Adult circumcision

Latino here... Thinking of getting an adult circumcision for cosmetic reasons... Anyone have one later in life for cosmetic reasons? Pros/cons?

It's a hard decision... You can really go back. Lol.

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>cosmetic reasons
Literally why.

Husband is cut. Everyone I've been with is cut... I think it looks good, and I've had a friend that loves his...

Had a yeast infection in my foreskin even though I wash daily with mild soap. Sometimes it just gets in the way.

Also read some people enjoy it more.


Hardly a surprise.

Absolutely retarded unless it is for medical reasons.

>Thinking of getting an adult circumcision for cosmetic reasons
why mutilate your body?
You probably have body dismorphia and you won't be happy with the result and just hate something else about your dick.

I know a guy who did it and he seemed proud of it. You can get done nice by a cosmetic surgeon, better than the hack job you may have hade as an infant. People get tattoos and put holes in their ears so, why not?

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if you were my boyfriend and I found out you got a circumcision for cosmetic reasons, I would laugh in your face then break up with you.

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why would you mutilate your penis? It's scientifically proven that foreskin increases sensitivity and therefore increases sexual pleasure.

If you cut off your own dick, you don't deserve it.

Wow, this got dark fast... I just wanted to hear form people that had it done... And know how their experience was...

Didn't mean to start a forskin war.

Circumcision is a practice enforced by dirty, jewish subhumans.

If you're a cutfag then jews have clearly infiltrated every premise of your life.

The guys are just jealous. Girls (and it sounds like guys too) love a tidy dick.

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had 2 friends who had it done for medical reasons (prosmisis or whatever the fuck it’s called) they both liked not having to worry about cleaning so often to prevent crotch rot and they liked the cosmetic aspect of it their only complaint they find it less sensitive

Only if you have phimosis

women love uncut penises

And even then you can work daily on lightly stretching your foreskin to avoid circumcision

god damn it america your gay jewish culture is fucking up the mexicans

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Don’t do it.

only americans get phimosis tho

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>whines about foreskin infection

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