I want Spanish boyfriend. Are they racist?

I want Spanish boyfriend. Are they racist?

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Spanish men seem to be attracted to Slavic, Germanic and non-black South American women, but do not pay much attention to East Asian, Muslim or black women; that's my impression.

that is the gayest uniform I have ever seen

I'm not a girl

halitosis bomb done right

nothing gay in that pic

spaniards are subhumans

yes, specifically against gay little thai boys

Nah, it's pretty gay, man. Pic related is what a military uniform should look like.

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>that collar
>half open shirt
>soldiers allowed to have beards
>that little pom pom hanging at the top
>buffed dudes

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Also yes, that uniform can look pretty gay

Stfu krautnigger and go prep your girlfriend for ahmed

Gays are the manliest men. The rest are fags

we're not

>Being so manly that the only thing that provokes arousal in oneself is subduing other men to bow their asses for you
Ah yes the peak of manliness

this makes the average soyboy feel uncomfortable

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Franco was a homosexual man

no u

Trap then?

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What? Are you afraid of masculine muscles?

Soyboy detected
It depends, girls mostly are leftists, the guys like those in the pic care about race and can be racist but if you're pretty etc they can fall in love for you, just like every man

mediterranean stallions gang, here we come bros

They are sexual deviants be careful


the virgin g*rm microaggression vs the chad MED sexual attendance

>being this soy

I like this word. Sounds powerful and not dehumanizing unlike bull.

You aren't speaking for yourself

They're expressing their masculinity you double fag.