Advice for online dating as a guy? Besides "don't do it"

Advice for online dating as a guy? Besides "don't do it"

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You need to either be incredibly attractive or at least conventionally average (at least two of these three: white, tall, fit), or very very good at handling rejection if you ever want it to work.

dress up like a trap and try matching with dudes
you'll have a way higher success rate

Any advice on writing the bio?

What if I lift and have my own house but I'm average face/height?

It totally depends on your age. In college right now, it's easy. In your 30s, it's wildly different. So... how old?

Don't do it
You either put lots of effort in and make it such a charm to read that she wants to show people it because it's that amusing
or you put in 0 effort into a low-hanging joke or some self-deprecation, and hope you nail a bullseye or two

Don't make some generic bullshit 'about yourself,' bitch they want something they can tell their friends about. That you're 5'8" and like hamburgers and your favourite breed of dog is St Bernard, that's all fluff she can figure out later.
Well, ok. Weed out size queens by having honest height right out in the open. Fuck humouring bitches who are gonna drop you because you aren't taller than the grandpa that touched them when they were young. Get you some girls who want it stacked like Gimli, thick as a brick. They're out there. Some of them are dank tall.

In fact if I can give you any advice, strive to fit the odd niches with whatever you've got available to you, in every facet of life. Especially with women tho, never know when a super tall qt mommy tier gf just wants a short bf to cuddle and dote on.

Be good looking. Even women who are only average at best still expect to be hooking up with the top 20-30% of men in terms of looks. If you're not in the top 20-30% then accept that most of the wome you meet will be some mixture of fat, ugly, their photos lie, they lie, they have ridiculous expectations, or they're just plain, old crazy. Although those last two even apply to a lot of the ones who you will find attractive; they're pretty common across the board.
So in summation, if you're not good looking and you don't want to have to put up with wading through the shit I described above, don't do it.

25, probably gonna go back to school either this or next semester

alright thanks

Look, there is a legitimate reason to avoid online dating.

The act of being brave, and taking a risk to ask a girl out in person is part of why they will almost always say yes if you do it.

Online dating is for people too scared of rejection to go out and take what they want.

This is a troll
The only people who ask out in person anymore are creeps

even being white, tall and fit won't help if you have horrible people skills
t. tall, fit white boy

No, see Cold approaching strangers and trying to hit on them isn't "brave," it's creepy and weird

>the only form of asking women out irl is canvassing strangers
Kek check out this weirdo.

Why is a troll?

The idea is to first make a friend and then ask them out.

The only advice I can give you other than "don't do it" is be wary because people tend to shape their lives to seem better than it is... or are just disingenuous in general.
I know this happens in AFK in person dating and asking people out but I have just not had the best of luck finding women who have the idea goals as I do.

>it's creepy and weird
Uggo detected.

Not trying to be a troll, but I genuinely think that you will have better success if you approach people in person.

The goal of an online (((relationship))) is to meet with and form a real bond with this person at some point. If it doesn't seem feasible it's better to just be real and not pursue it user.

I'm not trolling a bit. I'm not suggesting cold approaching either. I'm suggesting that once you've built a reputation, simply that you aren't a rapist, then you casually ask a girl out to join you for a drink. Unless a woman is already in a relationship, she will most likely say yes. The fact that you had the balls to walk up to her, look her in the eyes, show interest, and form words asking to get to know her is a turn on, and gets into the hardwiring of how women work.

I'm just a pudgy ginger, but I've never had a woman turn me down and I've asked maybe 20 over the last few years.

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The be good looking comments probably isn't helpful unless you know what you can do to change. Start with not being fat, then learn to take good pictures and befriend someone who will take good pictures of your full body during something. Treat your life as if you are doing this with the sole purpose of getting your picture taken. Take your picture every day so you know how to pose for a picture so your friends doesn't have to reshoot several times for you to get good pictures.
Once you have 45 good images of yourself, select the best ones that show different sides of you and put them on your profile.

offline dating is dangerous and uncertain

worst you get when fucking up online is left swipe
fuck up offline and you get jailtime

dont do the free shit. find a well rated pay site.

Spend a few minutes to create a good profile. Good pics, clever writeup, something that stands out. There, your dating profile is already in the top 10%.