This is John Cena lifting. Since I'm a noob who cannot eyeball plates, how much is he benching, squatting, deadlifting here and what are his maxes?

You guys can probably tell at a glance, that's why I'm asking you.

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I can't see any weight

Holyshit look at that floating barbell

it's right there, dumbass
the real question is: why is is moving all by itself?

I saw
>Squat 475
>Bench 410
>Dead 635

Missed a squat plate
>Squat 565

How are they making the weights move by themselves

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His max squat was 585 max bench 500 and max DL 660

>The gym poltergeist is acting up AGAIN

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Without the roids he would shrink.
All of the "big 3" that look like they lift are roidmunchers, all of them.
In order to grow some muscle you need to do a fuckton of volume.

Good luck having arms bigger than 15" before you start benching 200kg on the reg.

He's using olympic plates which are in kg.
Red is 25
Blue is 20
Yellow is 15
Green is 10

You're all labouring under the illusion that a plate is 45lbs...

ITT: Retards who don't realise the world is bigger than the US

His face is edited in to those lifts. He is not lifting that 2nd squat himself

>le American meme
We have Olympic plates here too, you obsessed yuropoor sodomite

Squat: 120 kg per side + bar = 260 kg
Bench: 100 kg per side + bar = 220 kg (+maybe 2.5 kg from the small white plate total)
Deadlift: 135 kg per side + bar = 290 kg

No fucking shit - how else would Cena be using them in his videos?

Care to explain why none of you can count the correct bar weight?
Too much freedom turning your brains into dogshit?


>Without the roids he would shrink.

Holy shit, tell me more

He has a very good form.

Fuck off, frog

Lol I was thinking that about that second clip. His face changes instantly from one to another as he's coming up.

Spooky ghost lifting video

The DL had baby plates on the side as well

I see that joke though

Reminder that Cena was a body builder before turning wrestler. Shoutout to the boys who bought those wwe dvds.

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