GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest

I wanna raise your spirits
I want to see you smile
Know that means I'll have to leave.
So I'll go.

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My truck tire exploded on the freeway this morning but at least i have an excuse for work

Is tomorrow going to be worth experiencing?

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Only if you break out of your comfort zone and lay pipe desu

I hate my body and nothing good ever happens. People are very mean and I don't know why.

Good thing you're safe, that would be fucking scary

It was actually a metaphor formy mental illness taking ahold of personal relationships but thx

It’s hard being with someone who has no interest in sex when mine is sky high.

Why is it that women say men need to learn how not to rape when they dont even know what it really is? I mean it seems the louder the female protestor the more i have trouble believing that woman is a victim.

Usually retards are rapists, lacking the ability to aquire a mate humanely.

So they must be taught, as most people are retarded

>friends invite a girl and me to a meetup
>she doesn't have anyone and I'm pretty sure they intentionally brought us there together so that we get to know each other
>she's actually pretty qt and smart
>don't do anything about it because I'm a fucking pleb and I'm sure she wouldn't want a guy like me anyway
>hugging her goodbye felt so good though and was definitely the highlight of that evening
I guess I finally go to the point where I legitimately think I don't deserve a girl in my life and just stopped pursuing it. I feel like I just wouldn't be able to even slip someone into my life and give her the proper relationship she deserves.

I never thought I'd get to that point where I actually let go and lose hope. It makes me sick inside but also kind of liberated. I missed out on so much in my life when it comes to relationships that none of it matters anymore.

>start becoming disinterested in gf of 5 years
>tell her my feelings one day about how I think we're growing apart but I still love her and I don't know what to think of us right now
>forget about it, continue on with our lives
>a couple days ago, she says that I hurt her really bad when I said those things and that she's been preparing herself to be broken up with for some time now
>says that she deserves someone better and needs time to reevaluate our relationship
>realize that oh shit, I took her for granted all these years and now that things might be coming to an end, I love her a lot and can't stand the thought of breaking up with her
>meet with her one last time to try and fix things
>apologize profusely, tell her I will try so much harder from now on
>she tells me that I had many chances to pull through but I didn't. The damage was already done.
>we both cry and hug it out at a local park
>she tells me that she wants to take a break and we'll revisit our relationship in a couple weeks and if she feels she can't live without me then we'll try again but if she thinks we're done then we're done

I am currently 8 hours into the break. I couldn't fall asleep until midnight and I just woke up at 3 am with tears in my eyes and my heart pounding. I know a break means that it's basically over but I'm not ready for this and we have so many memories together that I'm ready to let go of. I miss her so much already

My ex keeps up with my life without ever talking to me. I can't do anything about it. He takes away the control over my own life in his own selfish and cowardly way.


You seem to still care about him

I'm with two girls. One I've been with for 2 years, but we opened our relationship and I caught feelings for another girl. It hurt my girlfriend, Girl A, but she doesn't mind me hanging out and even fucking Girl B, as long as I promise not to carry on a romantic relationship with her. I haven't been able to keep that promise. I know I'm a piece of shit.

I don't want to just dump her for Girl B, because I do still love her, and she's said that I'm the only person she can ever see herself with. I've asked her about just being friends, but she refuses every time. I didn't believe her at first, but then I found out she'd fucked several other people, and turned them down once they started getting feelings. She's lied about some big things, so I don't know if she's secretly in the same boat as me, but if she's not, she's a lot better than me. l can't bear the thought of leaving her to suffer. I didn't know it was possible to love (not lust after, love) 2 people, but now here I am in this mess. Also, if I cut off Girl B, I will be alone with a void friends can't fill, because despite our love, Girl A's responsibilities are making it hard for us to be together. I only get to talk to her maybe 4 hours a day.

Girl B understands the situation. She loves me too, so she's being gracious, but at the same time, I know it bothers her when I leave her to spend time with Girl A. Girl B was in a similar situation when we met and started fucking, but eventually broke up with her SO (who is female, she is bi) and chose me instead. Sometimes, when B talks about loving me, I think about the fact that she jumped ship on her lover, so she may just end up cheating on me and leaving me, too. Then, I realize it's exactly what I'd deserve (along with a painful death).

I know there's no way to fix this, I just wanted to vent. I'm planning to wait until my life takes a new turn to decide what I really want, but the knowledge that I'm backstabbing my own girlfriend, Girl A, is harrowing.

