I want to die without committing suicide...

I want to die without committing suicide. Does anyone know a good way of getting cancer intentionally so I can fade out in a few years? I don't want to hurt my family and it'll be good for them to think it was a natural death and not intentional.

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Just do hardcore shit in the military like EOD. You'll die eventually, also you'll die a cooler death than faggy suicide.

>Implying I have the energy to put the effort in for that.

Ego death is easy if you let it take you.

EOD school is hard as hell though, half of the people in my AIT class were EOD dropouts

Get married and have children and die with your loved ones surrounding you on your deathbed, I've heard that's a pretty good one

Volunteer to clean up nuclear test sites

>I don't want to hurt my family
Bro suicide will hurt them way less than dying of cancer. In every way imaginable, holy shit. It's really hard to believe how clueless some people are.

can't say. you'll do it and I'll get fucked.

The best way to die slow and painlessly is living life to the fullest

>way of getting cancer intentionally.
Asbestos. They used to use it in paint. Your best bet would be to find a really old abandoned house (I don't know how old but you could google it) that still has its original paint and start eating paint chips.

Also, assuming you're white, you could try to get skin cancer through sun exposure. This would be uncomfortable though as you'd get really sunburnt and it might take years to develop.

worst post you have ever made

I've had ego death. What do you know about it? You're still alive. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. High dose. White light. Ego gone.

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My sister shot her chest out with a shotgun over a year ago.

She had been kidnapped and trafficked for a few months. She was not in a good way.

Even though we argued a lot, I miss her. That was not a good week.

You're going to hurt your family if you die dumbass.

Lots of ways to live your life. Go parachuting or hang gliding or go to a 6 flags. Scare some sense into yourself.

I just spent a week vacationing with my mother who I love, but I still just want to stop existing

Haha. Gay

To talk to a therapist then. You have a deep psychological issue we can't solve for you.

You've got how many years ahead of you? How do you fill them with something worthwhile?

Being a married parent of multiple children is a fucking nightmare without serious social support and a solid career

Get absolutely faded on drugs and hookers

cave diving

Different person then OP but similar problems. I've been seeing counselors and doctors for two years now at my university and I am in a significantly worse place then when I started. I'm autistic (literally) and I just can't get the pain, the bad memories, out of my head. I want to die but, I can't kill myself. Wish I could but, I don't have the willpower to do it. I was looking to buy a gun a few days ago because I figured it was the comfiest and quickest way to kill myself but, I'm Canadian so you need licences and stuff which are expensive and I have very little money as it is. And even if I did get one, like I said I don't have the willpower to actually do it.

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Then your only choice is to keep existing in the hope that you find something to live for.

Heroin, obviously




Thanks but, not incredibly helpful honestly. I hope I'll get the opportunity to die, like pushing a kid out of oncoming traffic and getting hit myself or something like that.

Why do you assume I'm trying to be helpful? If you're too much of a coward to take the coward's way out there's nothing else for you to do.

I don't care about my family, I just want to die. Is there a way to do it quickly, quietly, and painlessly?

Why is suicide the coward's way out? It takes tremendous courage to pull the trigger. Nobody honestly wants to die. If anything, we need to honor the people who kill themselves to stop their own suffering. these are people who have lived their entire lives in pain.

why should taking their future into their own hands be considered cowardly? just because you didn't? we all have our battles to fight. some demons (like depression) feed on negative emotions. Suicide would be a victory against that evil.

Lol okay senpai

Oh yes, it takes so much courage to forcefully eject yourself from the mortal coil so the bad thoughts can't get you anymore. Can't even control your own fucking brain, much less your life, but you expect people to honor you for being a hero.

Not as a hero, I mean honored for the fact that they did everything they could and still had to turn to suicide. It shouldn't be encouraged, I agree, but we also shouldn't criticize the people who do.

