For guys: How do you cope with the pressure of having to always be the one to make the first move...

For guys: How do you cope with the pressure of having to always be the one to make the first move? It's honestly unbearable at times. I've always tried to be a honest person and the whole concept of saying "you are so beautiful and great I love you" to a person I've known for maybe a week and am still making my mind about is just so disingenious that it flies in the face of all that. "Fake it til you make it" fuck that shit. And whenever anything goes wrong, you're always the one to blame. You were too upfront, you couldn't make up your mind, you didn't say how you really felt, you raped me, you should've decided for me whether you're worth the time. You. You. Always the you to blame. The only relationship I've gotten into was because I fucking lied that I loved her though I was just desperate for pussy then. Fuck you people.

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Go mgtow, find yourself a job or hobby to give you a purpose and you're fixes.


That's not a fucking solution, that's escaping from reality.

>Fuck you people.
That's not a fucking question, that's a rant.

Re-read what you just wrote. You've realised the absurd double standards of relationships. Wouldn't you rather learn to not give a shit about them any more? You have all the logic in your hands, but you still want to chase after women - don't you find it counterproductive?

>don't you find it counterproductive?
No. Because I see plenty of happy relationships in my vicinity. I'd actually say that the majority of my friends and family are in one and I'm an outlier. I have faith that I can achieve the same, but every failure keeps chipping further away at that flimsy foundation. It took me five years since my breakup to put myself together, I just couldn't make sense of everything in my head, it's been too much.

A rant can still be a question.

You seem to have a strong reaction to societal pressures, from relationship conventions to being conscious of how many people around you are in relationships. That's why you should break free of them and be your own person. It can be hard if you're not naturally that sort of person, but trust me, the relief and freedom are otherworldly.

As much as an escape can be a solution.

Stop with your dumb false equivalency. An escape earns you nothing.
I used to not give a fuck, but then you turn 27 and suddenly realize that basically nothing happened in your entire life, despite all of your will for it to be otherwise, and the prospect of it changing isn't looking good. And then a friend enthusiastically calls you that they're expecting their second child and they're going on holiday to somewhere buttfuck island to celebrate.

>you turn 27 and suddenly realize that basically nothing happened in your entire life
Important piece of advice: there's no rush. The societal pressures will most likely tell your otherwise, but everyone has their own pace and their own tempo. Hell, Notch made Minecraft when he was 32 and now he's sitting on 2 billion. Brian Eno hated his life until he just happened to talk to Phil Manzanera on a train station platform. Stan Lee didn't write a single comic until he was 39.

But that's not quite true. If I want kids, having them earlier will reduce the chance of them having Down syndrome (from the maternal side) and schizophrenia and potentially autism (from my side). The percentage difference is quite significant. Is that not enough reason to rush?

I just snapped this Thursday immediately after getting my hair cut for the first time in years. I had a nasty Lebowski look going on. I normally always wear shirts with collars, hadn't done laundry in a while. I just quit smoking by way of a vape, that way I can put off the addiction part and enjoy the immediate health benefits (nicotine while extremely addictive, is in fact virtually harmless).

As far as age of women are concerned I actually am starting in on a lovely young woman at the age of 24. She just recently got out of a bad relationship and she's the one with the house. Don't know for sure if I can snag her, but I'm in a really good position. Taking it easy because I think she has really good long term potential.

God girl, you managed to point out two things I hadn't noticed, lol! The slight resemblance to William H. Macy and how it makes my face look really long. You should have seen my hair before. Have you ever seen "The Big Lebowski"? Pretty much like "The Dude" Lebowski, the main character. Frighting actually. I don't want to change everything too quickly, but I agree with you and will keep it in mind for my next iteration. Thank you very much for the critique!

But Stan Lee was involved in comics since he was 17.
nigga came out of nowhere in his 40ties and became basically the best baroque french composer, arguably on par with Bach

>How do you cope with the pressure of having to always be the one to make the first move?
It's very easy you just need to understand that you're too cowardly and will be alone forever cause even if you do make the first move and bare your soul, she wont care and you'll still be alone.
And then you drink a lot. See? EZ

>sweeping generalizations
You're already escaping from reality though
Why pick and choose?

>How do you cope with the pressure of having to always be the one to make the first move?

By not making any moves. That's why I'm a KHW.

I’m a girl and approached a guy I’m interested in and he hasn’t initiated anything back so fuck that I’m never doing that again.

no, escaping from reality is continuing to try to play a game that you cannot ever win

lmao you probably didn't do anything, absolutely no one noticed, and you will go on continuing to not do anything until someone falls into your lap, delusional roastie

I just gave up and tell myself I'm being progressive by breaking gender stereotypes by letting girls make the first move

Learn to love the fact that you have a heart. Your aching is a beautiful thing that will make you stronger and better able to reduce suffering

Drugs help, so does porn (when I'm not sky high on addy/meth).

Stop caring so much. So what if you make a tit of yourself?

It's not even about the shame. It's because it's always the same fucking scenario over and over. It's like one day you go to work and your colleagues prank you by dipping a bucket of water on you, you're like "oh my motherfuckers"... but then it becomes a daily routine and it's become more of a harrassment than a joke.
I'm teetotal and sick of porn desu.