I met my ex gf of 3 years last weekend during a music festival, I was high on molly, she probably too, plus alcohol

I met my ex gf of 3 years last weekend during a music festival, I was high on molly, she probably too, plus alcohol.

I find her always to be somewhat rude with ppl and thats one of the reasons why we broke up half a year ago but we left on somewhat good terms, been not much in contact since.

Now I am dancing, after popping around 250 mgs of mdma and she comes to me out of nowhere grabbed me by a shoulder and tells me that I look like a fucking cunt. (Not English, so it doesn't translate well). I shook it off and danced till the morning not giving it much thought.

Unfortunately the comedown came and it stuck with me, wtf would she be such a mean pain in the ass. I messaged her and ask her to not be vulgar next time we encounter each other to which she replied that I put it out of the context, that she wasnt in a state to find better words and is sorry she used this in particular and asked me to maybe consider her perspective and not see everything in black and white.

I know it is pretty banal but I guess the comedown and feeling sick made me more emotional and the fact that this was basically the patter in which we fight that whenever I asked her to consider changing her attitude I end up being the idiot that see reality in black and white.

So I am here writing this dumb post asking anons whether am I an idiot and its my fault or whether I should be entitled to be treated like a normal being.


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LOL wtf was that all about? What perspective would that be anyway? You said it yourself, you have no idea why she did what she did.

She told me she wanted to tell me how ridiculous I look wearing sunglasses at a rave and dancing like I've been snorting meth

Were you doing drugs tho? I don't know what mdma is.

So you were doing drugs, why? If she told you that for that very reason maybe she was in the right.

yea, well I looked like I did drugs and I am not a teenage retard that wants to make a statement by so, I am 30 yo, like... I looked like everyone else of 300 ppl there and it was not some low tier pleb mud rave

I know I'm not one of your parents to tell you this but you shouldn't be doing drugs, it's not healthy.

jesus man, I am a doctor and an adult, I know what to do and what not

I see. I'm sorry if what I said isn't what you wanted to hear. As for your friend, if she was concerned about you for doing what you were doing then don't be too hard on her.

she was on the same drugs or more too mate

Never keep in contact with any exGF. Its all you need to know. Don't say hello when you bump into them, instead pretend you did not see them.

LOL then like I said in my first post, if you didn't understand neither did I.

Its like I am here enjoying my time (I popp ecstasy once a year only) she comes of nowhere high on e and prolly coke too and tells me that I look like a fucking jerk, in a super mean way. I just danced my way away from here so that she won't see me and that was it. Its just that it hit me next day and after another I contacted her but thats already mentioned up there

I guess...

Also, hot new GF cures woes from old GF.

yeah but it won't make me not question my actions

>d tells me that I look like a fucking cunt.

you are, my 'high on molly, alcholic' friend.

you are the scum of the earth

why so mean pal
I dont drink

Been there, its not true. Something different is needed, not a "hotter girl"

Mdma is ecstacy, just fyi

One and only selfless bump

I've been to raves on molly too. That was a mean spirited thing to tell someone who's just having a good time, dancing. Everyone at raves except assholes are all just having fun and enjoying themselves, letting go of the outside world. Sounds like you were doing just that. Unless you were being an asshole, bumping into people, being inconsiderate in some way, then I don't really see any issue with your behavior or actions.

She can fuck right off with that negativity.

nah I love raves, I always bring water and gums for everyone around never try to grab girls or whatever. Yeah, it killed my mood for a while