Do gym thots bench press?

Do gym thots bench press?

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form thread?

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He looks so smug thinking he beat his PR but after a few more pounds hes getting a one way ticket to snapcity.

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Every time I see gurls preparing to bench something snaps in their minds and they do some dragon flag-like leg raises instead.

powerlifting is so retarded. is like the other spectrum of crossfit

This is a meme you've responded to. Sorry.

I work out at a Power/weightlifting gym..

>thots in 1000€ gear benchpressing lmao1plate, snatching with 5kg bumberplates..
>getting encouraged my the phucking whiteknights.

not even lifting 5plates will make you a man..

>the other spectrum

Yeah, the autistic one.

Someone redpill me on this form please

Oh god what the fuck.
This is a joke, right?

At 9 secs, when he sits down it almost looks like he's gonna have great form, but before the 9th second ends he goes full retard

Does arching this much with your butt off the bench even do anything for gains.

She's hot af tho. would smash

Here is another one!

Broke no Fap day 2 thanks to this video. I just couldn't help it. Her back is fucked.

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Jesus fuck, this woman is like 80% leg.

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Except for one pt that benches like 180, I’ve only ever seen girls bench around 55-65 lbs.


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DUDE. FUCKIN THIS. All the faggots at my gym who can squat 2pl8 think they're some sort of elites and they buy all the expensive gear and shit. Then they White Knight on the chicks who also have mild interest in lifting for strength too. Gamer gurl effect

I don’t know what that is but isn’t bench press

did he died?

Is it fucking normal she lock-out like this?

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I'd like to know as well. Wouldn't that be hard on your back?

It’s just a cheap way to say you can bench press more weight because you only have to move the bar an inch

Worst part is that she's got no legs.

suicide grip got its name for a fucking reason

Why do these always cut out before the good stuff?

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god I wish my face were that bench

>wish for face to be turned into bench
>wish is granted
>"why the long face?" every day until you die
>mostly dudes sit on you
>still worth it because occasional cardiobunny also sits on your face

that belt is just there to prevent his spine from shooting out his ass

man the indentation of that thing into his chest, fucking brutal


Just imagining my girl benching gets my winnie activated.
Why is so hard to get grills into lifting, bros..? We need to do something.

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did he

isnt that hannah chan ?

Using a large arch is legal in powerlifting.

Most competitors don't use full arches all the time, just prepping for meets.

I've never heard of someone getting a back injury from benching. Hyperextension of the spine seems better tolerated than hyperflexion.

women are lazy, most don't understand the concept of hard work

Using your scapulae as a point of contact and also having your feet on the ground helsp a lot on the form and avoiding injuries while performing the entire movement.

Check this:

You know shit about lifting. Go do some crossfit, pls.

He's clearly using a full group.

Women don't like working hard unless there's some petty goal in it for them. They don't like to improve themselves if there's an easy way out (makeup, clothes, etc.). Haven't met many girls that lift just for the joy of lifting.

He almost had a great form.

Don't neglect your grip strength, lads.

Lol faggot you actually bench press with a massive back arch don’t you
Just neck yourself

for the love of God someone make the webm

>you actually bench press with a massive back arch don’t you
What is benching with no decline bench around?

Seriously, GTFO.

You’re defending the form shown in OPs webm
You are an idiot and not Jow Forums

the best part is that this manlet can barely touch his toes on the ground when he's laying down hahahahahahahahaha

Again, he's using a full grip, not a thumbless grip. You can clearly see this in the video. Thumbs won't save you if you let the bar slip

>unironically benching like this

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I don't even care if it's for the joy of lifting heavy stuff.
I mean, if it helps them to fit into nice clothing, fine by me. The things is I haven't meet a single girl where I live catching some free fucking weight, my man.

But he wasn't neglecting his grip strength at all. Do you guys seriously need this much cope before you accept that he just had a bad press and got off balance?

Aren't you supposed to push the chest up, keep the back tight to form an arch but keep the upper back on the bench?

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Holy shit looks like her back is going to snap

Is that the same guy? So he's not dead?

well done

so crossfit

I need to smell it

>Using a large arch is legal in powerlifting
says a lot about powerlifting


The human body is pretty resilient.

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Nah that's not hannah, idk her name but her insta is jgglybuff. All her numbers are pretty mediocre.

Mmm breathe that cock...

He is a strong boy.

her butt is technically touching the bench

>that makeup

what in the actual fuck

she actually looks cute when she isnt caked full of it though

This guy's whole YouTube channel and he posts on Jow Forums as well

this HAS to be a joke.
he has near perfect form for a millisecond

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what the actual fuck

They think it'll make them huge like men. This is mostly because of not knowing better.

>I've never heard of someone getting a back injury from benching.

I've seen a few gym fail videos where people who arched their back fucked up and ended up like

aquire gf in gym

That's the microsecond he remembers the time someone told him to practice perfect form but doesn't maintain because he's an autist that prefers to do things his own way.


>Doctor: ''I have some good and bad news, the good news is your alive the bad news is you will never lift again''

My back... It has activated

i'd grab that bitches crotch like a fucking bowling ball the little ching rice picking bitch

Guys I think I do this. Like I set up perfectly, chest out, back straight angled etc and right before the lift my back arches unconsciously. How do I fix?

snapcity is just a mindset that holds you back from greatness

that's st peachs she streams on twitch
>you're welcome
twitch stpeachs / clips

One frame it looks perfectly fine, the next frame both of his wrists are in the completely wrong position. wtf

she's live now

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>in fit group chat
>talk about how I'm slowly breaking PRs in bench
>someone asks me how I bench
>they recommend I do the OP shit
>they start getting really pushy about it. Even insisting on driving down to show me.

How did it end up like this?

Step 1) Do it with the bar only.
2) See if you can do the movement correctly.
3) Practice till you can make it correctly.
4) Then do it with +5 lb. Go to Step 2)


This is important advice. Don't go up in weight until you have proper form

amourath or whatever is better

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Such a way with words

practicing form with bar only is pretty terrible unless your working load is 100lbs
should practice form with 135lbs immo

Most gym thots exclusively do legs/ass workouts for an hour, play with their ponytail in the mirror, text chad, and cardio. MAYBE arms.

What kind of logic is this?

Perfecting your form with a joke weight has very little carryover. You need at least enough resistance to be challenging eventually. I’d say practice/perfect form at whatever weight you can do 10 reps of.

practice form with a weight you can actually feel, and a weight that is properly elevated off the ground. practicing form with an empty bar is almost pointless because your form will dramatically change when you load. you might as well practice with a broom if you're going to practice deadlift form with an empty bar.

That's nowhere near perfect. That's trying to squat the weight up, look the angle of his shins.

>legal in powerlifting
>less ROM to chest
>movement is similar to decline bench or dip, which can typically be done with more weight

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Ah, that makes sense.

why is she wearing a diaper?