What Are Traits in a Man That Girls Are Attracted To?

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It depends on what kind of girl you're talking about.

>6"+ penis
>Not Indian/Asian
>In shape
>Solid life/career track
>Social proof(large social circle)
>Conversates and banters with ease
Penis size is the only must have one, others are very important but not must have's especially if you fit a majority of this list.

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op its
>6inches + dick
>6figure salary
>6 foot or taller height

Which types desire which attributes?

Confident, charming, handsome
In that order

>under 6'
>under 6 figure salary
>East asian
>not in shape
>no friends
>no bantering

I'm going to die alone

Kinda right, kinda wrong. While there is a wide variety in traits that are found attractive or unattractive by individual girls, there are some traits that are attractive to pretty much every girl.

Similar sense of humor, kind to others and animals, decent job, I don't care if he makes under 6 figures, preferably a place of his own, GOOD HYGIENE (don't be rank all the time), understanding of my issues (I would do the same in return). Looks wise, tall is cool but not a deal breaker, slim, dark hair and I don't know what else.

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Real life ≠ statistics
Let alone 4chin ones.
gets it more right

Statistics are based on Real Life.

This mostly gets older "time to settle and leech money while not losing face in front of my friends" girls.

Looks matter, and they matter a lot. If a guy looks really good, is fit, dresses well, etc, girls lose their shit almost as much as guys do over a good looking girl.

What you should really be asking is what traits in a man do I admire respect and want to acquire.
Not >what do I have to do to acquire women.
>what do I have to do to be a man.
Take women out of the equation.
Ironically enough by asking yourself >what kind of person do I need to be for women is a snowball of behavioral thought processes and actions that will lead to the exact opposite of what attracts women.
The age old meme saying “just be yourself” is both true and bullshit at the same time. You’re supposed to be yourself because that’s when you’re most confident. But what if being yourself isn’t enough. It never is because you can always be improving and being a better man. That’s life.
It’s the duality of order and chaos. By being yourself, by existing in a time of order you are confident, calm, stoic, natural, real. It’s these things that attract women. Order. It’s strength and order that displays manliness and masculinity. It’s through chaos that you experience fear, and insecurity and that’s where you truly grow however. It’s in chaos that you become a man but with chaos you compromise the confidence and stability. You strike up a bargain between the two. You sacrifice the comfort of your ego and confidence for the neurotic instilling chaos that makes you into a better man. That’s manliness. And it’s in that manliness that attracts women.


The problem with "just be yourself" is that most men would become the pretty ones from the big mice experiment.

Like, we'd just sit around eating snacks and playing video games. Because those things are fun and we want to do them.

>If a guy looks really good,
How does a guy even know if he looks really good? One of the reasons the manlet meme blew up so much is because it's one of the few ways we can easily quantify attractiveness.

Speak for yourself, videogames are gay

You're gay.

The point is, most men would do self indulgent shit that they enjoy that doesnt attract girls.

>sit around eating snacks and playing video games
That would result in anxiety and depression within a month for me.

This. If I had infinite time to do whatever I'd read, write, do art, and play video games. I'd probably cook too

watch a movie

This, except that I don’t like an outgoing guy because I’m an introvert.
And he’s gotta have a solid drama free family.
Don’t entertain orbiters/cunts.
Got his emotions in check, like anger/frustration. Funny, fit. Kind...
The list goes on.

Whatever they find most attractive, but generally confidence/charisma, height, and a good sized social circle are all huge pluses.

>tfw 20yo and only 16cm dick

You have no cause for complaint

>in shape
>solid life
>social proof
>great with people and hilarious
>not neurotypical scum
i love being me

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will it grow?
Im 1,8m (6ft aprox)

It's fine as it is.

thanks user
you just brightened my day

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Confidence with substance to back it up, has to be funny enough to leave a good impression. If he’s good looking he can’t be a pussy that is scared of a fight. if he’s ugly he can’t get angry because she won’t fuck him until she’s had her fill of dick, or gained massive weight though depression cope eating.

Make me laugh. Fuck me well. Don't make me mommy you too much. Look good.

height, height again, face, and masculine ideally psychopathic behaviour. like said, don't grate on them with feelings unless you want to be a walking pussy dehumidifier. you don't need anything more than that

Yeah, quit bitching and do something about it then. You won't be 10/10 megachad, so what? In a world where there are BILLIONS of potential partners (AND friends), how many do you *need* to have?

ONE woman. There's autistic bitches too. And one or two close friends, who can likewise be as autistic as you.

Besides, woman can say they have all these bullshit checklists, but you can always find bum, loser guys with hot women. Because guys can do shit that makes them attractive regardless of their appearance.

Be thankful you're not an ugly woman. If she's super ugly, a guy won't give a fuck if she's a doctor, or a Nobel prize winner, he won't even give her a chance.

Some cute Asian girl was trying to hint she was into me the other day and then ran away from me. What's a guy to do eh?