Oh, did everything they could, my ass. The majority of people I've seen or known that committed suicide just sat around moping about how hard their life has been as if it's somebody else's job to come fix it for them because "THE WORLD" wronged them. Fuck that. The world is a shitty place, and you're never going to grow if you just become a suicidal mess every time it gets too hard. Because it's going to get too hard again in the future.

clearly, you've never been depressed.

old age

Fuck off you presumptuous cunt. I've been depressed for a decade. I was sexually abused for 3 years straight. Doesn't mean I'm going to bitch out and end myself prematurely.

sure pal, whatever you say

Not everybody is missing a pair of testicles like you, little timmy.

Hey, I'm not the one getting pissed at people that are only trying to take life into their own hands.

maybe you disagree with the method, but seriously fuck you for acting like you're so much better than everyone else because you didn't kill yourself.

you're the kind of asshole that makes the world a shit place to begin with.

I'm not the whiny baby throwing a shitfit because the world didn't serve him life on a silver platter. The majority of us have it just as bad as you if not worse, you're just too self-absorbed to realize this and believe yourself to be this grand victim while everyone else lucked out.

Im depressed since I was born and had my first burnout at the age of 12. I always wanted to die and thinking about it everyday. My life was shit and everything but I wasnt always 100% sure about suicide, thats why I still live, so I made some rules for myself.

1. I only kill myself if I can do it the hard way, to be sure its worth and I really want it.
2. Im already suicidal, so I really havent much to lose, so Im free to try everything in life and seek Experience, happyness and live an interesting lifestyle without any fear.
3. Take risks
4. Get yourself out there
5. Bad things are actually good, because you learn something and get wiser

You may not realize this, but I'm not OP. And for the record, not everyone whose depressed feels like a victim. existential sadness can come from many places.

For me, my depression is caused by MY actions. I am 100% responsible for how I feel. I ruined my life. Not anybody else. There's no whining to be done.

go to america and get shot

How are you suicidal yet still have the motivation to take risks and try to experience life? Not OP but yeah I don't want to kill myself, I just want to stop existing. I don't know how I could take that lack of will power and use it to start doing new things

Hey user,
I know I'm just some random fag on the internet but please listen.

Depression won't go away out of nowhere, it might never even fully go away, but there is so much you can do to make your life better.

The first step to a better life is bettering yourself. Miracles don't exist, so stop hoping for one. Start taking care of yourself. Clear your room, quit caffeine, go to sleep at an acceptable time, start working out, find a long lasting goal, get a hobby, face your fears and stop giving a fuck etc.

The key to happiness is to constantly work on yourself and be a better version every day. You are the person in control, so shut the fuck up and take care of yourself, you pussy.

If you were looking to die without suicide pick any profession that deals with heavy equipment or dangerous conditions. Wouldn’t be hard to make accidents happen. Between faulty equipment and carelessness it can be achieved easily. I think you’re underestimating the problems you’ll cause dying though.

Whatever is going through your head about how it’s not worth it and nothing matters, you need to recognize that as true and that means you have a blank slate. All the opportunity in the world is before you because you don’t care. If you legitimately believe you’re on the way out, do what you please. I can’t pretend I’m alive for any meaningful reasons. Not for decades now. My best reason to not do it for the longest time is spite. People expect you to give up or fold or cave in. Fuck that and fuck them. If I’m crawling through the mud and nothing but an inconvenience, great. I’ll still be alive and if I’ve been a nuisance to someone in one instant it was fucking worth it because fuck you. I don’t deserve a thing any more than anybody else but damn if I’m not going to take and consume all I can until I leave a shitty worn out body for one of you other bastards to figure out what to do with.

Stop spamming your lame copypasta.

Which says a lot. This namefag might be the worst on Jow Forums at the moment.

You'd be a hero if you kill yourself next to a hospital with a note saying to harvest all organs. This way dozens of peoples lives you will save by sacrificing your own

join a nonprofit to teach in a 3rd world shithole. Or something like doctors without borders. Your family will see you as a selfless hero

I have it down on my License that I am an organ donor. This isn't a bad idea. I am not a bad person, I want others to thrive