If girls never start conversations with you, that means you're ugly, right?

If girls never start conversations with you, that means you're ugly, right?

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Or you're so hot that they're afraid to embarrass themselves around you.

Not necessarily. Girls usually expect you to initiate.

Or maybe you're a creep. A pervert? You're probably a fuckboy with narcissistic tendencies.

It means they don't see a reason to start a conversation with you--
you probably are quiet/introverted, have closed off body language, and yes, aren't physically gorgeous. The last bit isn't saying much, though--women have skewed perceptions of attractiveness and they place much more weight on relationships/emotion than men do. Men rate women more or less on a bell curve in terms of looks, whereas for women they consider 80% of men "ugly" based off of pictures (since they don't have extra information to change their perception--think of it like a reverse halo effect).

This is something easily repeatable by checking statistics from users of dating sites, and I also know for a fact I'm not a looker--the only people who say I'm attractive are older female relatives, because they know me and have generally positive feelings towards me.

This is extremely unlikely.

tl;dr you're probably not hideous

Girls pretty much live their whole life without having to start conversations.

This has happened to me many times. Girls like guys with the confidence to pursue them. Many girls can be interested in you and not do anything about it, they give some signals though. Thats your task, pick up on the small things she throws at you telling you she is interested and then make a move

the closest a girl gets to starting a conversation is looking at you and smiling
I exaggerate but theres truth there. Women dont start conversations with strangers they give them a look and signal theyre interested.

Eh, thats possible yes, but if you dont speak much and are introverted dont expect much tho. Girls could find you attractive but if you are an autist theres no way thats gonna matter anyway

Not at all, that's just you're mind jumping to the most negative conclusion. Girls (or people in general) generally don't initiate conversation with me because I have a real nigga scowl but that's just my face, I'm actually a really funny guy. Maybe that's why they don't speak to you, cause you look scary.

Could be they’re interested, but maybe they think you’re looking for different things.

yes i would know im hideous

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dude i truly liked this guy and i never ever started a conversation, he always did. it just felt wrong if i started it.

Not necessarily, women don't initiate or start anything because they don't have to. Go talk to them if you want, they won't bite. Just don't expect them to do any work themselves.

I've only met one girl ever who would actually walk up to people and talk to them, and it was a coworker at the last place I worked. Real nice gal too.

What if there are no signals, though? Is it safe to assume that I'm done for?

>tfw can never pick up on signals
Guess I'll be alone forever

>Thats your task, pick up on the small things she throws at you telling you she is interested and then make a move

>user does this
>Girl declines your date

>"Geez, user. Not all girls want dick just by talking to any guy. Just treat girl like people gosh"


I mean, there's good reason for both sides of that, but it boils down to guys needing to risk making asses of themselves for something productive to ensue. Just gotta get it right eventually, that's the way of things. Males present, females select.

I feel like girls care more if you are manly than have good looks. You should probably take up all things manly if you want girls to fawn over you all the time - gym - hunting - sport - watch sport - dress like the manly men of tv and magazine etc.

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i have the opposite issue, sometimes girls just start talking to me and I don't really know why

i'm not even attractive and i've been told i look grumpy all the time

Tell me your secrets. I don't think a girl my age has ever talked to me.

Are you that 22 yo virgin who refuses to ask girls out?

I wish i knew why they did it

Are you Jow Forums?

Most of them i agree, but not all of them. My first and longest relationship was with a girl that litteraly ambushed me outside school because she wanted to start conversation with me at any cost, after weeks of researches on Facebook for my name.

Still, i know it was a special case, so when pursuing a girl, alwayd assume it's just like a the rest, and she want you to do the first move.

>My first and longest relationship was with a girl that litteraly ambushed me outside school because she wanted to start conversation with me at any cost
That's adorable.

Nah I'm non of these and still get laid all the time I work out but just to stay relatively in shape I'm not muscular really. I think just be decent in the looks department and work on your personality. I get a long with almost everybody and people will sleep with me

My past two gf's both initiated the relationship. If you find the right girls they will go for it. Plus I am oblivious so they basically had to or I would have had no idea they had interest

>If girls never start conversations with you, that means you're ugly, right?
Classic narcissism.

How do you find these girls in the first place?

Nah not really, average height and slightly overweight desu

I still need answers.

The man starts the fire

Same. I’m skinny but not underweight, often stay by myself and mind my own business, people(not only girls)just come to me and ask the most stupid thing. I get along with everyone and am a funny smartass so i can keep the convo going.

I sometimes got girls coming up to me in clubs and kissing me for no reason, it’s awkward. I don’t even consider myself good looking

Maybe the problem is that you’re trying too hard.


How do I become like you?

That's hot where do you find these?

The more mediocre a man is, the more likely he will actively pursue women.

Most trash tier autists will never have meaningful contact with women in any case, and most chads are too busy having women pursue them to bother with women who won't.

t. 19 year old Chad who has fucked 5 girls, and initiated with 0 of those girls

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They find you, when you expect it the least

>tfw no confidence or signals
bruv I'M fuckd

It shouldnt be this way

how to work on personality if its eternal?

>How do you find these girls in the first place?
Forgot about the thread. It's mostly them coming to me but I move from job to job all the time since I'm in school and hate working places for too long but every time I get a new job someone there ends up having sex with me. It might be partially looks I don't know I don't get a lot of comments on my appearance but I do have an easy going personality and almost everyone I meet gets a long with me

I love being the chad virgin

Yeah I'm a Chad virgin except waiting for the right girl to have sex with... C'mon have some fun with it

women almost never make the first move, that's your task

Just pay a bit of attention: they touch their hair, look down and then look at you then immediately take their eyes off of you, their feet might point at you constantly. Eventually they may close distance.. It's not that hard!

ten years ago I'd tell you the weight watchers convention, but now I don't know

basically every shitheel that comes into these threads that goes
forgets to mention theyre either completely shitfaced and just want to talk to someone or theyre fucking obese

100% this is what it means. Girls don't talk to ugly guys. Don't want to be giving the wrong signals because a lot of guys interpret any kind of talk as an indicator of interest.

Creep just means ugly.

Girls initiate all the time. You just uuuugly

not the guy you responded to but that is complete bullshit

Nein. I've had 4 gfs in my life and THEY ALL initiated. Make no mistake, girls are super confident this days in the age of girl power and feminism. They're not shy to get with guys like.

Depends on where you live. Not everyone lives in burgerland/europoor. Try expecting that in a country like saudi arabia where girls aren't allowed to walk alone, or next to a guy (they have to walk behind btw).

Live in USA. SoCal. Girls here are not shy at all. Maybe in Saudi Arabia where talking to a man gets them in trouble they will be shy. Or in other Muslim countries where they get honor killed.

you said they initiate ALL THE TIME. which is bullshit. i’ve had 2 gfs and 5 casual partners. only one of them initiated.