Just be a MAN. So few guys these days aspire to be a MAN. Women don't want effeminate hipsters who chase trends seen on social media. 200,000 years of evolution has locked women's minds into standard ideals of what a man should be, they can't willingly change that even with feminism polluting their minds. The Ancient Drives are just too strong.

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the beautiful ones jesus

>Be thankful you're not an ugly woman. If she's super ugly, a guy won't give a fuck if she's a doctor, or a Nobel prize winner, he won't even give her a chance.
That's wrong though, girls will always be in a better position than the equivalent male version.

That's wrong though, only retarded incels like you believe such garbage.

Go kill yourself, fucking worthless faggot incel cuckold. Go back to Jow Forums and come back once you learn how to respect women. Maybe you'll get laid then, buddy. ;)

Oh, it's that autistic 15 year old again. He writes this reply word for word every time adults prove him wrong and he throws a kiddie temper tantrum.

Just telling incels like you to fuck off.

16 is like perfect if it's not a noodle

Trying to desperately dilute that word. But you got called that because you literally repeated their mantras in like a brainless npc.

Back r/braincels, incel. No need to spout your retarded incel propaganda here.

Back to*

yea and if I be myself I'll be a nice guy so I don't know if that'll work

sense of humor

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faggot fires gay desires

Personally, I look for someone that's taller than me. I'm 5'4 so 5'5 or 5'6 is fine, I just want them to be slightly taller.

A bit on the bigger side, be it buff or fat as long as it's not over the top.

A job, doesn't matter if it's a high paying one or not, we'd both be working so unless the guy wants luxury, I'm good.

Connection, of course, similar interests and whatnot so we don't sit like retards 24/7 not knowing what to talk about. Differences are great too since we can always explore each others interests.

As for hookups, idk. Haven't done one night stands. I'm boring, I know.

Because we only value beauty, class, snd sex appeal in women.

Low level educated girls usually like muscled tough guys.
Highly educated girls usually like smart guys with a good job.

There was a study for this here in The Netherlands few years ago. That's what girls replied in response to showing pictures of the different type of guys.


20 inch meat and muskles

>5" penis
>not in shape
>life is a mess, no career path
>small social circle
>not neurotypical
>but I can banter
Yet I've had multiple gf's and have an ex who's obsessed with me. Get fucked

>Penis size is the only must have one

true if you want to attract turbo sluts with daddy issues and with no personalty

More like be the best version of yourself. If you're really that into vidya try to find a girl that's into vidya too.

16cm is in range of most euro countries (15 to 16,5cm) and 4 cm larger than the world average.

> 21 year old, no good education, years of isolation, no hope and no goals.
> realize that if i continue to live like this i'll end up ending it around my 30's

What are good motivational philosophies or things you tell yourself to find a stimulance to achieve a decent life?
I'm completely lost at the moment and have been for the last 4 years.

Try Stoicism.

Tell that to my thin 4 inch pencil. My 13 years old brother have bigger dick than me. Only girls that will feel my dick are prepubertal.

Big pp

6' 6", cool.
>6"+ penis
5.5" when flaccid, much larger when erect, also cool.
>Not Indian/Asian
>In shape
On the underweight side of "normal weight", but not quite underweight, so cool.
>Solid life/career track
At university right now with a good degree, cool.
>Social proof(large social circle)
Whuh oh! A few groups of 4-6 friends.
>Conversates and banters with ease
Banter with ease? Yes. Conversate with ease? Whuh-oh!
Aspergers and Attention Deficit Disorder.

I also imagine attractiveness matters (e.g. face-wise), and there's no way I have an above-average face, so meh there.

>good looking
>atleast 6 foot
>6 inch penis
>6 figure income
>socially skilled (large social circle)
>physically fit
If you posses these traits you can get nearly any woman you want.

I like men with strong features and a slim frame.
Confidence, intelligence, willingness to explore and widen his view or perspectives. Should be attentive and willing to listen in conversations. Can be introverted as long as he can get my sarcasm. Should be willing to challenge himself and me and my views.

I'm tall but have dated shorter men - it's just about overall attractiveness. I have been in love with three software engineers so that's my type I guess.

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Typically this means "I'm really bitchy and sassy, live with it" when a woman says this. I don't know anyone who has said they're sarcastic and it's been a positive trait.

Idk about that I just have dry and kind of bad sense of humor. I'm pretty kind actually

>Like, we'd just sit around eating snacks and playing video games
I like doing stuff other than that. in fact, I rarely do that. perhaps you are just useless and retarded.

Literally just described me, besides being only 5,10, I’m introverted, witty, with a wicked sense of humour, with empathy that makes girls cheeks redder than a cherry, but acne :( I have beautiful skin when I tan, I probably just have a shit diet atm

Most guys above 16cm/6 inches can't really go balls deep when having sex. Even in porn you rarely see the whole dick go in.
If you have a bit of girth, it is a pretty ideal size for most girls.

Nah. I know girls that initially were 2-3/10 physically, but had the most amazing personalities. Never did anything serious with them, but after getting to know them they became 8-9's in my eyes and marriage material.