>open relationship
This is what happens when anyone attempts that.

I've been feeling restless for the past few days and I just can't stop feeling that weird fucking feeling. I want it to stop. For gods sake please make it stop.

I hope you have a better day today.

It feels as if my emotions are wasted on a ghost.

I wish I trusted my girlfriend. But sometimes I feel like she makes it hard for a lot of reasons. I lose sleep over it, wondering what she's doing or if I'm reading too much into it. The problem is, my track record for this stuff is pretty damn good, it's usually just not all in my head.

I go back and forth on it. Part of me tells me to break it off even if there's no evidence and that suspicion is enough. The other part of me tells me this girl is my potential wife because she checks all my boxes, and to wait it out. I just really hate the stress that comes with all of this

I want to cry but I’m unable. It’s still really painful. I love you and will always love you, R.

Am 20. New to Uni and can't socialize. People seem fucking hollow. I feel alone.

I don't understand. Maybe you should talk to him about it all?

He won't talk to me or admit it.
Like a ghost who is there but isn't really there. I'm tired of dealing with it.
I didn't really come for advice, I really can't do anything, but try to write about it from time to time so it doesn't consume me.

With bf almost 3 years and for the last year I'm constantly hit on by other guys and its becoming harder to turn them away. Its wearing me down and taking a lot of emotional energy to come up with excuses and sometimes when I turn away a really great guy I don't even know why.

I guess I need to accept I do have suicidal thoughts. Also I'm extremely anxious about all sorts of shit from money, to friends, to classes. I managed to fuck up this semester and I'm going to have to drop a class I didn't even fucking attempt for more than one or two assignments. More money down the drain. I can't motivate myself to get a fucking job, sometimes I can't even get out of bed. I'm paranoid about friends, and afraid of losing them. I don't want to be here.

Im sick of being so invisible, try and put myself out there and get ignored, people only talk to me when they want something, do i really mean that little to people? Fuck this this place fuck this planet.

can anyone talk to me about it?

make your own thread. this is not advice thread.

I don't want advice. I just want someone to talk to me about it.

Bull fucking shit.

Loooove meeee. Lovvveee meee. Please, love meeee ... :””””((((

It just hit me. I used to lose sleep because I was so happy to be with her and how lucky I felt to have found her. Now I lose sleep, but it's because I'm not sure if she's loyal. Fuck this sucks

Shut up, needy bitch.

When a guy likes you, they radiate a special mind of heat from their bodies. You can feel it like standing next to a furnace. I always know when they like me that way. They can’t hide it. And I’m always flattered because I’m a middle-aged divorced mother — who would want me? Maybe I’m still pretty enough for you to want me? I want you. And last week I felt your heat when we talked. All week I’ve been thinking about you, bringing you to my place, on my bed, fucking you 4 times until you go to sleep and getting up in the morning and making coffee and seeing you in my bed, a sweet young man. Making you more of a man by making me happy like that. God.

How old is the dude?

31. I’m... much older. But he told me he wants someone who looks like me. I guess I look younger so people say but I feel ridiculous.

>laying down in bed
>drift off and for a few moments
>dream I’m in the cities local Asian district
>I’m sitting enjoying sushi from the local in store restaurant
>cute Japanese girl I saw IRL comes over and gives me note in Japanese
>I ask her to sit down, but she giggles and runs off to her group of friend
>I look at it
>immediately wake up IRL
>tears running down my cheek
>heart thumping
I really wish I talked to her when I saw her walking... It hurts guys...

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Nope, can guarantee that you’re not alone. You still have to socialize. Even if it’s pointless and shallow other wise you’ll end up actually alone and lonely.

I fucked a chick at a party after her BF hit her. We were both drunk but i feel like fucking shit and i dont know why. she instigated it all asked if i was okay with what was happening, i said i was at the time but as soon as we finished i immediately regretted it. am i a bad person?

Damn I thought he was around 20. He was able to go 4 times in one night? I'm his age and I'm done after one. Usually for a couple days after too

No lol we haven’t done it. This is just my fantasy. I like to do it several times. It’s better the second and third time because you’re a little sore from the first time.

I hate hearing my mom talk. She has the dumbest opinions I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some pretty dumb opinions.

Utopia? Lol. Projection doesn’t look good on you.

Ha! Bet you wanna hold my hand and pat my head, faggot!


