Recommend me a new routine

Just did 3 months of SS+GOMAD. Pic related.

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I need a routine that does not involve powerlifting/deadlifting cause my gym doesnt have the bar

Wtf you talking about

>my gym doesnt have the bar
yes my gym bartender quit recently as well

For your sake I hope you switched the before/after and that the right picture is the before while the left is how you look now.

>thinking gomad will do anything good for you face


go back user


what is gomad

When you GO MAD. Everything you do is more reps and more sets.

is that literally it?

Gallon of (soy)-milk a day?

No, you also need to yell at People in the gym to increase your test

lol, okay what is it really

gallon of milk a day
now people will cry cause i gave you the answer

My fucking sides

The left is the after, correct?
Otherwise it looks like you lost test and transformed into a soyboy

This but with cow milk.

>After the intake of cow milk, serum estrone (E1) and progesterone concentrations significantly increased, and serum luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone significantly decreased in men.

I hope I look like the person in the right after GOMAD.

I'm a skeleton.

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great progress, but please stop making that face

GOMAD made your vision worse?