conditions and how much fidelity you want from color images

This is how it looks, room light is mostly dark
Will it give me cancer

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should be more like this

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that looks like a screenshot, there's shitall you can garner from such an image. Take a photo of your screen maybe?

I will try to get this thanks mang. but does these color things are actually supposed to make your eyes feel relaxed? isn't anything that's less bright okay for your eyes as compared to regular bright?
That wont be possible because only have one phone and no webcam

your eyes don't need to adjust for red/doesn't mess with low light visibility like with higher frequency colours, it's why they use red lighting in dark rooms, for example

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Red light at 650nm has less energy associated with it compared to blue light at 450nm. You can imagine in a dark environment you don't want those high energy rays creating a huge contrast between the screen and the environment.

It's just so comfy

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Android defualt blue light filter doesn't show in screenshots i guess.

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