>I know there's no way to fix this
stop being a piece of shit, dump both of them, and spend some time alone while to reflect while you unfuck yourself

I could be a pathetic guy and assume your 'lovey dovey signal' snaps were meant for me. But I fucking won't, not anymore.

So my highschool sweetheart wants to go to uni to be, like, a lawyer or something. How do I either;
Stop being a jealous piece of shit worried about her finding someone better than me there
Convince her to get a steady and long term career in being my house wife

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Every year that passes makes me more depressed and less in touch with reality and the few friends I have left

You’re killing my vibe.

well why do you push people away then

Don't know why I let myself get dependent on you, why I believed you'd stay. Nobody else did, why would you?

Sorry I wasn't good enough for you to stay, Sorry I wasn't honest enough to tell you up front you'd leave some day and regret meeting me at all.

You didn't know it'd go like this, but I did, and if I were any less despicable I'd have told you before you wasted your time on me.

Wow, you sound like you are a bitter loser and you're alone because you make life choices that made you distant and unlikable.

I'm so lonely that I'm spending ridiculous amounts of time crafting shitposts just for (You)s. I need new friends...

realize you're worth it and she is with you for a reason, visit her often and stuff.

knock her up.

So lots of unprotected sex? I like the sounds of that. B it is.

uh, can you even afford a housewife+kids?

No... but the government can.

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If I knew that I wouldn't be here

A come back. I miss you. Text me please. Make me feel complete again

Tell them.

Based and redpilled.

>Know that means I'll have to leave.
>So I'll go.
Uhh, ok but why? Do they hate you or something?

Jesus Christ I am absolutely destroying the new toilet at work

I think I fucked up my chances with the one and Im dying inside.

I broke up with her before because I didn't feel that interested in her. But now she has a new BF and doesnt talk to me at all anymore and it fucking hurts. I want her back so bad now, I can't believe I passed up on such a catch. What the fuck is wrong with me.

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If I dump them, they'll both be depressed, one may attempt suicide and I'll be lonelier than ever.

Naah. Can't turn a hoe into a housewife.

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I feel your pain.

I feel it dude. You're not alone.

Been there done that, either you find another girl you like and forget her, you become a beta orbiter and fuck yourself up even more or you find reasons to hate her and her new bf and become bitter

Just drown it out for now and be productive, take up a hobby, join a club, but the sooner you move from her the better, don't be in the years bracket like I was or you'll regret everything

Hi A,

I feel like I really caught you off guard the other day when I asked you out and just wanted to clear the air about that. I understand where you're coming from, being really shy and not having dated anyone in a few years. I was like that for a long time too but now that I'm a little older and more sure of myself, I'm trying to put myself out there. I'm trying to be more vulnerable. You shouldn't apologize for being awkward, for not knowing "how to date people," because the truth is that neither do I. So here's what I'm going to do. I know you're shy and unsure of yourself, so I'm going to give you some space and shoot you a text in a day or two.

Authenticity is so endearing, and its sort of why I like you. Deep down, I hope you realize that.

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I realize now I'm a hypocrite, and it could be argued a coward. My whole life I've complained about not finding real love. But the truth is I bring that on myself. I don't allow myself to get there because I don't want to open myself up to being truly hurt. I'm doing that now with my current gf. I see myself holding back. I come up with reasons why, the truth is I'm just scared.

I'm not sure if this changes anything for me, but at least I see what I'm doing. I wish I wasn't so afraid

I'm married but can't stop lusting after every 7/10+ woman that shows me the slightest bit of attention. I try to keep them all as friends but of course that's just how I keep them interested with out actually having to deal with romantic expectations. My dick is 6.5 inches so I'm well equipped to handle all of them but the ones that drive me really mad are married to good guys, I don't care I like to fuck with their heads as if we have a chance together but in reality I just set them up for heartbreak. It's also heartbreaking to me but I can't seem to grow the fuck up. My wife is a sad ghost of a person at this point because all I do is stay on the internet til twilight and sometimes fuck her but she's a cold bitch. I just want some tight French pussy. I have no feelings for any of these bitches and will never apologize to any of them for fucking with them because I know they want it.

Jesus christ. Why are there so many self made cucks here? Just fucking talk to your crush. It's not rocket science. Stop being such a pussy.

I am you fuck.

She "cheated" on me and I wont give her the satisfaction of going back to her
BAsically this

Cause they want in real life and they're still mending things over, yeah guess I'm a cuck. Fuck it. and just fuck off out of these threads.