Yeah, everyone has a list of preferences, but personality is like 90%.

its nerf or nothing

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nice cope

5'10" is enough for me, I'm 5'9" myself


Oh my god do not tan. People still do that? You’re basically welcoming cancer. You know how your skin gets a little darker when you’re out in the sun? Thats your body responding to danger and mutating to cover each cell nucleus with a protective layer. And each time your body mutate, there always a chance of your body fucking up and making cancer. Odds are extremely low, but when you willingly do it to yourself to get a darker tone you should realize you’re increasing the odds. Idk, do with that information as you please. I’m sticking to the shade and heavy duty sun screen.

But you're black and have a weird name

African booty scratchers I stg

Stop self harming with bullshit

U can also just stay in bed the whole day. Better to be alive than to live, right?

>Getting out of bed is something that everyone has to do, but by getting out of your bed, you have a 1 in 20,000 chance of fatally fracturing your skull by falling according to Rogers Bussey Lawyers. In addition, roughly 130 people are killed by falling out of their bed every year. This statistic seems unbelievable, but we all know it’s happened at least once.

>According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about 16,000 people die each year as a result of injuries associated with falling out of a shower. Shower-related injuries are also the leading cause of emergency room visits for the elderly. A wet slippery tile floor is nobody’s best friend.
>A report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that roughly 17,000 serious accidents occur from gas grilling annually. 2,000 people worldwide, are also injured in the attempt to pry apart frozen foods each year.
>Data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics showcases that roughly 4 out of every 100,000 employees will be killed in a work-related facility. Truck drivers, fisherman, construction workers, farmers, and forestry workers are the most at risk for a fatality associated with the workplace according to St. John’s personal injury lawyers.

yeah u better stay in bed forever and never do anything as reckless as driving or showering, u don't want to die and throw away ur interesting life right?

>not asian
>not african
>not south american

>Be thankful you're not an ugly woman. If she's super ugly, a guy won't give a fuck if she's a doctor, or a Nobel prize winner, he won't even give her a chance.
Because being a doctor or a nobel prize winner are not attractive things, to men. An ugly woman can get a man if she can take care of his house and fuck him a lot.

Skin cancer happens because certain rays from the sun can damage RNA

> Taller than me, i love being man handled (Im 5ft so should be most guys)
> Strong enough to make me your rag doll/over power me but also makes me feel safe (again im small in general so probably most guys)
> Big hands (fuck yes)
> Decent dick length and girth (not too big tho or it hurts to much)
> Confident (make me feel small but taken care of, im your stupid little fuck doll)
> Thoughtful (i like showing mutual affections through actions/gifts/words)
> Kind
> Funny
> Honest (brutally so, make sure im always looking my best and never get fat)
> Has to love cuddles
> Also a healthy sex drive and willing to experiment, fetishes are fun
> Educated, lets talk about music, art, plants, animals, space, innovations, ect.(teach me, make me a better person)
> Prefer financial stability but dont have to be rich by any means, just not living off ramen noodles for the rest of my life lol

Being tall and being cute.
Virtually nothing else.

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Literally billions of people. Numbers game boyo.

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Tall, Big muscles, big dick.

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Funny how none of those girls in that pic look overweight.

>insta thots count as people
Why? They're not. They're barely subsisting. They're the devolution of humankind. They're regression embodied.

So are you if you A) weigh their opinions... like, at all or B) consider them properly human or C) want to date or even smash them. We say 'no dicking crazy,' but they're next level crazy. They're "I cut your penis so you'd bleed inside my vagina and it would mix with my period blood" crazy. They're "I've been slipping roofies in all your food for weeks hoping you'd be comatose after a while."

You're on your fuckin' own if you actually want these people or value their opinions. They've shown their hand, don't be the dumbass who shows right back. Ignore those whacky bitches.


>Mating opportunities are, at least in evolutionary terms, the ultimate prize of status. And here is the final humiliation for short men. When 100 women were asked to evaluate photographs of men whom they believed to be either tall, average or short, all of them found the tall and medium specimens "significantly more attractive" than the short ones. In another study, only two of 79 women said they would go on a date with a man shorter than themselves (the rest, on average, wanted to date a man at least 1.7 inches taller). "The universally acknowledged cardinal rule of dating and mate selection is that the male will be significantly taller than his female partner," write Mr Martel and Mr Biller. "This rule is almost inviolable." For short men, the sexual pickings are therefore likely to be slim

And you can google more about this yourself.
Its not just for insta thots at all.
Even for smart women who want to get married its mostly about face amd height. They just have a bit more "personality" preferences but nothinh much.

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Underrated post

Many women have preferences but often don't follow through with them IF they're not the shallow types. The women tweeting those horrific things are clearly shallow pieces of shit, which exists in the male population as well. In fact I'd say men value looks more (generally) due to your higher sex drive.
Most sub 5'4" men I've met get women easily, and I have yet to succeed in getting a tiny boyfriend despite being average weight, well groomed, and not shooting for Chadlets. If their pickings are so slim then at least one should have been okay with me but clearly they have a bigger pool than you'd believe.