Recommended email provider

What's the Jow Forums recommended email provider?
Gmail is out because I don't want everything in the hands of Jewgle, and I've seen way too many people being locked out of their accounts already. Protonmail is out because you have to use their shitty web client.
Is any good? Are there any gotchas? Is there any other good provider? Thanks.

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You can use pm with their bridge in outlook etc

Just run your own mail server.

postfix + dovecot

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True, but it's for paid users only, and as much as I'd like to support a good provider I live in a third-world shithole and I can't afford it currently. Besides, the bridge is not available for Linux yet (that's not the first time they ignore Linux) so that wouldn't work either way, unfortunately.

Just use the one your ISP provides. Unless you frequently change ISPs, there's generally really no reason to use anything else.

>emails get marked as spam

Just use Lavabit. It's not compromised. It was just a hiatus and a geographically-focused legal restructuring.

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Send mails through sendgrid, the first 100 a day are free


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>Besides, the bridge is not available for Linux yet
yes it is. its in beta and I've never had an issue with it. its in the AUR if you use arch btw

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you pick the email extension
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