Caught my girlfriend using tinder

About 2 weeks ago, my friend told me he saw my girlfriend’s profile on tinder. I confronted my girlfriend about it. She said that she didn’t delete her profile, just the app, so that’s why it’s showing up. I had my doubts about her explanation, but it’s a plausible reason and there wasn’t much I could do to know for sure.

Well recently another friend (that she hasn’t met) matched her on tinder. I confronted her about it. She denied, denied for a while. Eventually she came up with the explanation that her friends know her Facebook account login (I know this is true) and could be logging into tinder with it. Now this is unlikely, but it still gives me some doubt. I’m 95% sure she’s lying. But I’m hesitant to break up with her when I’m not 100% sure. What do you think I should do in this situation?

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>She denied, denied for a while
>But I’m hesitant to break up with her when I’m not 100% sure.
this happened to a friend of mine. don't let it happen to you

You know what's happening don't be a puss

You’ll never feel 100% sure unless you catch her in the act or she tells you herself. Just go with your gut. You have enough evidence

It’s possible she swiped right on the guy weeks ago and he only just got to her profile.

Ask her to delete the account. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t ask her to do that two weeks ago.

Listen dude, before even deciding on what to do, you should really understand the situation, and what’s behind it.

The best way to explain the female dating strategy is with this analogy:
a monkey swinging in a tree will not let go of one branch until it has a firm grip on the branch it’s trying to get to. Women are exactly like that. She’s currently not convinced that you are capable and manly enough to be her man long term, but she’s nevertheless comfortable where she’s at, and you’re letting her swing around looking for other branches.
I also think you’re not completely sure either, so here’s what I would do: tell her you know she’s on Tinder looking for guys, but instead of getting emotional, say that it’s fine, wish her luck, and leave the argument at that. Don’t break up with her, just let her dangle a little bit. She’ll realize she’s got nothing to fall back on, and she’ll either jump ship, or come crawling back, and that’s when you’re in control, and in a position to maintain a righteous relationship. Either way, you’ll get clarity.

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Where did this theory even come from?

Well put
Gay faggot cuck speak

Don't be stupid OP. You know she is using tinder. Do you really expect her to be honest about it when you ask her?

Dump her dude, you don't even need to ask any further questions. The bitch is sniffing what's out there and it's only a matter of time before she starts dating other dudes behind your back. Don't let this happen to you.

If you think she is likely cheating on you, then do the what is likely the best answer (break up). Don't get to lost to a thot man.

I’m not stupid. I only act when I’m 100% sure of the truth. Her explanation is plausible, but simply unlikely.

I need advice to find out proof. Is there a way to check app history? To see the last time she had tinder installed? This way I would know for sure

She is cheating on you. That girl you loved is gone.

I am very sorry.

Don't do that. Every second you waste with a cheater is a second you can never get back.

Why not ask her to uninstall it and remove her account, anyway?

Also who the fuck would go onto their friend's tinder and match people? What?

I think you should dump her you clown

The pursuit of truth is never wasted time

then lets save you some time. She's cheating or looking to. Tinder drops your profile in the stack for every day you are inactive, eventually dropping it at all assuming that you have uninstalled and did not delete your profile. She's actively swiping and her excuse of "maybe my friends are doing it idk lol" is so flimsy.
You decide what you're cool with, but she's 100% using tinder behind your back.

The truth is she is lying with some ridiculous soap opera excuse that you only believe because you are pussywhipped and she has been talking and entertaining dudes that want to fuck her (AT MINIMUM)

Do you know how many stories, both fiction and non-fiction, where men have regreted such pursuits? Do you really want to know what your girlfriend has been doing behind your back? If I was in your shoes, then I would have got out. If you really wish to find out, be my guest. Don't hurt yourself too much.

You already pursued the truth though

>I’m not stupid.

Yes you are.

You really think her friends and logging into her facebook and matching dudes for no reason? Lmao. Get real.

>be reasonable, working adult
>have free time
>first thing I'ma do: go onto my friend's Tinder account and match mutual acquaintances

This is what OP actually believes

if you dont use tinder long enough like 2 or 3 months it automatically hides your profile

Real life and all the guys blindsided by “she left me and already has a new boyfriend”. Girls plan their escape. They line something up and make their move when the outcome is predictably best for them.

OP there's a lot of sensible advice being told here. You may not like it but you need to follow it and dump the cheater.

Shes probably there to feel better about herself. Does she have low self esteem? Lots of girls try to find their value in how attractive others view them as. Her matching with guys online might not be cheating, but could be her seeking validation as a woman.

And that’s effort she should be putting into OP and the relationship.

So many stupid replies

OP, here's some information:

-Facebook keeps a log of login history: device, and rough location (city-level). You can access this on a logged in Facebook website, or on the app. On the website it's under Settings -> Security and Login -> Where you're logged in -> See more
Use this Facebook dashboard to corroborate your gf's story about her friends using her Facebook.

-Facebook has list of all the data requests from external apps. On the website, this is under Settings -> Apps and websites
Tinder can be logged in via Facebook or Phone number. If the Tinder data access is not there, it means that your gf's Tinder was signed in via phone number, or another Facebook account, which contradicts the 'friends facebook' story.

-On Android, Google Play can show all your deleted apps in install-chronological order, by date of *first install*. This is under Settings -> My apps & games -> Library.
Specific dates aren't shown, but you may be able to roughly ascertain date of first install by the surrounding apps. This can tell you when your gf first ever used Tinder. Note that apps can be manually removed from this list

-It's unlikely that a girl would ever need Tinder's paid features, but if they were used, the transactions will show up via whatever payment method was used (eg Paypal dashboard and receipt emails). If there has been payments to Tinder, then it means that the 'friends' also have access to your gf's Google account password (or ostensibly Apple account, but I dont know about iOS or how it works), which is highly unlikely

-In weighing whatever you find should you look into these, consider your gf's ability to be able to cover her tracks in this level of detail (technological aptitude; general intelligence)

Good luck, and let know how it goes?