I want to become a fallen angel and murder all of my peers


I sometimes wonder how good i would be if my parents were better. I was simultaneously sheltered/caged and neglected. They are incredibly selfish, but they've told themselves that everything they do is in my best interest, so much that they have internalized that lie.
I look at what i've risen above, and think to myself, what i could have achieved had they been different to me.

How were you neglected? Curious because I was abused, abandoned and also neglected by both parents.

hate seing them have fun and being naive. I just want to enslave all of them and ruin their livelyhood for the rest of their lives

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Dad never had time for me. We lived with his parents. No one in the household gave a fuck when i talked about my problems, or their solutions were incredibly dumb and after giving them they'd just drop the subject.
On the flip side, since i started school, i was never allowed to go outside because "i had to study". I got abused and belittled for anything less than perfection in school. Threatened with being a garbageman (in contrast dad was/is a high ranking executive in a company).
If i took more than 15 minutes to get home from school my grandparents would cause untold amounts of drama.
What's worse this persisted even after we moved out because we still lived close by and they were always watching. Things only got better near the end of high school, and when i got to uni. But my grandparents still casually stalk me part time.
Dad told me on my 10th birthday "Hey, hope you had fun, tomorrow we're gonna go to some nice people in social services and you're gonna tell them do you want to live with mommy or daddy." What a way to tell someone you're gonna divorce.
And mom used everything in her power to manipulate me to get custody or get my dad to stop the divorce. She pushed further the abuse in regards to grades saying that if i don't have all As "Daddy's gonna leave and spend all his money on hoes". Basically her behavior led me to believe the divorce was my fault.

I am tired of my family , my job and everyone I know , I am tired of being nice and receiving nothing in return but demeaning comments

Seems familiar. Hope you'll get a vacation and spend it alone in a place you always wanted to visit.

Visited with family my parents' friends last week. She was nice, but her husband made some greasy jokes about me. Nobody noticed them, maybe it is only my paranoia, maybe they only pretended not to see. I still feel disgusting and lonely, because I can't bring this shit to my family, we had enough of it. Why couldn't you just hold it in yourself, you moron!?

My friend is depressed and isolating himself from me. We used to be close and now we talk less and less. I don't have anyone else like him in my life and I've always had trouble holding onto people. I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end and I'm scared it's going to be slow and painful.

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If it’s depression then don’t worry, it should lift at some point. I lost many friends due to my depression and isolating. If you value them just let them know you care and are there for them.
Have you spoken about it? What do they say?

My ex texted me yesterday and its messing with my head and making me mourn the breakup again. Its making me super antsy.
And I lost a bunch of money gambling on penny stocks

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They said last time it was this bad it lasted for years. I've told them I care and am not going anywhere, but I don't think it makes a difference. If I am pushed away for that long I don't know how I am going to hang on. It makes me sad. I am also afraid of him an heroing and how much it will destroy me one day. It makes me think the gradual drifting apart would be better in the long run but it really sucks right now.

Tell them to try Acetyl l carnitine. It broke me from a two year depression. It’s sold in pharmacies, it’s just a supplement. They did a study and found that some depressed people are deficient in it. It’s also helpful for Alzheimer’s patients for memory and overall brain health.

Thank you user. I will look into this.

Seriously all you depressed people need to rely on your support systems instead of trashing them. The very drive to push people away is part of the illness. The feelings of self sacrifice and self martirization actually hurt the very people who care.



Everytime I email an instructor about anything, even if I'm not nervous at first EVERY TIME

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Is there a point in trying?

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>hurr durr but you're so young!
WELL FUCKING EXCUSE ME M'LADY LET ME CALL MY RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS AND TELL IT "hey man, so uhh, people said you're here too early can you come lile in 40 years?" I'M SURE IT'LL JUST FUCK OFF AND I'LL BE CURED
>but the other day you were walking just fine!
>but you don't... look sick



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Maybe, maybe not, but think of the potential of all the days after that and get you some help.

I've got a bit of a conundrum here, Jow Forums, don't feel like making a separate thread for it so I'll post it here.

I'm thinking about applying for a paid internship with a think tank that pushes public policies I don't really agree with. I mean, I agree with it in the abstract, but I disagree with probably about 50% (maybe more if you take into consideration that they prioritize the part I disagree with over the part I agree with) of the actual policies they want to support.

They expect applicants to agree with what they do, and I'm positive I could convince them that I do (I used to). Is this unethical? Should I do it?