Everyone keeps telling me I should be dating the manager of my favorite bar. She seems super interested...

Everyone keeps telling me I should be dating the manager of my favorite bar. She seems super interested. She’s fucking gorgeous, and fun to be around. But she has three kids. And I could never come back if things went sideways.

I know better, but it just feels inevitable. What do I do here? Stop hanging around?

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>3 kids
Abandon the idea

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, fuck this bitch, dont ruin ur own life moran

Absolutely no single moms. Ever. No matter how hot she is, how much money she has, and ESPECIALLY not someone who works at a place you frequent. Fuck the shit out of her, but don't you dare make it seem more than that.

>3 kids


>she has three kids
Do you want to dig your own grave or do you want me to do it for you?


Dont be the goody hero for here, live your own life, her life is over

These replies, lmao, bunch of dumb nerds.

It's not like as soon as you start dating the kids are automatically your responsibility forever.
Hell, give it time, you may even start liking them, considering them as your own.

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Sounds like “everyone” just wants to get someone, anyone for her. Three fucking kids... no fucking way, go make your own family, fuck them, they put themselves in that situation, it doesn’t mean you have to suck it up and do anything there.
I don’t doubt for a minute people will try to push you to get with that single mom with more effort and harsher if you show any interest in them, they’ll say stuff like “go be a real man and ask her out!” Key word being “be a real man”, basically saying you’re not a real man unless you cuck yourself there and raise three kids that aren’t your own.

Date who you want, you’re still a cuck for considering her

Found the cuck
Don't date women with kids. Ever. They've made bad decisions in the past, they will likely make more and you'll be screwed too.

If you're interested in her you could try to date hey without adopting her children
I think that might work, especially if her kids are old enough


What do you think this woman is looking for? Do you think she is looking for the love of her life and live happily ever after with the lucky man who happens to be OP?

...Or do you think she is desperately looking for a beta buxx provider for her three kids? That's one of the reasons why single moms are such a huge red flag. These women bring you into their life so you can provide for them and raise children that AREN'T YOURS.

I don't think anyone should ever take dating advice from a person who unironically uses the C word.

Just wanted to know who this girl in the photo is. Anyone have a name? That bitch is gorgeous.

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>3 kids

dude, my ex's father did that. He did manage to put one more in her (my ex), but it is just generally a terrible fucking idea.

I have fucked a couple single moms. Do not go down that road, dude. I don't care what is going through your mind.

I got advice for you, get off the internet for a few days, it warps your sense of reality.

I've dated a two mothers in my life, the one I have now is probably my soulmate.
Thing is, I'm actually a broke piece of shit loser, lmao, but I'm great with kids.

Moms are more matured, strong, they don't do none of that melodrama bullshit. It's also nice to have that sweet child support check from the actual real cuck who's sperm call me daddy.

But hey, y'all do you. I just think y'all are giving single moms a bad rep, and it's really not fair.

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She's fun to be around while on the job, because that's part of her job. What is she like off the job?

It's always fun to read these anecdotal reports. The fact that you specifically have a good experience with dating single moms does not disprove the rule of thumb.

And that rule of thumb is that dating single mothers is, in general, a bad idea. This is especially true if you actually have a career and some money to your name unlike you. Most women who have children NEED a man to provide for them. They are literally genetically wired to find a man who is willing to provide her with resources and protection. Call me crazy, but it think it's fairly pathetic to spend your time/energy/money raising and taking care of kids that aren't yours. You are seriously investing your hard earned resources into carrying on some other dudes genetic lineage.

Wait your ex's dad put a baby in her?

>literally genetically wired
haha, found the nice guy

Found the king cuck

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Jenna Coleman.

She’s not just passing by when we hang out... I’ve known her for years now. We eat together, she hangs out with me on her time off... that kind of thing. It’s not like she’s working me for tips, she doesn’t get them. She’s not my server or anything.

But this thread has been pretty clear.

Friendzone her ass.

You want nothing to do with a single mom with three kids.