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I like this approach. If she's been on Tinder behind your back anyway even after you've found out, she's probably already thinking about leaving you. Getting emotional about it will just give her that final push.
Also came here to say this. A lot of girls on Tinder actually aren't there to try to meet anyone, just for the ego boost of matching with guys. Just because she's been using it doesn't mean she has cheated or is even trying to cheat.

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>on Tinder to feel better about themselves
>justifying it
My dodos.

I'm not saying it's right, and if OP is really uncomfortable about this and his gf knows this then she should stop, just trying to not get him on the "dump the cheating whore" train when it's not at all certain that she cheated.

>gets mad at girlfriend for using Tinder
>uses Tinder himself.

Take a lesson in epistemology, buddy. We NEVER have 100% proof of ANYTHING. You don't have 100% proof that there isn't a teapot floating in space, orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Yet you conduct yourself as if you do. That's because the preponderance of evidence says that there probably is no teapot in outer space.

Right now, the preponderance of evidence says your girl is cheating on you.

Just break things off, or else she'll only learn that you're such a pushover, she can do whatever she pleases and still remain secure in the knowledge that you'll be her fallback.

If you really want to give her a chance, ask her to show you her phone, to prove that she hasn't been on Tinder. If she makes up an excuse, or shifts the blame on you for not trusting her, don't force her or demand the evidence. Just break up with her and move on.

You have to do this while she's in the room, or else she can just delete all her matches and conversations.

Cheating is between a couple to decide. If my girl had tinder installed, so much as installed, you better believe we'd have a discussion about cheating and how 'combing the field' absolutely counts as cheating.

The point isn't 'that she cheated' or whether or not she did. The point is that she's dodging OP's question. Granted, my stance was that it takes a special kind of gullible moron to buy 'my friends log into my Tinder and use it.'
A special, Capital-K kind of retard.

I don't think OP was being so literal when he said 100% as to deserve Russell's teapot and the problem of induction thrown at him, phil nerds need to chill lol.

The real question, has OP not long left the thread after it basically provided an unanimous response of 'why the fuck are she and Tinder even remotely associated at this point?'

My GF cheated on me and I got emotional when I confronted her. She is already dating the other dude.
How bad did I fuck up?

You didn't. If she was confirmed cheating you don't want her in your life.

it feels like she has some sort of pwer over me, like she got the last alugh.
I hate how girls start that conversation with "do you hate me", goes to "Im confused" and end up in "well I wont say anything else because you are already thinking what you want".
How do I heal the betrayal and the hurt?

Mfw females are too sense to realize tinder works like this:
>Male swipes yes to every single female
>female picks who to respond to out of hundreds
>If match, then male looks at profile for first time

It'll take time, but you'll get over it. Just take this as a sign of her immaturity and not anything about you.
I hope you don't do this, because this is exactly why Tinder is so stacked against men. Thirsty betas ruin it for themselves and make it harder for everyone who's not a 9/10 model.

I am old and married. I am direct supervisor of dozens of young people who have taught me the ways of your shitty generation. It appears to me that these dudes range from fucking beta losers to Chads so fucking alpha I don't quite understand why they are on tinder, but they all do the same thing. Swipe without even looking

Understand this my friend. She did not get the last laugh. She lost something precious and beautiful because her soul rotted away at some point.

Girls and Guys can only get to that enviable level of connection and partnership if the GUY has a direction in his life and is taking steps toward his vision. You were this guy in at least the sense that you saw a future with her- a happy one.

She left that ride to try others. My hunch is that it is just easy for girls to do this now so they are curious.

But as guys we know better. NONE of the BOYS she meets on those apps are able to take her to that enviable place. Not a one. She has chosen to be a whore to the bandits.

Here is your purple heart soldier.

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set up a fake profile, match with her, organize a hook up and do some recon to see if she shows up.

This isn't just women. This is EVERYONE who doesn't see their most current partner or relationship as a solid catch.
I know, I've done it once, and have had two girls do it to me. It's just the flavor of the time that they or you, or who ever likes until they find what they want out of a relationship.

With my current GF tho, nope, not gonna happen, I can DL tinder, but I don't need to, I'm happy in my relationship.
OP is a dumbass for actually wondering what's going on. His GF is wandering, and making up shit.
At the end of the day, he needs to either, one trust her, or two, give her some demands, and ask questions.

Start off with her closing her account, and changing her FB password infront of him, see how she acts from then on. If she's into flirting with other dudes and testing the waters, she won't like being cut off cold turkey from a good reliable source she can easily do behind his back. Deleting the app means shit, she can download and delete it every fucking hour of the day.

She’s using tinder m8.

If she didn’t delete the app she will show up in other people’s match feeds, but she would not be matching niggas if she wasn’t using it herself.

You can present this knowledge to her and ask her to be honest and own up to her lies, but it’s up to you to decide if she’s worth moving forward with.

I’m personally an advocate of second chances, but that’s cause I’m inclined to understand cheaters, granted I wouldn’t do it for the social stigma and cause my gf genuinely loves me and it’d hurt her. Best of luck user. If you don’t genuinely love her I’d give her one shot to come clean or move on completely.

Look, people here will tell you what to do, what not to do, change her fb pass, ask your friends etc but at the end of the day, you do not trust her. It doesnt matter what happens from now on, you will still not trust her. Id say break up, why date someone suspicious you cant trust? Tell her babe Im sorry but I cant trust you anymore and ita driving me mad.