Hormone tests

Just scheduled a doct. appointment so i can get my bloodwork done. I want to get my hormones checked as well as check for thyroid and vitamin deficiencies.

Any other questions or tests i should ask for?

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He's going to give you a basic blood panel and probably an STD test. These will tell you basic stuff like your liver function, whether you have hep, etc.

He might give you a metabolic panel that includes fasting glucose or A1C. This is a good interesting number to check from a fitness perspective because it indicates metabolic syndrome. You'll have to not eat beforehand which sucks but whatever.

You should ask specifically for a hormone panel. This will include free and bound testosterone. Don't take the number at face value or let it define your potential -- it changes often so you should get it done every year or so and see how it moves directionally. A lot can affect it. But it will just help you keep informed.

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I recently did a complete std test, really just want the hormone stuff, deficiencies, food allergies shit like that

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